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  1. Personally I do not wish to have a last online timestamp. It is no-one's business except my own when I was last online and there are occasions when I pop online literally for just a few seconds. I can imagine the drama created by people saying "I have evidence that you logged on but didn't talk to me". No thanks.
  2. akiko, as said by others, you really need to try using a free VPN. From what you have described the most likely scenario is that somewhere between your computer and the game servers one of the nodes on the route is blocking your communications to one of the servers, or is slowing the transmission so that the game reads it as a connection loss. Using a VPN can sometimes avoid these types of problem, and is worth trying even if only to see if it helps...or not.
  3. (Sarcasm mode switched on) Hold on Ex...we need to give the ”old people" more time. They don't move so fast. (Sarcasm mode switched off)
  4. It's not just girls that want a slapping in the face move for colds. I want it to for occasions when someone gives me an unwelcome hug or kiss.
  5. I'm glad you did get some specific feedback (thank you @Lisa). Personally I don't think you need to apologise to anyone Lunarelf. Creating clothes for 3dxchat is not your main job, and I suspect most of us realise that and appreciate your efforts.
  6. I sincerely hope @Lisa or @Gizmoprovided some more detailed feedback to @Lunarelf via another channel. If not, I would like to kindly ask Lisa to do so. This could be specific feedback on the clothing designed by Lunarelf, or a specification of the standards that have to be met for clothing to be accepted with an indication of the criteria that failed the quality check. To provide more detailed feedback would not just be good business practice and strategically important for 3dxchat's further development via user contributions. It would also be common courtesy, considering the time and effort that Lunarelf put into to trying to help 3dxchat and it’s user's. I, for myself, would like to say "thank you" to Lunarelf for your time and effort (and initiative) for trying to develop more clothing. Please do not be disheartened that the initial submission did not succeed, this is part of a learning process and perhaps not to be unexpected. Hopefully with some more detailed feedback from Lisa you will be able to learn and succeed next time. Thank you again.
  7. So you know, those "bloody" surveys are not done or owned by 3dxchat. They are done by a member like you and me, but one that has used her initiative to collect data that might be of interest to other members and might be of use to the game admins. Also if disconnects only affect a localised region such as the west coast of USA, then it isn't likely to be directly caused by the game platform but by an independent internet node/routing host/internet provider. If everyone using the game's US server lost connection then it would suggest an issue with the game's infrastructure. It might not be something the game devs can fix. Sometimes losing one's shit to get the devs to fix their shit isn't the right way forward.
  8. Thanks, but that's definitely not the problem. I have already clicked out of the chat before the bits I described.
  9. While I have the attention of some clever folk that use the flying cam interface a lot, I'd like to ask something too which is befuddling me! Let me start be saying a don't use a mouse with 3dxchat, I use my laptop's trackpad. Now, some while ago I used to be able to use the flying cam wasdqe keys without issue. Then along came an update and ever since in order to use those keys I also need to press and hold the right trackpad key at the same time AND also before I can do that I have to hold the right trackpad key while I "wiggle" the camera with the actual trackpad first otherwise the wasdqe keys don't subsequently respond. Let me tell you that pressing the right trackpad button and stretching my fingers on the same hand to reach the wasdqe keys is quite difficult and a little uncomfortable (let's just assume my other hand is occupied doing the washing up or something ). I don't understand why I need to hold the right mouse button down. Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this (I don't have space to use a mouse) or do you experience the same problem???
  10. 3dxchat is made up of different servers for different purposes, and they need to talk to eachother to fully render the game to you. Sometimes, for one reason or another, one of the servers can't join in to this jolly server discussion, and you get the symptoms that you see. You can see the status of the various servers and component parts of the system architecture on this 3rxchat status website: https://3dxchat-status.com/ However, even when the 3dxchat servers are all behaving together as the best of friends, there can be problems with your connection path to one or more of them (e.g. packet loss or blocking by a local internet node to you). To get an idea if this could be the case for you (it's not foolproof) there are also some self-tests provided from one of the menu options on that status site (the three horizontal bars in the top right corner). Sometimes it is necessary to connect to 3dxchat via a VPN service to get around internet node blocking.
  11. @Gizmo Agreed that is good practice, but what about cases where one person is streaming, without concern for the other person's privacy and without disclosing that they are streaming? I have already removed my RL profile photos because of the privacy risk. I am in my 6th year of 3dxchat membership now and have met many other members along the way that I have got close to in terms of friendship, and the best of those friendships have been based upon getting to know eachother on a personal level and discussion of aspects of real life through our conversations in pm's (although not personal identifiable information). Some of those friendships have then developed outside of 3dxchat (one in particular I talk with everyday) but that requires sharing external social media details (ones reserved for this special purpose). The risk posed by the streaming of private messages (without my acknowledgement or permission) is that I now have to stop this. 3dxchat can only ever now (for me at least) be a place for superficial friendships without real life information or sharing of any social media information because I don't know who else might be watching this "private" discussion. I'm not sure that 3dxchat like this will continue to meet my needs to connect at a deeper level. Ok, so this was always a risk I hear people say. True, it was, but now streaming is being actively encouraged by 3dxchat, and there are no rules or restrictions in place to govern it in order to maintain any sense of privacy of "private" messages. I have seen my pm's being streamed, and am aware of several (at least 10) Chaturbate models now streaming 3dxchat. This switches the balance of risk, so that private messages should now be considered as public messages. People need to know this!!! For myself, I need to decide whether this streaming announcement means it is finally time to call an end to my membership because I don't think superficial friendships will satisfy me.
