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  1. Thank god Alivia uses that big, pink font so I know when she is posting!! P.S. Maybe let a few others share an opinion and let them have their opinion too.
  2. I have an even cooler idea - maybe. What if you could "clone" someone you saw in game to have fun with in solo mode in your place alone? The game just needs a way to enter a player avatar name and then a copy of them would appear in your room. I suppose some might not like this idea, but maybe more would like it. Just a thought.
  3. That dress on Emilia - WOW!!! Yes, please!
  4. Was this ever part of one of the add-on DLL's people made? Seems like a no-brainer.
  5. Just to let people know, my sub just auto-renewed at the holiday rate that I had signed up last year with. So I'm happy that all worked easily.
  6. I made another batch of popcorn! But, I'd also love some cool swimsuit designs to wear in game. A couple examples of styles (hopefully the print can be varied in game like other clothes).
  7. Doc

    Weather. Yes or no?

    Weather effects would be great! Even audio only if that is easier. Wind sounds, rain, storms, etc.
  8. All beautiful rooms but I must always be missing the times when you open these online for people to see.
  9. Hey, was there ever a way to send a PM in game to a non-friend who is offline? I've met some people some nights and we forget to friend and I want to be able to get in touch with them again just using their name to send them an offline PM. Could this be added to the game?
  10. Nothing in the world will ever be exactly the way everyone can agree on. Is this game anywhere near perfect - of course not. Still better than most other things like it. I simply want more frequent updates like we have been getting lately. Hopefully that will move it towards the way more people want it. I still think besides the obvious things like more clothes, poses, etc. that we need more to do in the game. Things like mini-games could add a lot, more audio noises you could trigger, more interactive things, more special events maybe with prizes, etc. Look at other multiplayer games and see what they do to keep people coming back. My 2 cents.
  11. So, basically if there is a lower cost offer going this year when my auto renewal date comes up it would renew automatically at the lower price. Cool! Thanks!
  12. It sure looks kind of like it would renew at the special pricing. But you are probably right. So I would have to cancel and just renew when/if this year's holiday pricing is offered? Seems awkward.
  13. If I started my subscription last year at the lower, yearly holiday pricing will it auto renew at that same pricing this year?
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