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  1. I think it's ok to have views, of course. If those views come up in private conversations it's fine. If you want to say "Don't talk to me if you support X", that's fine, too. What I don't get is why people debate politics in WC. I can think of few less productive ways to spend one's time or energy.
  2. Yeah, I've been getting the "Too many attempts" message. You just have to keep trying. Something's wrong in Serverville.
  3. Yeah this was happening to me, too last night. Seemed like the server was overloaded but maybe there's some other problem.
  4. I'm in agreement with this as well. We need more realistic looking avis and more variation in the appearances of avis generally.
  5. 100% support this. Also the ability to cum in poses that are not specifically "cumshot poses" and have the cum stick where it lands. For example the "fetish" titty fuck pose.
  6. Agree. Threesome pose options currently available leave much to be desired and can be rather cumbersome to manage.
  7. That'd be cool I'd take a walk down the street and be like, "Yo, how can I help?", lol!
  8. Ok so does anybody know where the devs are based? If it's the middle of the night where they are it's unlikely we'll see any action until the next "day".
  9. Well, now it seems you can't even log in to the member section if you are a sub. Just tried and got "service is unavailable" message.
  10. Sadly, I cannot provide you with the support you need, my friend, but I wish you luck nonetheless.
  11. I I really thought they'd have us up and running by the time I got home from work. I am a fool.
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