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  1. He tried that, one on a PC connected via the internet and one on a laptop connected to a mobile network.
  2. Hincholas, please allow me to give you some advice. Now that you have discovered the situation in which your streaming doesn't work and now you have made your apologies once again, my advice would be for you to walk away from these threads on here and not be tempted to reply further. The threads are not helping you to fix the streaming problem (everything suggested you have already tried). You said previously you weren't going to respond further but then didn't follow your own decision, and many of the messages swapped since have been about personal issues which don't further the resolution of your technical problem. I really don't think any benefit is being gained by anyone now, but of course if you disagree and you are still being helped then please ignore my advice!
  3. Alors, veuillez accepter mes condoléances. Je suis impuissant à aider. Je ne sais rien des "bots". Bon chance.
  4. Best topic title ever 😆
  5. Répétez peut-être ce test mais avec différents services de streaming sur le PC et sur le laptop. En cas de succès, cela peut montrer que le problème est en fait votre service de streaming l'empêchant d'être utilisé sur deux comptes en même temps.
  6. Do you have access to a second computer for the second account?
  7. Yup, in the spirit of hope, keep everything crossed (although that somewhat limits your options in the game 😉).
  8. Welcome to the game and also to the user forum, and great to see you participating with ideas!! Just a quick expectation check though - our experience is that most suggestions here don't ever get implemented or even acknowledged. To be fair, some have done, but quite a small number as a percentage of all of the ideas and requests that are put forward. Most likely you won't see your request happen any time soon...but hey ho...if you don't ask you don't get so keep those ideas coming. If nothing else, the other users here will find them interesting. By the way, whoever invented the phrase, 'if you don't ask you don't get' was lying. We get plenty of updates that we never asked for!
  9. I'd like to add to that summary that if anyone is particularly concerned at their IP address being accessible to someone private streaming, then you are advised to: - make sure "Enable Radio" is unchecked in your own sound settings before entering a room. - if you then want to listen to the music in the room but only if it's without risk, then find and click on the room's "iPad on a stand". If it says "private stream" then it could be risky to turn your radio on. You should only enable your radio in rooms that do not say "private stream". That's my understanding anyway, based on this other thread.
  10. Sounds a bit like The Night of the Zombies. Are you sure you didn't just join a horror movie themed room?
  11. It's useful to be able to do that to avoid being trapped in gridlock in the spawn area.
  12. Are you sure? I thought they made clear that the people doing the fixing were not the same as those doing the creative development.
  13. The current sounds are really lame and very unrealistic. There is a lot of improvement that could be done in this area. Good idea!
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