  12. Sorry, but that just isn't true. Sure some guys will. I wouldn't and nor would "ALL the guys". Just like some women select huge breasts, and some don't. But having said that, I'm not bothered whether we have a size option or not. I don't worry about things like that and prefer to focus on how I can please my partner and myself in other ways, like the use of words. The ability to be flaccid is desperately needed though when not in a sex pose requiring an erection.
  13. Hi pet_luscious, Have you seen the recent post (below) from Gizmo in the Tutorials section? This post clearly shows that streaming 3dxchat on Chaturbate is not just allowed but actively encouraged by the 3dxchat admins: I have chatted with 5 models on Chaturbate that were tagged as streaming 3dxchat. In fact only two were actually streaming 3dxchat through their Chaturbate video feed, although all 5 were playing 3dxchat while their Chaturbate account was online. I joined one of the models that was doing this at the beach in 3dxchat, to give her some guidance on 3dxchat because she was brand new to it. At no time did I receive any warnings (automatic or manual) to advise me that this 3dxchat member was live streaming her surroundings or pm's (although in my case I knew already). I could see her video window on Chaturbate was steaming her 3dxchat screen and it showed both of us and our pm's and of course all the things I was giving her guidance on . The Chaturbate tagging options do not list 3dxchat as one of the tags to filter models by. However this filter can be manually created by entering the following URL: https://Chaturbate.com/tag/3dxchat/ This has reiterated to me the importance of 3dxchat users NOT putting any personal identifiable information OR real photos of themselves on their 3dxchat profiles, naively assuming that this can only be seen by other 3dxchat users (unless privacy and security are not of concern to them). Whilst the risk of 3dxchat being streamed outside of 3dxchat already existed, this new tutorial announcement by Gizmo about the integration of 3dxchat streaming into Chaturbate means it is going to be more likely. Everyone should assume our 3dxchat presence/profile could be being streamed outside 3dxchat at any time without our explicit knowledge. We will also have to wait to see if this new Chaturbate tie up changes any of the character of 3dxchat. I have already noticed profiles in 3dxchat of users saying they can webcam for a fee. And all 5 of the Chaturbate models I spoke to said their intention was to try to drive traffic from 3dxchat across to Chaturbate in the hope of achieving pay per minute private webcam sessions.
  14. If you can't install the app, I don't understand why you need to understand about the app permissions so much. Surely without the app, the permissions are of no consequence to you. However, the app permissions listed for the app on the Google Play store do state camera, location, microphone, storage, bluetooth, network, biometrics, etc. Identities & contacts are not specifically listed as far as I can see. (Google Play/Lovense Remote/About this app/App Info/App Permissions/See more) However, as you refer to security and safety in your posts then it is not just the app permissions you need to be satisfied with. You also need to be happy with the Privacy Policy so you know what what personal data you are agreeing to being accessed, used, shared, etc. This is also visible on the Google Play store. (Google Play/Lovense Remote/Developer Contact/Privacy Policy) But first, you need to be able to access the Google Play store, which is nothing to do with Lovense or 3DXChat. Interesting though that you seem concerned with security...yet you chose a Huawei phone .
  15. Yeah, I knew that. Stop spoiling my fun ! But, by virtue of the fact that your analysis of the real data shows that updates used to be more regular, then using Lexxxxi's mad logic , it still must be the "new" people that are to blame. Thanks Lexxxxi for ruining it for the rest of us . Unless by ”old" people you were actually referring to people's ages...
  16. 433 updates ÷ 8 years = 54.125 That's an average of more than one update per week. Maybe the "old" people are not the problem. Maybe it's the "new" people that slowed it all down (if you are wish to use such a stupid argument and blame game).
  17. And tit stroking, groping and slapping
  18. @Gizmo @Lisa This advert is posted in the wrong section of the forum. Perhaps you could move it.
  19. Again, you are posting this in a topic about Tails not clothing for men.
  20. I'm not a gamer so don't have much knowledge, but my expectation would be that there are already lots of games in other genres that satisfy this need???
  21. Polite Notice This topic is about Tails. There are other forum topics for posts about clothing for men.
  22. Even the guys can be included this time . We've all heard of top hat and tails, right? (Maybe with nothing in between )
  23. He might but it is clearly fantasy to say that most men in 3DX are naked, even in the blatant sex rooms. The truth is more like a small number of men in a small number of rooms are naked, some more are clothed and dancing, and many more are standing motionless at the spawn point - not moving in case they wear out the fabric in their limited selection of clothes.
  24. Plavic I would suggest you delete the image attached to your original post above. There is too much information provided on it that could be used by someone less honest, such as your full name, your email, your order ID, and the dates of transactions.
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