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  1. We need the ability to adjust the position of each pose on the platform. Move left right above lower, add chair poses to sofa. Independently set up the platform with poses for yourself, choose any pose from the game, bind to the platform, adjust the location and angle. Delete extra poses. I want to customize my sofa and bed with poses for me.
  2. We need not only kisses, but also take the neck, give the cheek, bite the ear
  3. We would like the same pose for two without a third partner (no blowjob)
  4. Also need this function during sex, for example, remove all bi poses so that I have only hetero on my menu.
  5. Blowjob in panties, skirt and pants would be very helpful! I hope the creators will someday mature for this, it would be very cool
  6. Yes, but there are still two important points: I can’t leave him in clothes during sex, a t-shirt, a blouse, shoes . Virtual partner cannot sit alone on the sofa or wait for me on the bed
  7. This is good, but more action is needed. I want to control his clothes, give him interaction with furniture, dancing or striptease. The creators could expand the functions of the bot.
  8. Hello people. Sometimes you want to put a virtual partner against the wall, put him on a chair, make him play a striptease, take off certain clothes, make him moan or cum. In a single room, we need the ability to control, play and move a virtual partner by simply switching characters by icon. It's like with a party member in an single RPG. Just give the ability to switch from the main character to the virtual one, so that he does not stand like a log at the entrance!
  9. I agree. For normal people (heterosexuals) there should be an option in the game settings to censor all Bi-sexual content. I don't want to see gay poses or a woman with a penis in the selection too.
  10. Hi guys! I know three hot poses that will greatly complement the game =)) 1. On the couch, the girl jumps on the dick, stretching out. Feet on the floor. 2. Doggy style on the bed with arms twisting. 3. Deep blowjob on the bed, the guy on top, stretches the girl's arms. I would really like to see these gifs in the game
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