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  1. That'd be cool I'd take a walk down the street and be like, "Yo, how can I help?", lol!
  2. Ok so does anybody know where the devs are based? If it's the middle of the night where they are it's unlikely we'll see any action until the next "day".
  3. Well, now it seems you can't even log in to the member section if you are a sub. Just tried and got "service is unavailable" message.
  4. Sadly, I cannot provide you with the support you need, my friend, but I wish you luck nonetheless.
  5. I I really thought they'd have us up and running by the time I got home from work. I am a fool.
  6. Yeah I had a big block of free time Saturday and Sunday and was hoping to get to play, but alas...
  7. I was on earlier today and also last night and I was noticing that some avis were showing up as blank templates, bald, dark, and naked. As if they were not rendered fully. Also some characters appeared to be buried knee deep in the ground. Just weird stuff that I had not been seeing up until then. Tonight I've tried to log on twice and I get the immediate DC box.
  8. I second all of these. Gameplay improvements, of which these are all excellent examples, IMHO, are more important than purely aesthetic things such as 2 new hairstyles every few weeks.
  9. Character available : Charley Geyser (Male) Availability :Variable RP duration : Long term RP theme : Modern, non-fantasy (not into anime, comic book, or sci fi). He's a retired former athlete who now works as a top executive for a sports franchise. Partners : [ ] Male, [X] Female, [ ] Futa Accept : Cheating housewife, boss/employee(interested in either side of that dynamic), celebrity encounter, others I haven't thought of. Refuse : Rape, Underage, Torture, Gore, Toilet Stuff
  10. I have high hopes for this room. I've been there a few times and enjoyed it very much.
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