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  1. I enjoy builds like this, settings/scenes within a theme and time. My fav by far.
  2. Two things I want to address, firstly Xizi, its easy to look at that underwear and say we have a standard in place now with those, but that is not the right way to look at these things. There must be a level of quality set, even if something slipped though in the past, that's not a good enough reason to let more slip though because if you lower that standard, then even lower stuff will start to slip through. A line must be drawn. The second thing is Lisa's post, non English speaking can lead to very strange terms and wording.
  3. That and what seems like real time updating of all the changes, it feels like that every movement is being recorded, as you don't need a lot of items selected before this becomes almost impossible to do. It really shouldn't be this hard to do.
  4. Yeah, size is something I doubt we'll see anytime soon, but a flaccid dick ought to be an option by now and is well supported throughout the 3DX community.
  5. Oh textures, textures, where art thou textures.
  6. This would make a wonderful pose. Gimme now.
  7. Considering it would take 4.2 seconds to close the room and place a ban on the piece of shit that opened it, I dont think its too much to ask for from the devs.
  8. Yeah, quite a few do, just look at WC for any length of time on any day and you'll see the evidence of it happening.
  9. The hard part is the randomness of it all, when it decides to happen, the random way that sometimes you can click out and others you cant. You cannot reproduce any aspect of this with any certainty.
  10. JenC

    A question

    Remember that there are 2 types of saves, the first is the auto save that happens when you enter the room you've just been working on, this is a type of temp save and with no issues it will be saved forever, but the moment you use "Load from file" again, that work will be lost unless you manually save it. if you go back through this forum you will find quite a few posts from people that had lost work because of relying on this type of save that failed because of having to reinstall or a bug or crash of some kind. So make sure to manually save at regular points using "Save to file" and naming it whatever you like.
  11. I had a mini meltdown going through the blade runner map. I say that as I'm almost twitching as I see things like that piping, as I want to do it but Its like this constant fight and self questioning on just how far I go with certain detailing. Allie must have banished those demons.
  12. JenC

    Need Ideas

    You'd like Depravity Alley then I'd take it? You are better off building something you want to do, a place you would like to be in.
  13. Having an item like a pose template that you could use for an object in the world to become a portal to another part of the world would be next level awesome. There are a few world concepts I've thought about but without some form of fast travel they are not realistic options to explore.
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