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  1. It has always been a mystery to me as a mere man to understand the complexities of female sexual responses and triggers. This thread has been enlightening. Now I know I must find her Shift + z button and the rest will be easy..... 😉
  2. My expectation of a pose editor is that all poses created are available to all players to enrich the playing experience for everyone. This is the spirit of community led building and development - an altruistic attitude, not a selfish one.
  3. Wouldn't that type a capital 'C'?
  4. I have also been getting "Connection Refused" when first signing in. If I reconnect it seems ok.
  5. I think the game password and the member site passwords are the same, so if you know your game password it should work on the member site. If you have saved the game password in the sence of "remember me" and don"t actually know your game password, then you can try the forgotten password option on the game login screen and see if that works to send an email.
  6. I think the rooms and people you see are identical on both servers. Je pense que les chambres et les personnes que vous voyez sont identiques sur les deux serveurs.
  7. Have you tried both the Europe and the USA hosting location choices on the sign‐on screen?
  8. Possibly Ctrl+Shift+Space (which should give what is known as a hard space).
  9. This other thread from Avalonia provides clearer detail on the problem. I suggest this thread is closed.
  10. The customer help suggests using a virtual credit card if you do not have your own credit card: https://3dxchat.com/support/#paypal I am not sure of the situation in Malaysia but please note some countries block access to 3DXChat. To help check if you will be able to reach the servers, try the self-help tests on this page, but follow the instructions carefully. https://3dxchat-status.com/selftest If you cannot reach the servers you could try again while using a VPN.
  11. Juliejj, can you provide more information? Some things that might be helpful to know are: Has the game been working on you computer before? What is the last version you have used? What site are you trying to download from? Is your anti-virus or firewall blocking access to the site? Are you logged on to your computer as Adminstrator? Do you see any error messages at all?
  12. Now that is obviously fake 😉 because 007 would sign off with... "xo Bond. James Bond" (this message is not serious)
  13. @Gizmo Hi, I am confused by the outage timings in the message you recently posted at approximately 7.30pm BST today (equal to 6.30pm GMT 2nd October) The announcement says the outage will be 8am to 8.30am GMT on the 2nd October, which is approximately 10.5 hours before the announcement was posted. Did you mean it would be 8am to 8.30am on the 3rd October, or maybe 8pm to 8.30pm on the 2nd?
  14. No need for any apologies!! I would however suggest posting your message in the World Editor section of the Forum as the thread has progressed more into details about building that it is about development proposals for the game. https://3dxforum.com/index.php?/forum/29-world-editor/
  15. Good point. I guess progressing to a greater and greater sense of reality is achieved by degrees.
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