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  1. I like the most recent poses quite a bit. I wanted to make sure the devs get some positive feedback.
  2. Is there a way to just turn off World Chat? Something in settings? Yes, I know I can ignore it but when you login or in the editor it just pops up immediately. It does annoy me the minute I login to see someone spamming something, etc. As I've said before I personally find no use for it and would love the option to just turn it off or remove it from my interface.
  3. Was there something else added in this latest patch besides integrating this bonus referral thing?? I can't tell.
  4. Very cool! Wish I could make those times but - you know - work during the day.
  5. Yeah, don't really agree. I've seen nothing in World Chat in recent times that was worth the time my eyes glanced over at it. Every night it's like watching an accident happen in slow motion. All I do now is add more and more people to my ignore list. While yes, I doubt this time delay is the answer to spamming and the constant flood of people arguing on WC - I still find it worthless.
  6. Does anyone sane actually use or engage in World Chat?
  7. Doc

    /ignore ??

    DOH! Of course! Right click their name in WorldChat! I guess I was brain dead on New Year's Eve. Someone was spamming WorldChat and I so wanted to Ignore them last night. Thanks!
  8. Doc

    /ignore ??

    First, I did search for an answer to this question. Is there a way to ignore a person in game with a command line or do you have to see them in game? Also, is there a way to see all the command line functions, shortcuts somewhere? In game maybe using /help? Was this in the alternate .DLL? Thanks and Happy New Year!
  9. I've suggested this a few times before. While new poses, clothes, hair styles, are all cool and great - it doesn't add a lot to the game itself. Need more to do.
  10. Seems like even if it had a slider for size that would work.
  11. Thank god Alivia uses that big, pink font so I know when she is posting!! P.S. Maybe let a few others share an opinion and let them have their opinion too.
  12. I have an even cooler idea - maybe. What if you could "clone" someone you saw in game to have fun with in solo mode in your place alone? The game just needs a way to enter a player avatar name and then a copy of them would appear in your room. I suppose some might not like this idea, but maybe more would like it. Just a thought.
  13. That dress on Emilia - WOW!!! Yes, please!
  14. Was this ever part of one of the add-on DLL's people made? Seems like a no-brainer.
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