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  1. Euk

    Country Music

    There are two kinds of music in this world, good and country.
  2. You should be looking for a guy that excites you, that treats you right and that above all, listens to you. A sub needs to make it clear what they need so a good Dom can learn you.
  3. In a game? For me it was in Star Wars Galaxies, I played a cute little Twi'lek dancing girl, and he played a human male dancer. We ended up being partners for a long time after that.
  4. I think we have all had those people that were so boring we pretended our internet died. I think my absolute worst experience though, happened one night I was playing with a new person I wasn't entirely into in the first place. It was a guy playing a female character with a penis (shocker, I know.) He was one of those people who wrote in very short badly typed prose, seemed to have no real practical sexual experience and whose imagination was limited to scenes he had read in really bad japanese hentai manga. Don't get me wrong, I liked him when we chatted, it was just once we got into the actual sex chat... Ugh. Things he thought were sexy, just made me face palm and wish I was doing anything else but role playing. The thing was, it started getting so awkward and terrible that I had to finish the scene because I had to know just how deep the rabbit hole went. It got so bad, I found myself openly laughing in fact. A few of the high points: * Giant penis role play (I mean giant as in no way in hell it would ever fit in a normal human being.) * Excessive cum role play (We are talking about so much that a normal human being would die.) * Futanari (woman with vagina and penis), In this case a small woman with a cock nearly as big as her leg. * Impossible body positions (think yoga posing gone wrong) * Cock that never goes soft and cums gallons (not even an exaggeration) over and over and over and over...) * Spontaneous cock release and lactation (yes the futa's tits started spraying milk as she came.) * Womb raiding (cock entered through cervix into the womb.) * Oral sex with cock reaching the actual stomach and filling it with enough cum to cause the body to distend as if 9 months pregnant. * Anal sex with giant cock straightening out parts of the intestine (this description had me laughing so hard I could barely breath) * Fire hose urination
  5. When Gizmo put in the patch that stripped off my skin color, he, Lisa and Ash were all telling us in chat the reason for it was people decorating their rooms in extreme ways, specifically Pier's White Palace house that had beds and couches floating in space. Supposedly they were going to add my skin color back in "next month" which of course never came, and yet people are still able to move furniture around. This is why I stopped paying to play it even though I did enjoy this game.
  6. Mich: The week before they pulled the plug on room invitation spam, we were getting so many during peak hours that some people could literally not read their chat window. The stupid invite icons would cover the lower half of the screen. It was awful.
  7. Euk


    In other words, Ash's close circle of friends.
  8. Everything in this game caters to heterosexual male fantasy and always has, there are tons of threads from LGBT pleading for pretty much anything.
  9. Euk

    How deep is your Love

    I have played MMORPGs online since 1999 (I started with Ultima Online). I have met dozens of people from online over those years. I have known dozens of couples who met because of playing together online. My own experiences with online love turning to real life love though are not positive experiences. In my case, I found myself in love with people who never existed, I don't mean that I was 'cat fished' or anything like that. What I mean is, that the people I had been talking to online had tried their best to describe themselves, had written as well as they could to describe who and what they were about. Tried to lay bare their soul... But... There are just some things people can't truly be honest with themselves about enough to include in their written descriptions. I know that I was guilty of this as well. We see ourselves differently than others see us, so it is just not possible to accurately write our own bio. What I mean by that.... People have faults that they don't consider faults but others would see as major issues. Maybe you are a slob, you stink, you are lazy, you are gross (picking your nose, farting, socially awkward type things), you are loud, you hyper sensitive, you a total fucking shit bag psycho (one of my own experiences).... But! I do know that other people get lucky! Just as with any other kind of relationships, sometimes two people that can work (people that are living together compatible as well as sexually, romantically, etc) because of luck do find each other this way. It just hasn't happened for me so i am jaded and bitter about it. Which is why! I just at some point decided to stop meeting people from online anymore. Screw that.
  10. I had Eukro the female character, Rouke the male character (see what I did there.) And I used the 3rd alt slot that I used to make one off characters to sneak around checking out who my partners were hooking up with when they thought I was offline.
  11. Euk

    Democracy in 3DX

    The last time the devs added dances there were complaints too, only some power mad user given the ability to "moderate" discussions didn't lock the threads.
  12. A lot of people like to idle in the night club, is it any wonder they just figured everyone was waiting on a second night club? I'm sure having everyone and their alt pack in the new night club sure showed them that people really don't want this addition, right? Still waiting for the pale skin that was promised "next month" by Lisa, Ash and Gizmo when my character had her skin removed last year before I resub. I wish I had taken a screen shot of that by the way. It was a great chat where they blamed stealing our skin colors on Pier's white palace furniture in space house.
  13. Wow, I never responded to this? Are you a dom or sub?: Switch, that is to say, I like to be dominant with some, and submissive with others based on how I feel toward them. What turns you on most?: The absolute most? Seeing the person I love have sex with someone else. Do you enjoy short lustful encounters or long erotic affairs, or both?: Both. A time and a place for everything. What does your ideal partner look like?: Themselves. That is to say, they are completely and totally confident in their appearance to the point that they don't ever question it. Have you had experience with dom/sub encounters in 3dx?: Yes. Pretty much any time I played the game.
  14. It's funny because this is in no way true. If you play a male avatar with nothing written in your bio, no one will ever question or ask for your real life gender. If you play a male character and say you are a male irl in your bio no one will pester you for proof. If you say you are a female irl in your profile on your male character, you will constantly be asked for proof showing you are in fact a female irl and the level of proof will always be questioned. If you play a female character with nothing written in your bio you will constantly be asked to prove you are a female irl. If you play a female character and write in your bio that you are male, no one will ever ask you to prove it. If you play a female character and write in your bio that you are female irl, you will constantly be asked to prove you are a female irl and the level of proof will always be questioned. The ONLY time someone will ever question you as a player is when you say you are in any way female. Either by the character you choose, or by what you write in a bio.
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