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  1. I'm confused, because it was you that asked in your original post ”... is there a way to delete the world in the files of the app?” Still confused because that's what I thought my proposal would achieve.
  2. I have been giving this topic some thought. As pointed out by others in this thread there is no real answer to the World Chat problem, except to ignore the feature (which is NOT actually a solution to the root problem, but turning a blind eye), or constantly add people to ignore lists, or for the game owners to allow moderators (and the risks that brings with it) or for owners to actually enforce their own rules (which is the real solution). The last point seems highly unlikely, considering that the World Chat hatred and bullying has gone on unchecked for so long now and considering the barest minimal support the game owners seem to provide to the game and the community. I have posted elsewhere on this forum that I have my World Chat settings so that I don't receive visual and audible notifications, and that I immediately turn WC off when I log in. It irks me though that doing this does nothing to stop the hatred and the bullying, and that this makes me a passive bystander to the kind of behaviour that I despise. Conversely, going into World Chat and speaking out against those that speak with hatred and those that bully others would just pour fuel on the fire and won't solve anything, nor is it what I subscribe to 3dxchat for. On reflection earlier, it came to my mind that not only am I acting as a passive bystander, but that I am actually funding a platform that does nothing to prevent this problem of hatred and bullying and allows it to continue unchecked, despite what the rules might say. This is an unacceptable realisation for me. I have been a member of 3dxchat continuously for almost 7 years, and I have tried to take an active role on this forum as a supportive community member throughout that time. Sadly, I have taken the decision not to renew any more and to allow my current game subscription to lapse. This seems to me to be the only option I have, effectively by voting with my feet. It might not solve the problem, but at least I won't be funding it anymore. Perhaps if the game owners actively take responsibility not to allow hatred and bullying in their game, then one day I will come back.
  3. @Tigermike28, have you looked at the Customer FAQ's, in particular these two: https://3dxchat.com/support/#connect https://3dxchat.com/support/#lost Also, have you tried connecting via a VPN? I know Colin advised disabling any VPN software you had running, and that is good advice if you are getting Connection Refused while using VPN software. However, if you haven't tried VPN software it is worth a go. There are free VPN software tools and various ones have been advised from time to time on this Forum, including by the 3dxchat staff (@Lisa).
  4. It is possible to delete the world files, but I would approach it slightly differently to avoid the World Editor then not being able to open because it couldn't find the file it is set to point at. Firstly, search for *.world files on your drive. The place they are located will depend on where you saved them, so I can't tell you where your's will be. Once you have found them, you should be able to delete the bugged world file. However, rather than leave it like that, I would then COPY one of the un-bugged world files and call it the exact same name as the bugged world file you just deleted. If you intend to rebuild the World that was bugged, you might want to copy the World file that is most similar to the World that was bugged as this will save you time rebuilding. By doing step 3, when you enter the World Editor for that Alt, it should find and open the newly copied World file. From there you can use the World Editor to change the World into whatever you want.
  5. Did you contact BMTmicro using the email address shown on the screen grab? No-one on this forum can help with card payment issues.
  6. I suspect only your anti-virus software can answer that specifically. You might need to whitelist the download .exe to prevent your anti-virus flagging it as a risk. On the other hand, trust your anti-virus and do not download, but if it is any comfort, others have downloaded without apparent security or privacy issue.
  7. If I was a Director at SexGame Devil I would be concerned at the risk to the company for provisioning a platform that allows hate speech and bullying. That's assuming of course that the player contracts don't completely mitigate the company from any responsibility, and even then it's questionable if such a mitigation would be entirely possible. Luckily I am not.
  8. Where have you ever heard or seen that said?
  9. I think there are at least two ways to do this currently: - You should be able to use the zoom wheel of a mouse - If you go into to camera settings (camera icon top left of screen) you can adjust the zoom setting. By adjusting the zoom you ought to be able to pull back your view a little so you are looking from above and behind the avatar (looking over its head). Best to check for dental cavities though before changing the settings
  10. You don't have to actually delete files. You have to remove entries in the Registry which the user described as folders. Here is a link to a Registry cleaning utility that Gizmo from 3dxchat posted here a long time ago (click on the arrow in the corner):
  11. I like these ideas and they have been requested many times before, but one more time won't hurt. To be connected before those actions would need a change to the partnering function because currently you can only partner up when already in the same location.
