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  1. meilyn

    Build 428

    Very lovely patch the nipples, i love it. I suggest more ruffled pubes. Bigger pussy lips, darker color for pussy lips (maybe adjustable?) And i would suggest a bit more tattoos that simulate moles on several body parts, belly, boobs ... Thanks for the patch
  2. I want to add: I am bored because of server lockdown and mildly horny ^^ If you are horny I am open if you want to drop me lewd and disgusting lines here or on private Edit: like the old school SMS sex chats with long reply times over days or hours. That i also like somehow.
  3. Hi, I am mei In my profile you can read about me and my kinks. In this thread I just want to draw some attention at me because I am searching for interested and interesting people for some RP. Maybe someone comes up with a serious offer for taking me part at some lewd setups. To sum up my profile I would love to RP some scenes like: - porn actrice movie and/or photos with spectators around (should be kind of a public setting) - servant/stripper/fluffer at parties (you can touch me, I can be cummed on, I suck and maybe fuck occasionally a quick
  4. well, i am really not sure how it would turn out. but the sheer possibility would be fine. And if it only is to serve private kinks and one could play a secret RP with a body type only for one night so to say and change it afterwards. We can save our avas already, so why dont make an obese one for a hidden RP, so to say
  5. Ok, just joining in the discussion: I would love to make my body more natural, so yes, i want to see also chubby avas here, female and male. Ah, and male body hair. And i would love to see skin flaws, as in more freckles or moles/spots whatever. And smaller cocks, aka normal cocks. And for "how will this affect the animations": I could live with some inaccuracies, my fantasy would compensate them
  6. Yes, i would love to see that also
  7. thanks cath 🥰 also lurking around here like me?
  8. Oh, i got it, thank you for your very kind help 😗 (must have been blind, maybe the horniness is the source 🤣)
  9. "Last big downtime was around 4 days, i believe. Also over a weekend." Damn, thats long. I wonder why i am horny when the server is down? P.S. how can i quote properly?
  10. Dear content creaters and developers! I am desperately graving for body freckles and body moles tattoos since years. Maybe someone would be so nice and some? I would be verv very thankful. It would add lots of reality to our skin and bodies. The skin of our avas seem to be so artificial and plastic like. Maybe someone else likes that too? I put a picture of my Second Life avatar which wears a moly skin (no freckles here though) as an example. Well, they could be even more. kisses, mei
  11. what do you think about skin body freckles and moles? I would love to see them added as tattoos Would be so nice and would add a lots to realism of the avis regards, mei
  12. As I said it already before Avatar shape editor, I would love to see an avatar shape editor. Pleaaaaaaaaaaseeee Edit: Before someone asks as last time when I posted this. Definitely yes, this involves to create a fat avatar ^^
  13. I dont like it. It would be misused by many people being on power trips like dictators. "I am god like, my finger decides if you are up or down." no, thanks
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