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  1. Come back or I will Kill You!

    1. Felinia


      I'm sorry, I too have lost Deryl for 1 year, I can't find him anymore, 
      I hope she will be back for you soon 😥
  2. I don't believe Lussian has malicous intentions. DJ'ing is a controversial topic and I'm sure he is doing what he thinks is best for 3DX. I was just asking if the process of DJ'ing in public rooms can be more open or formalized.
  3. Lussian is not an employee. He volunteers his time and is entrusted by the owners to manage the music that is played in public rooms. Therefore, he is the only one, besides the owners, that can provide access to DJ in public rooms.
  4. I didn't say I asked. I said a friend asked and you told them to follow the rules. You didn't tell them to contact you privately. I understand your concern about drama. Regardless, shouldn't you at the very least pin a posting that people should contact you directly? I'm sure many would like to DJ in sin but currently we only have one person and he hardly ever DJ's during the day (eastern time zone).
  5. All I'm asking for are the rules for 3DX'ers to apply for so they can play their music in public rooms. Others are doing it now. I'd like to see it open up so more can participate.
  6. I guess this is mostly addressed to Lussian. I have asked a friend to ask for permission to DJ in Sin. Lussian's response was to follow the rules. My question is what rules? Kindly, provide feedback so others can apply and make 3DX a more pleasant experience.
  7. you have valid points. it is what it is.
  8. Are you kidding? Marketing his business is his primary goal and it would be yours too if you owned 3DX. Updates are necessary but not as important as Marketing. Trust me, this is marketing. Assuredly, 3DX will be mentioned in the study.
  9. I wonder how the results will differ (3DX vs. Real Life)? I think their Pervy scale will go right off the chart when it comes to 3DX
  10. I agree. I implied she missed something and overlooked she was only looking at rock/metal
  11. Well written Raevaen! The following is not ment as criticism... just stirring the pot a little. Arguably one of the most poplar genre's in the USA not mentioned is Country! Don't believe me? Ask why more times then not country won American Idle - to my amazement frankly. Country has certainly changed over the years to what could be defined as old country, new country and now country pop. Its amazing how many artists have changed over to country or dabbled in it in the last several years Oddly, country has never done well on 3DX. I guess its not appealing to the rest of the world. I know you can't mention all genre's for their are hundreds over the last 60 years; but, Disco should have been mentioned in your writeups for it was influential in American culture (even world culture) for 10 years.
  12. Yes, other software developers offer free trials. Yes, I think having a free trial over certain weekends is a good idea. and to get around the underage legal issue, like other developers that offer a free trial, you must give them your credit card and cancel before the trail is over or you will be charged their monthly fee.
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