  12. She might not have got it wrong so much as wishing for it to be changed. Clearly at the moment the idea of an alt is (as the name suggests) an alternative avatar that can be used separately from other avatars under the same subscription, not as an avatar that can be used simultaneously. Only in a very limited capacity they can be (as bots), but without the functions mentioned by Yasmin. Currently to do what Yasmin would like simultaneously while playing another avi requires two separate subscriptions - and in that sense they aren't really alternatives. Of course, this all assumes that Yasmin wants to play with more than alt at the same time, which she didn't specifically say and we are all left confused as to what she really wants!
  13. Yasmin, are you sure you are talking about alt characters and not Bob and Betty bots?
  14. If I recall correctly, it is best to set the standard speed to one that suits, and then on the occasions when you want to move faster you can press the Shift key while moving, and when you want to move really fast you can press the Shift and Ctrl key while moving. This works with the W,S,A,D,Q and E keyboard keys. Apologies if the Shift + Ctrl bit isn't correct and it's a different key combination to go super fast. If so hopefully someone can post a correction.
  15. Of course you are not forbidden to mention it, unless it's a self-imposed constraint. The servers do seem to be too sensitive to lag. The term 'glitchy' to me implies random issues which would affect most people some of the time. When issues only affect some people most if the time it suggests a more localised resolution is needed (imho).
  16. Best place to start is to try @ColinDude's trouble shooting tests, and if you are happy to then to also download and run the additional scripts: https://3dxchat-status.com/troubleshooting Not being able to see profiles is a symptom of access to one of the servers not working. The cause is more likely to be a local issue to you or your internet service than it is to the game, but the best place to start is the link above.
  17. I do exactly the same as Diana does. In my case my chat notification settings still have PM's set to make a sound notification and to make the 'Chat' button highlight in green. However I have both WC and Local chat notifications deselected.
  18. The World Editor is not accessed from the Character Editor. Instead you need to use the Select Location option then click on the 'Customize' button under your own location.
  19. There has been a suspicion held by some on this forum (myself included) that for a gaming platform 3dxchat is overly sensitive to latency, which causes connection lost experiences instead of the game handling a momentary latency issue and recovering. I am no communication expert so apologies to anyone that understands this stuff better than me. What follows is based on my understanding and my belief. As I understand it, the speed of the internet service provided to a user by an ISP is certainly an important factor that can affect latency. Increase the speed and the latency should reduce. The speed measures how fast data moves through the wires/fibres. Latency however takes into account the time it takes for the signal to travel from the client to the server or vice versa. Whilst faster speeds will reduce latency, other factors affect latency such as the distance of the route the signal travels, the speed that signals are processed by relays, switches, software and processors encoutered along the route, and any variability in the quality of the services provided (for example some ISP services will suffer more from contention for services and bandwidth than others). Variability in latency (jitter) is specific to each person's circumstances. When jitter is combined with a client/server architecture that is overly sensitive to longer latency, then the result is going to be "random" lost connections. This can explain why some people suffer from lost connections and others don't. Latency itself is outside of the control of 3dxchat and not their fault. Actually end users have more control over it...for example changing ISPs, using VPNs, increasing internet service speeds, changing firewall services, replacing routers, using contention free services, the number of devices on the local network, WiFi speed and quality, moving country - ok that last one was not serious but to help make the point. Reduce the average latency and any jitter, then in theory lost connections will reduce or go. But another way to reduce lost connections is for the 3dxchat client and/or servers to be less sensitive to latency (assuming that currently they are too sensitive). This approach is within the control of 3dxchat, such as timeout settings. The downside of this approach is that game play could be impacted in other ways, such as occasional momentary losses in responsiveness or syncing issues, but I guess this is less intrusive than a lost connection. Once again, apologies to anyone that understands this area better than me. There is a helpful guide to speed and latency here (other guides exist and I'm not affiliated to or the authors in any way). https://www.highspeedinternet.com/resources/bandwidth-vs-latency-what-is-the-difference
  20. That's also what I suspect, or on the client side, but of course either is then more likely to trigger if there is any lag or delay in the user's connection, which could explain why some people suffer and others don't.
  21. Platform heels, stilettos, sneakers, ankle boots, thigh highs, etc, etc all look sexy to me. All way better than bare feet!
  22. Good idea. In the meantime, you should be able to click one of the 5 types of standing poses to stop walking on the spot into a wall. But you'll just be standing staring at the wall instead. And when you are stuck in your head (lol) try rotating your view rather than trying f5, f6 or f7. You might also need to zoom out a little as well (either with the mouse wheel or via the camera icon (top left of screen) and using the zoom slider.
  23. Just a thought (might not be the problem) but make sure you are running 64-bit Windows, not 32-bit. The game does not work with 32-bit.
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