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  1. I would need the program too, but only to get my old colors back
  2. Hi Music, I have a problem with the colors (unfortunately the color palette has been broken for a long time) I wanted to know if your program matches the colors of my old rooms, thanks
  3. I think the ban you're talking about to your friends is due to this problem. From what I've been told, many people have been banned yesterday / today and maybe even before, and maybe even after. Try to see if Gizmo or Lisa give answers in this discussion. I hope I have been of help and that your friends can return soon.
  4. Fortunately I also wrote "Queen Drama". Stop, don't continue.
  5. I didn't think you called yourself "Gizmo". Regardless that mine was a simple joke about Pandora, I know what a DDOS attack is. You don't know my story on 3dx. So, you can attack me as much as you want, maybe you missed the phrase "dead or new avatar" since his private contacts were all closed immediately after the disappearance. When a person wants to "disappear" from 3dx, he creates a new avatar or a new account, it does not upset his life for a person, as you say, "who wants to leave behind like dust." If you want to talk about privacy, let's talk about privacy. If you think you are totally protected, just think that every time you swipe your credit card, your bank knows where you are at that moment. Every time you activate GPS, you shop and pay with a card, etc. There has been no privacy since 1900. One can only "hide" in a cave hoping not to be tracked down by the CIA. See you later.
  6. @Gizmo Gizmo is there a chance that Pandora will be recreated with this DOOS attack? At least I know if Deryl died or simply created another avatar and disappeared (Drama Queen)
  7. I have to fight with a person ... I need the "slap" pose to better guarantee my angry performance
  8. How quickly does the problem resolve? I'm getting bored Gizmo
  9. Hello @Gizmo can you put the clock in the game, at the top right that existed with the Rochi DLL? Can you contact me in private that I need to ask you something important? Thank you
  10. Gizmo contact me please

  11. Hellow Gizmo contact me in pm or 3dx or discord please? ty

  12. @Gizmo Contact me please, in game or in Pm, ty
  13. Where is this post 'I can't find it, can you link it? Ty
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