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  1. Its sad to see you go, I have been off on a tirade in the forums about many of the same issues going on in the game myself. You will be missed, take care and best of wishes
  2. We have heard the same rumors for years now too, about there being an ACTUAL female on this game playing as a lesbian or transgender or futa. So sir Nev and Max sent out the quest knights in search of this elusive creature. But after years of searching the quest knights have all failed to find her. It was finely determined that this was just another urban legend, like Bigfoot or Keyser Söze
  3. Chances are it was just some pathetic wiener waver guy with a female avi is why they blocked you, this game is so overrun with them, i doubt a real female would had blocked you for just saying hello, but some loser guy who is just trolling and catfishing for girls with his female avi there certainly is a good chance they would had, don't take that experience to heart bro, there really are some nice girls on here you will meet with time i am sure
  4. "its time i follow that lead and quit giving it more attention then it deserves." Gee, he made it all of 20 minutes til the pressure to "give it more attention then it deserves" was to much for him We didn't see this one coming did we? HERE'S YOUR SIGN
  5. Everyone say it together now: Here's your sign I rest my case
  6. Hey chaostika, some others may have been able catch it too if...well you know
  7. Winks at chaostika i can't get 1 by on you
  8. Yes you got me, can't get one by on you, thats me too.
  9. i see more responses good, i see some cons of closing world chat too, someone said they advertise there rooms there, another one said they use it for a good rant now and then and someone else said they use it to sharper there skills, all valid claims i guess, i see some pros in closing it too 1. it would actually make people take there avatar into a room and participate in the game, i think that is the intent in the first place 2. i think it would kick the soap box out from the ones who are abusing it, if you remove there audience or at least make it much smaller they suddenly are just anothe
  10. i have no idea who your talking about i don't have and ex i think you have mistaken me for someone else and i have never made any alt accounts and certainly have not pretended to be you, and forgive me for thinking they would get rid of world chat since RobT says will never happen, i am sure us unimportant peoples opinion means nothing
  11. lets hear from more of us little unimportant people on here who also happen to pay the same as the chosen ones
  12. Many of the same people who say its ok to lie and deceive others about there gender in this game and thread yet in another breath and in game say they love someone and have relationships or even marry someone and that the person behind the screen is real and that they have real feelings Or do they just mean that they are the only one who has real feelings? And its ok if they lie and deceive others about who they really are ? if its ok to deceive others then people should not be having relationships on here and be saying they love someone I think lying and deceiving someone about who
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