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    No the person pictured is not me, just a model who I think captures a bit of Shan's look.

    Headmistress of Miss Lorna's Finishing School and Academy for Wayward Girls.

    I take great pride in lending a guiding hand to girls who need that extra bit of correction. Making sure they are of good moral fiber, well mannered and worthy of their good breeding. Of course, not everyone is an attentive student and some require special training.

    The Academy is well staffed with teachers working in the fields of experimental science, psychology, and physical training. I of course oversee all matters regarding manners and discipline. We provide security with a close partnership with law enforcement keeping our girls safe and under lock and key

    The facility has well furnished dorms for long stays, a thorough fitness room worthy to challenge the finest athletes stamina and access to stables with the finest of stallions for riding.

    BDSM, English Speaking, Dominant Futa.

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  1. That perfect shot of a perfect moment.
  2. Just had a bit of fun and had this made into a calendar this year.
  3. Thank you. I've done a few pre planned photo shoots for a calendar before. This was the cover. However, the shots with Wen were spontaneous while we were playing.
  4. I want to re-light my apartment so I can take some pix with darker lighting.
  5. Lavey is new thought I'd commemorate her first day here.
  6. Special Thanks to FutaJennifer for having such an amazing room.
  7. Just made this backboard with my SO for our toys. The next project is a spanking bench.
  8. While I enjoy the ministration of a good sub, I find it rings a bit hollow without earning it. Power exchange is after all about giving/taking control. I always say, when you see my name and your heart jumps or when you think of our play and your mouth goes dry, then call me Miss.
  9. I know it's weird but have a bit of a super hero/villian fetish. Likes me tights. I'm doing a Ms.Marvel/Moonstone RP. Crazy hot.
  10. Well the idea was to make a Sports Illustrated style pin up calendar for all my friends then send it's out and print up 12 copies as a fun keepsake.
  11. Sonia, didn't have enough time to capture much with you Dear. We need another session.
  12. I wrapped with Sonia and Wen with this set of shots. This was all them, not a lick of direction from me.
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