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  1. male avatar should be able to wear all the female clothes and vice versa
  2. They can't add bbw because of the clipping issue, i do agree we should be able to make older looking characters
  3. Nothing fancy just a regular pair of leggings/yoga pant would be nice
  4. I'm gonna beat a dead horse, but soft cock option should be a thing already and different penis size and shape (cut/uncut ...).
  5. In my experience the yacht is the perfect place for local chat, i met my best online friend/partners there. The problem with local chat is the 60 sec cool-down which make public group conversation tedious unless you start a private group chat :/
  6. Sound basic but when are we gonna get some thick frames glasses ?
  7. What they mean by the game will be back soon, they mean soon in 2 weeks
  8. sooo.... when she said server back soon, she mean soon or soon in 3 weeks ?
  9. I agree, i'd love to also see more social interaction like alternative kissing/hugging , holding hands dancing together, offering a drink .... Mini game nothing too crazy; poker (or strip poker variant) , working on the beach volley minigame, swimming race and making the sport poses more interactive
  10. I hope the game will be back on for the week-end at least
  11. Please tell me the next update not gonna only be some boring solo pose and 3 new dances
  12. The fact that hugging and kissing can still be done without approval baffle me ....
  13. I've never see happen, how do they ruin dance team ?
  14. Lmao the april fool pose caught me by surprise
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