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  1. The 3DX platform is not stable, the 3DX platform is still under attack, nothing other than getting the platform solid is on the agenda.
  2. The question The question was asked during the height of the ddos attacks so the answer would of been the same no matter what was asked.
  3. There's 2 things that are causing problems, first is if you use one of the existing bed props, you don't need to use the bed pose template, the bed poses are pre built into them. Using the template on the bed causes conflicts with the inbuilt pose. I have noticed when making these things that the inbuilt bed pose triggers are a little higher than the actual sheets/blankets, so any template you use over them need to be a little higher than you would have them on a custom block. secondly, that bed prop you are using is no good for this because of the timber sticking out 6+ inches further than the mattress as this will mean your separate poses will be unaligned and not look good. The one with the candles is no good either as the way the sheets land its looks silly if you raise that in the air. If you dont want to make a custom bed, then one of the other 4 are best used.
  4. For the table pose, set the pose template at the angle you want it to the bed and set it so the ground tab is flush with the floor, then move the bed up till the table tab is aligned with the bed surface It is not easy to have both pool and table on the bed as they need different heights to work perfectly, but theres a few ways around that, like using a bed locker and setting the heights on that to match up with the templates. If youre using the standard beds, you will have to make a base for them as they end up in the air. I just done a 5 min scratch to show what I mean.
  5. Would love to be able to use objects in the builder, It would cut so much time out of pose template placements.
  6. If I had my way we would have hundreds of new clothes.
  7. This and the colouring are the 2 main features I dearly miss from the dll.
  8. Ive been pondering this ever since the World Builder was released. Would love to have various sound box areas with that gradual effect as you approach and leave, like a waterfall that gets louder as you get closer to it.
  9. Its not really resizing the sphere that is the problem, its if you reshape it, the original dimensions of the widest points are retained. Trees work like this too if you reshape them, they have this invisible barrier. This is a pic from a sphere I made big enough to walk over, now there are points and areas on this where the character will be in the air a little and the bigger you make the sphere the greater that gap will be, but not the miles-away gap you will see if you reshape it. The way around this if youre after a half or full sphere look without the barriers is the quarter prim x 4 or 8 works well and allows you to reshape the sphere. Its a lot more work involved, especially if youre doing oblong as you have to round off and size each piece to fit with the others as you cant copy and flip any of the single pieces. If youre just after an even sloping ground into the water or landscape then the cone works well for that.
  10. I'll be sure to come and have a look.
  11. In my opinion, there would have to be a huge fundamental shift in the game design, philosophy and popularity for things like this to become a big issue. Call it what you like, be here for the reasons you are, but its impossible to escape that its just a cyber sex platform and most are here for that and that alone.
  12. Very much interested to see the feedback Ash. I visited Yannick's room yesterday and I liked it, though the design left me somewhat perplexed, but very nice and a nice feel to it. Although what im working on would of fitted with the theme asked of the comp, but sadly I didnt get the time to finish and enter it. Congrats to all the builders. 👍
  13. This looks awesome, I dont think the pics do it justice. I want to wander about this place youve made.
  14. Can you show what youre trying to do? There may be other ways. I say this because its highly unlikely that it will be addressed anytime soon.
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