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  1. I agree the default rooms could use an overhaul. I'd also LOVE the ability to have a few custom rooms saved to use. The current process seems overly complex each time you want to swap in a new custom room.
  2. Been no daily gold since the whole thing started like a week ago. Of course, there isn't much to use gold for anyway really.
  3. They got DDoS'ed again????!? I mean come on - really???
  4. You know, the thing I appreciate most in life is when people are straight with me. I can take any news - as long as you are up front about it. Just admit you kinda messed up. We all mess up. That's ok. What isn't ok is not admitting you made some boo-boos.
  5. One comment I find especially odd or disconcerting in the statement put out (below). This seems to imply that the server that was attacked was in not so respectable of a data center. Didn't the last time this happened they say they moved to a much better and more secure server?? Getting some mixed messages here. I mean I'm patient and this will get fixed, but some of these statements just don't quite add up or give me much comfort. We have a new test server, which is located in a more respectable data center.
  6. Just saying, "The server is down" isn't much of an update. That's like when my car had trouble starting and the repair shop just said - yeah - it doesn't start.
  7. Hard to believe this is happening again so soon after the last DDoS attack. So, is this a direct attack on just this game alone?
  8. Some really nice suggestions. I'm VERY VERY much in favor of gameplay additions/changes more than just - here are some new hairstyles, sex poses, etc. Mini games of some kind I've wanted too for a long time.
  9. Yeah, game tells me there is a Queue each time I try today to login and then the minute I get it says connection lost.
  10. Really? So the DDoS attack also killed the forum for a time on a different server too? Wow!
  11. One thing I learned that I didn't know is that during a DDoS attack like this on the game the forum goes down as well. Wouldn't it be better to have them in separate places/servers?
  12. I like the most recent poses quite a bit. I wanted to make sure the devs get some positive feedback.
  13. Is there a way to just turn off World Chat? Something in settings? Yes, I know I can ignore it but when you login or in the editor it just pops up immediately. It does annoy me the minute I login to see someone spamming something, etc. As I've said before I personally find no use for it and would love the option to just turn it off or remove it from my interface.
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