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  1. Well when i tried to do that the link to the install was still linked to 371. >O,,o<
  2. So is there another build after 371?
  3. And now when i try to log in i get the same thing. This sucks, and not in a good way.
  4. In and on and installed and thank yous for your help. >^,,^<3
  5. Well i am a little concerned that it is actually infected and don't really wanna infected my system. Are false positives that actually list a specific malware (the name of which i forgot of course) common?
  6. My computer stopped the download of the new patcher saying it was infected with malware. Anyone else having the same problem? Any ideas?
  7. Hai Giz and Lis! Thanks for the update! Fourth month in a row! YAY! I haven't changed my hair in over two years >o,,O< so I myself won't be using myself although Halloween is coming up... Hmmmm.... OH! Where was I? Oh yeah, the hair. I wont be using them myself probably but have seen them around and they are... Not bad. Not me but not bad. Anyways just wanted to say i appreciate your work and the fact you give me a place to hang out with my wierdo friends and loved ones. With the yearly special the two hours or so i spend here most days cost me about 9 cents each, more than worth it in my mind. Anyway, thanks and love, dee! >^,,^<3
  8. Well at least the first season of The Defenders is out to comfort me in my time of need
  9. It is not a game, it is a graphically enhanced chat room. While it is certainly marketed as a vehicle for sexual relations that is far from all it is. From what i see most people who stay longer than a few months do so for the people and not the sex. So as far as the community goes it is probably less about sex than what you would think from the marketing. We generally have more than one reason to do anything. It would seem one of your reasons dear OP is to, in addition to having fun exploring your sexuality, is to get attention. That is fine and not uncommon around these parts but it does get a little iffy though, in my mind, when your need for attention starts requiring the participation of those who do not consent. I myself don't particularly care but plenty do so if you engage in such activities be prepared for a negative reaction. Let's try a flip. You go to a nice mixed use (dancing/fucking) room, meet someone nice and retire to a sex space for some hot and heavy action. You are really getting into it when suddenly there are 3 people dancing right on top of you. Now you may say and even believe that this would be fine but i am guessing most people would prefer to have a little more space for their fun. I know i would. Being able to anticipate how others might react to your actions and taking their feelings into account when you decide what you are going to do is called empathy. Empathy is a very useful skill to have if one wishes to get along in any community. love, dee! >^,,^<
  10. So for the last couple of weeks i have had music in the character editor and can pull it up at my place on the radio but every other location, both zones and user rooms, there is no music. I have tried un-enabling and re-eneabling the radio but no luck. Any ideas?
  11. I say... ...we STOMP world chat! ...then we TATTOO world chat! ...then we HANG world chat! ... and THEN we shut down world chat!
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