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  1. Gizmo contact me please

  2. Hellow Gizmo contact me in pm or 3dx or discord please? ty

  3. @Gizmo Contact me please, in game or in Pm, ty
  4. Where is this post 'I can't find it, can you link it? Ty
  5. @Gizmo @Lisa <size=20><color=black>Kindly put back the option of the clock that was there with the third-party DLL.</color></size>
  6. much more has been promised ... but they continue to update with uninteresting things that could come out later. I'm still waiting for them to insert like in the third-party DLL - clock in the upper right corner - colors to the shoes - sexual poses that from hetero become trans (clicking a garment the penis came out in all the poses) - colors to the masks - and colors lumenescenti (999) - but these are all things they will never wear. That's why I preferred the third-party DLL. Because at least those who created it undertook to do it for us. By now 3dx is committed only to itself, after 4 years the first MMM FFF installation was released. I'm shocked. I want the DLL back. Even this new 3dxforum, I can't understand it. When I copy and paste from google translator the whole sentence appears in a row. I don't even like this new forum.
  7. Where did my third-party DLL clock end up? Where are my colors on shoes? and the luminescent colors that I liked so much? I said that without third party dlls 3dx would lose points. The forum is less understandable than before, in a few days 3dx will expire, and I have no reason to continue to stay after 2 and a half years, unfortunately it's a shame
  8. I would appreciate returning the clock in the upper right corner that you could put with the third-party DLL (it was not inserted, it is useful) and remove / put the panties to make the penis come out, since not in all the poses it is possible to have it . I am not satisfied with the updates made, but I will not complain about this, it is useless to do so if you are not heard.
  9. It was definitely better with the third-party DLL, when on the female body, on all positions, I could remove the panties and make the penis come out, now it's not possible anymore. How sad, I can't be free to have sex quietly without having to see the vagina. I'm sad.😣
  10. A few days ago I wrote to the support: On Fri, Aug 2, 2019 at 6:15 PM Hello, I'm Felinia, I wanted to know what will be the next updates that will come out soon I assume, since I seemed to understand that there will be an editor of poses, and then you see some poses already created. So it is not clear to me and I feel mocked by you. At this point, where there is no organization in the game, it is well known when the updates will come out because there is no precise date on anything, there is no moderator to ask and we don't even know who runs the forum . Implement game moderators and forum moderators who can answer our questions, pay a subscription, and the response service is totally poor. Maybe Gizmo, if you take my words into consideration, try to improve the forum and the game with a few simple steps. 1 Find reliable users who can manage for him and for him at no cost, for 3 hours a week or the time they spend managing it. 2 "paid" these users with XGOLD equal to 10,000 per month + the normal 300 xgold of login in the game. There are 3D games where game moderators are like, with other avatars, and are not "paid" for real money, but are paid in XGOLD. This is allowed to improve users' mutual respect. 2 English moderators, 2 French moderators, 2 Italian moderators on the game, and on the forum would be enough. I also have another question to ask, in my friends list, my nickname "Felinia" comes out, I can't delete it and now I've been asking for an explanation on the forum for months, or I ask Gizmo directly, but nobody seems to do anything against me. maybe because nobody gives a damn about us users, or maybe because I can't explain myself since I speak Italian and use the translator, this situation must be solved because I'm tired of being teased .. These questions of mine will be posted on the forum in the "Upcoming Updates Discussion" discussion, since no one answers our questions The answer was: gio 08/08/2019 10:31(Today) Hello,I am a support staff member and I help users if they have problems with the game. Sorry, but I can not answer questions about the development of the game. Thank you! Perhaps the best answer would have been: We can not say anything because we do not even know what to say, apart from that we will prolong the times because we are really few, and since all year "we work" bringing "many poses and updates" now we must make at least 6 months of vacation. Obviously I don't have it with the operator who answered me, but with the 3DX system, which obviously doesn't work, because if it worked I wouldn't have waited so long for a miserable answer. This is my opinion.
  11. "BUT lovely DEVS wanted above all ppl to be as secure as possible" Did it take them as long to make it safe? 1 years? 2? People had been complaining about Pandora for a long time, but although there was no security, nobody did anything ... "So under no circumstances Pandora has to do anything with Sexgamedevil as someone implied" "I simply "insinuated" that if DEVS had asked to remove some Pandora options, the game would have been more secure, instead of redoing the server and ignoring an avatar instead of an entire account"
  12. If we only talk about Upcoming Update this discussion would already be over, there will be no updates before a century. So you are free to talk about how many times I go to the bathroom, for me going to the bathroom is an upgrade!
  13. I am ignorant regarding programming, but I believe that Pandora could have been avoided in other ways. For example, simply ask the Pandora producers to: 1 Leave only date and time access 2 Leave Gifs sent and received (even if canceled) 3 Leave the old photos visible In this way we would have kept the ignore of the account. Pandora was misused by users who liked to create drama. Furthermore, I believe that to create Pandora we needed access to the central database of the game, our files on the computer are not original files, but files are copy of encryptions, and from those I don't think we can create Pandora, we create with the original data of the game, accessible only to staff. Creating for example the retroserver of a game is similar, as long as the producers let the license expire by the owners and the files become public. 3DX files are not public domains, so the question remains who created Pandora, if not a staff member? (I repeat, mine is ignorance regarding programming, but I know how the creation of a retroserver or a program to spy the data of a game works, you need the original files of the game, which were never released by 3dx .)
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