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  1. Re. Bigger balls....if this is ever changed it should be on a slider. Real life balls 'cum' in many sizes 😉. Not everyone has or wants big balls.
  2. Hmmm. I'm just not sure I'm too comfortable with having this permanently over my head... Wanker Leopardus
  3. I like the sound of that but it also sounds as a bit awkward for anyone using a trackpad on a laptop. Do you know if the other games you have played have a solution for this?
  4. You have to marry them first to do that.
  5. Hell, we could even start arranging whole 3DX flash mobs!! 😁
  6. Before the days of the World Editor, and the current island home we all get, we used to each have two apartments not dissimilar to what is being requested here.
  7. It is nothing like poses. What you are suggesting is an afront to everyone else's eyes and experience of the game. Now...if you are suggesting ONLY the UI of people that select an option for names to be presented in colour will see names in colour, then fine. But I don't think you did say that. For many people a mass of different coloured names all jiggling around would be a major eyesore. I know I would absolutely hate it!
  8. I'd like to see the possibility of smaller rooms being joined together with transition points between them, giving the impression of a bigger, more complex world. Like go through a door and launch into another world.
  9. You are probably thinking of this thread, but I don't think anyone found a solution.....
  10. I am sorry to disappoint but when I have my clothes on I am completely unable to get sexually excited/an erection. But when I take my clothes off...BOING...it's instant (and pretty impressive too even if I say so myself) but I can't get rid of the damn thing no matter how much I try to wear it out!!! Even walking naked into walls has no effect 😉. The only cure is to put my clothes back on again. I can only assume the 3DX laundry people wash my clothes with some kind of irritating washing powder. I never used that DLL. Did it effectively allow dry humping (as opposed to penetration thr
  11. If you are suggesting using a slider with all the associated body and clothing animation, then I get it 🙂. But what I thought you meant, based on the post that I originally responded to, was a slider that makes clothes shorter or longer (or smaller and bigger) like in your animation, as a way to make it look they were being taken off. It was that that I didn't think would be good and was laughing, not at your showcase for adjusting clothes (nice idea) but at the thought of making my pants smaller as a way to simulate them being taken down (ps...YOU laugh at everything "haha" in almost ev
  12. I saw that video and that's what prompted me to respond in this thread. Like you said, it's not very sophisticated, and (I say) totally not suitable (quite laughable actually, and not in a good way) as a method to make it appear that I am taking of my pants, which requires a quite significant whole body animation. It might be ok to use that method to choose the length of a dress to wear, but it would be cheap and very amateurish to pretend that by making a dress shorter, pants smaller, or a shirt smaller, etc, that the wearer was taking off their clothes. Sure use a slider, but a great deal
  13. If they were to add the slider idea then I would hope they would do it which far more sophistication than a slider to make the item simply go up or down, which would look totally unrealistic and almost certainly distract from immersion rather add to it, and spoil the quality of the game. I like the idea of being able to remove clothing slowly (rather than POW and they are gone) but such a feature requires a great deal of full animation of the body and the clothing to look real.
  14. You might find the solution here... https://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/10356-cant-change-resolution/&do=findComment&comment=414660 After following the guidance there, for the final step (number 12), I can see you have "Remember me" checked in your screenshot, which is a good thing. You should be able log into the game by clicking on the bright green box you can just see on the left hand side of that screenshot.
  15. I suggest checking these FAQ's: https://3dxchat.com/support/#updates https://3dxchat.com/support/#start
  16. It has always been a mystery to me as a mere man to understand the complexities of female sexual responses and triggers. This thread has been enlightening. Now I know I must find her Shift + z button and the rest will be easy..... 😉
  17. My expectation of a pose editor is that all poses created are available to all players to enrich the playing experience for everyone. This is the spirit of community led building and development - an altruistic attitude, not a selfish one.
  18. Wouldn't that type a capital 'C'?
  19. I have also been getting "Connection Refused" when first signing in. If I reconnect it seems ok.
  20. I think the game password and the member site passwords are the same, so if you know your game password it should work on the member site. If you have saved the game password in the sence of "remember me" and don"t actually know your game password, then you can try the forgotten password option on the game login screen and see if that works to send an email.
  21. I think the rooms and people you see are identical on both servers. Je pense que les chambres et les personnes que vous voyez sont identiques sur les deux serveurs.
  22. Have you tried both the Europe and the USA hosting location choices on the sign‐on screen?
  23. Possibly Ctrl+Shift+Space (which should give what is known as a hard space).
  24. This other thread from Avalonia provides clearer detail on the problem. I suggest this thread is closed.
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