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  1. Hi, I was online on 3DX about 12 hours ago and it was fine then. Have you looked at https://3dxchat-status.com/ to see if there are any issues?
  2. Having the option to hold hands only solves part of the problem. The other part is finding someone who wants to hold my hand
  3. I'm not sure whether this is a technical issue or a question of knowing how to change locations to a location where other players are present. Sometimes connectivity issues make it seem like no-one else is playing the game. Assuming it is a problem of knowing how to change location to a place where others are playing, you should see a 'Select location' button in the bottom left corner of the screen. Click on that and you will see a menu appear with 6 "public" locations on the left (these are built by the 3dxchat game team) and a list of rooms built by players on the right. The list on the right will tell you how many members are in each room. Click on "Join" to transport to your chosen room.
  4. But preferably not until invited to!
  5. It might be worth clearing your cookies, temporary files, etc...just in case something was created from your previous internet service that might be interfering with the unlimited service. It might not make any difference, but possibly worth a try.
  6. Female avatars do squirt in 3dxchat when they orgasm.
  7. I do like this hairstyle. It is very sexy, chic and sophisticated.
  8. Hi, an interesting list. I don't understand the "different camera angles" suggestion though because it is possible to freely select the camera angle already.
  9. ...which is hard to see as the image is so low res. Basically, there needs to be a better way of understanding exactly what is being selected and what tools are required/involved!
  10. Then they failed because I am struggling to see the difference except one being more zoomed in.
  11. I love that people love being covered in cum!!
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