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  1. We badly need something like this, MF have 3 options, FF have 0 🙁 A pose that can be used anywhere.
  2. I have a story about this, while not Endor specifically, I started building a village a little like the one pictured here, and it ended in tears. Keep in mind I had done a fair bit of work on the forest floor already.. All the trees except one are animated so that excluded them from being used in the project, the one static tree I resized till I got the trunk around the diameter I required but it was way too short so I then reshaped it and pulled it up till I got the height I wanted and it looked great, so I start building around the tree and linked it up with a few others using rope brid
  3. Look out if you get the bug, we'll see you in 6 months with some huge forest world with dozens of huts and caves and all sorts of things. 😜
  4. Its definitely not copyright issues, as 3DX itself breaks many as it is, and there are company logos in many rooms and have been since the World Builder was released. This is just another request, along with the other thousands of requests that they may or may not want to do. I would love if they just added a couple of hundred scalable clip art for us to choose from and a text tool with varying fonts.
  5. I think they are talking about how the light sources will reflect from objects kilometres away, acting like they are only a few meters away. The water is particularly bad for it, but all reflective surfaces can display the issue if big enough. I have my water reflections turned off in settings because it annoyed me enough.
  6. JenC

    National Park

    I remember when you opened it a long time ago and I had a look around, though some new additions to it? I loved the layout but hated the lighting, It looked like you used the default orange light tool for everything, and I did mention that to you while in the map, you said you were going to fix it?
  7. Well if you didnt do anything wrong before, making a post like this is probably going to solidify their position. You know the correct procedure for this, why bring it to the forum?
  8. Yeah, would love rain and snow and it would be great if it were like the sparkle effect we have in game now, so you could apply them to any block and control where it is. If you couldnt control it, then it would be very limited in its use, as in outdoor/nature rooms is all I can think of?
  9. JenC

    Wood Textures

    Yeah, youre right, we dont want them swapped back as the boarded texture is great for floors and walls, just want them added.
  10. Lots of awesome stuff here. That cashmere night and the mirror ball!!!
  11. This is a needed feature regardless of how they would do the sorting/searching. And as for the sorting/searching, no matter what you do with it, there will always be something that doesnt fit, or something else not right, but you cant think that way or nothing ever gets done. They just need to find a way to improve it without breaking something. I think categories would be the easiest solution that achieves the goal in more than one way, firstly it will shorten the list sizes a lot, with that in itself making it easier to find rooms as well as being in its own category. This is a bi
  12. If you knew that, why didnt you do it before merging?
  13. The best way to deal with this is to load the object/map that you want to merge and depending on where the main part of your room is, move it to somewhere else, for example, if youve built on the waterline, then move the object high into the air, or if youre up in the air, then place the object down near the waterline and save the map and then go back to your room and merge it in. If its a small item, then make a big block and colour it or bright pattern and place the item on/near it so it can be found easily when merging, like in this picture I put here.
  14. JenC

    Wood Textures

    While thats true, I would not want to hold my breath waiting. These textures they already access to, the timber ones were in the game before the world builder, you could change the walls and floors of the 2 default apartments with them. I love building stylish timber furniture, have lots of it built in my rooms and they are all crap now because of the seams.
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