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  1. Max makes a good point with categories because people have been doing that since day one anyway, dance rooms using "sex-fuck-suck-insert name" in the room name when they are nothing of the sort, just using those to try and boost. Categories will probably be abused in the same way, but i still see them as an efficient way to help users find what they seek easier and faster.
  2. That will keep you busy for a while.
  3. To answer your first question, for the first few years of 3DX the location panel was adequate as there was rarely enough worlds to make you scroll at all, then along came the World Builder and also a huge influx of new users over the past couple of years has made it so the interface is not fit for purpose anymore and needs a good overhaul.
  4. I don't mind the default position as it is now, its clearly in place so as to make it very simple for users. What I would dearly love is the "option" to leave them on and take off manually, or being able to put them back on during the pose, like was the way with the DLL.
  5. I most definitely noticed a change after that update.
  6. Yes, If you want a particular texture a certain way, then you have to build in the way that allows it, or as someone else who frequents this forum says: "Adapt!" You can also find ways around it. Bricks, tiles and floorboards for example can be made Singly using a solid texture and built the way you want. Obviously the block count can get out of control on a big project but this is a good way for most.
  7. This would be the better option if there's a tech reason why no pose during dance. Just remove the option and put it in foreplay poses.
  8. Read some profiles out there, if they are to be believed, there are lots of people in 3DX paying to listen to music and chat to people. Stuff you can do anywhere online for free and without the BS and depravity of this place.
  9. You have not mentioned huge size as in physical size in the world or KB/MB file size? I'm not familiar with the program, but a few things to check for: The size of the blocks used, its probably using the default 1-meter cubes? maybe theres a way to adjust that or just resize it after you create? Also, try and use simple pictures with less detail and colours if youre trying to get the KB's down.
  10. Would dearly love to be able to scale all the textures, but aside from the buildings, there's a few in particular that are so bad I rarely if ever use them because the scale is so far out of whack.
  11. Yes, MeiLing is correct, I am just repeating what she said with a bit more details. )
  12. Had a play around with this and worked out what was happening. The curtain has a part in it that is solid, it probably has from the start but most people wouldnt come across this as your placing that solid part out of the way so it doesnt become a problem. To show this, I placed a curtain in the world, this is untouched, just clicked from the editor and placed, it cannot be walked through if placed like this. If you flip the the curtain around 180 degrees, it can be walked through, so as its placed, the top of the curtain has the solid part in it. The pic below shows approx size of the solid part... This is a curtain flattened a little and turned on its side, and this is how you fix your problem. You need to make sure the solid part is placed so it doesnt get in the way of your walk through.
  13. Who knows with this mob. So many odd decisions over the years. They just need to open the layers so everyone can do it easily in the editor, problem solved.
  14. Same here, I have a lot of urban builds and all are destroyed from this change.
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