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  1. Yeah, I entered a cute spring dress and a strapless sanguine, both were knocked back because they were below the knee. 😒
  2. They wont allow below the knee dresses or skirts because of some clipping that would occur and this would be far worse. The variation from smallest to biggest is so much that you'd want at least 5 or maybe even 10 pre-sets so things didn't start getting ugly. IK wont solve the issues that you will get with this, you're not coupling a trailer to a lorry here, everything will need to be adjusted and animated if you care about quality. While its possible to do, I cant see them ever dedicating the resources to this that would be needed.
  3. There's far too many variables for IK or anything like that to be a realistic option here. The pose editor as you mention is what would take 3dx to the next level for interactivity between characters. If the current character editor had values assigned to the sliders(which is an easy addition) and you could use the models you assign to the animator, then you could make perfect fitting animations for all sizes. User says my char is xx xx xx xx xx xx dimensions, can you make/adjust this pose for them, because if you've already made the animation then it would be a case of adjusting it to suit t
  4. I'm certain you know that this is the case for the majority of suggestions, you only have to spend a little time going back through them to see they have only implemented a few ideas out of the thousands put forward over the years, but still, if you have time to waste, no harm in adding to the conversations here. As for the rest? you're still missing the point and are coming to a conclusion from a single standpoint. The BDSM stuff always polls low in Noirs Polls but they are there, a segment of the 3DX users that really like this stuff. As for the the discord reactions, I think there were
  5. As I mentioned earlier in the thread, you're looking at it the wrong way by thinking that this item is somehow prioritised over other work, that's not how any development works, be it in a big studio or small. In doing so, you're making an issue in the wrong context here imo. When I say wrong, I mean that you have no idea who made this item or when, you don't know what items are being prioritised atm, other that what gizmo has stated above. Lastly, you're drawing a long bow if you think you know what the majority of users want, the best you could do in this regard is look at the polls tha
  6. This stuff, the easy little things always get pushed into updates where possible and are never prioritised, just fitted in where ever and whenever they can. Making that cage and the poses for it is under a days work. Theres probably dozens of little side projects like this they have laying around that they doodle with when time permits and may or may not end up in 3DX at some stage.
  7. Haha, you look like a saleswoman with that shot. 😜
  8. Ive been using this since its inception with no issues at all, though I do remember someone else saying they would get caught on something when trying to walk through a door they made. I didnt get a chance to inspect it to see what the actual issue may have been. The only advice I can offer at this stage is to do what ive always done, and that is resize the curtain close to the doorway size, even though you can easily clip it a long way through the floor/walls. Its a habit and ive always done it that way.
  9. πŸ’–β€οΈπŸ’Ÿ
  10. Very nice. 😍
  11. When I seen the screen shots, the first thing I wondered was how the lighting was going to affect a build like this and whether you could get the right feel for a cartoon world, It was perfect, using the diffused(clouded) setting you got it spot on and looked great. Top Stuff!!!
  12. Things do move slowly in 3DX land, but you must realise that the words "want to" in the context he used it is the same as "Hope to"... In other words, no promise was made at all. You're a non native English speaker, so its quite understandable you didn't get what gizmo said. Anyway, lets hope we get some news soon.
  13. The reason is simple, they want it to be easy for the users and that's good in my opinion... Have a look SL if you want to see what a mishmash cluster of ideas meshed into a user interface looks like, its nothing short of an abomination.
  14. This is the only feature I truly miss from the dll now, I know there are other small things that were cool but this is what I miss most, being able to control the clothing.
  15. I finally got around to catching up with Alliehotass in 3DX land and asked to have a look at her room she submitted to the competition last year. I knew from my own experience that screen shots only show so much so I really wanted to wander the streets and have a good look at it. I was very impressed, so much detail in so many items, even things that may not even be seen, we spent 30+ mins wandering around the main locales, the map had a real Blade Runner feel to it and thats no surprise as it was the main inspiration for it. For those that dont visit the other sections of the forums and
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