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  1. As I said it already before Avatar shape editor, I would love to see an avatar shape editor. Pleaaaaaaaaaaseeee Edit: Before someone asks as last time when I posted this. Definitely yes, this involves to create a fat avatar ^^
  2. I dont like it. It would be misused by many people being on power trips like dictators. "I am god like, my finger decides if you are up or down." no, thanks
  3. meilyn


    the best ever. miss it.
  4. I mean the pubes, just to be clear Not my BIG BEARD lol ^^ Anyways, my RP idea seems not to work out.
  5. is it unshaved? If you can help me with better english, please do tell
  6. thats the style Ah, and this is serious, PM me. We might let it happen. I did say that IF you post an ad that it's meant for a serious RP ingame?
  7. Well, then i will give it a shot, as there nobody posts a contact ad in the style i know from my youth in these typical swinger magazines: 45yo lady, chubby and unshaven with big booty, tender soft pale skin searching for groups of males and females or swinger couples in general for a nice swinger meeting. I maybe bring in also some of my friends, so don't be irritated by that please. Contact if you are interested. Please people with education and niveau only. Funny layed back ppl prefered. Age and shape doesnt matter, horniness and sympathy count. Nothing has to be, everything can be. "Real" meetings ingame are possible if the chemistry fits (Initial contact via forums pm only, not ingame.)
  8. I would suggest to use this thread for a contact ad roleplay. Everybody who searches something sexual related, writes some post in the style of a contact ad. People who are interested to answer can write to the person in the contact ad via forum PM. Greetings, mei
  9. I just tried the next cum update. awful
  10. Have to add: and my friend still has the black face bug, what did you fix?
  11. OMG it is even worse THATS AAAAWFULLLLL I suggest to take a look at Achat. It is kind of outdated but the poses are much better and the possibilities when it comes to topics around "cum" are even better. Why one has to destroy things which worked?
  12. I will deny to get cum on me until they change that. I have never seen such an ugly animation, seriously. That is cum????
  13. You are right But I liked to be explicit and clear *giggles*
  14. I do like this Mal Would love that too. And for me I would very like more curves for women. I would like to look like this: Let me give you examples: Please ignore that the second is sex related, it is just about the shape:
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