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  1. I agree the default rooms could use an overhaul. I'd also LOVE the ability to have a few custom rooms saved to use. The current process seems overly complex each time you want to swap in a new custom room.
  2. Been no daily gold since the whole thing started like a week ago. Of course, there isn't much to use gold for anyway really.
  3. They got DDoS'ed again????!? I mean come on - really???
  4. You know, the thing I appreciate most in life is when people are straight with me. I can take any news - as long as you are up front about it. Just admit you kinda messed up. We all mess up. That's ok. What isn't ok is not admitting you made some boo-boos.
  5. One comment I find especially odd or disconcerting in the statement put out (below). This seems to imply that the server that was attacked was in not so respectable of a data center. Didn't the last time this happened they say they moved to a much better and more secure server?? Getting some mixed messages here. I mean I'm patient and this will get fixed, but some of these statements just don't quite add up or give me much comfort. We have a new test server, which is located in a more respectable data center.
  6. Just saying, "The server is down" isn't much of an update. That's like when my car had trouble starting and the repair shop just said - yeah - it doesn't start.
  7. Hard to believe this is happening again so soon after the last DDoS attack. So, is this a direct attack on just this game alone?
  8. Some really nice suggestions. I'm VERY VERY much in favor of gameplay additions/changes more than just - here are some new hairstyles, sex poses, etc. Mini games of some kind I've wanted too for a long time.
  9. Yeah, game tells me there is a Queue each time I try today to login and then the minute I get it says connection lost.
  10. Really? So the DDoS attack also killed the forum for a time on a different server too? Wow!
  11. One thing I learned that I didn't know is that during a DDoS attack like this on the game the forum goes down as well. Wouldn't it be better to have them in separate places/servers?
  12. I like the most recent poses quite a bit. I wanted to make sure the devs get some positive feedback.
  13. Is there a way to just turn off World Chat? Something in settings? Yes, I know I can ignore it but when you login or in the editor it just pops up immediately. It does annoy me the minute I login to see someone spamming something, etc. As I've said before I personally find no use for it and would love the option to just turn it off or remove it from my interface.
  14. Was there something else added in this latest patch besides integrating this bonus referral thing?? I can't tell.
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