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  1. A return of the solid timber textures we had for years then replaced with boarded textures for no reason. A return of the wavy cloth texture that was replaced with a crumpled cloth texture. A text tool with various fonts. A smooth clean flat/matt surface texture, we got one by accident last patch then it was removed. Would love it added. With liquor bars being so heavily featured across so very many room types, lots of props for them to get the room performance better, glasses, mugs, cups, lots of different bottles, kegs and many other items... Let us use our budget for important stuff in the rooms and have these props as incidentals as they should be.
  2. I just remembered, in another game I use to play, an MMO and they put in a protection on all the chat channels even priavte, that if you typed too many messages within a certain time frame, you would get muted for an hour. They done this because certain groups, like the DDOS people were Tab-spamming large messages at the same time and it was affecting the servers. They never revealed what the limits were as the spammers would then work around them and continue on doing it. It could be something like this has been implemented? It would explain the private rooms having the problem and that any messages in WC may have been just coincidental and had nothing to do with the bans as you cant quickly spam in there anyway. Just a thought.
  3. Even before this stuff, people have suggested a drop down or contextual menu for the room listings so far more details can be added and viewed, basically removing the need for the spam in the first place.
  4. Sounds like it may be a bug if its picking up people not even logged in.
  5. So she got a reply from them? or was that on some form?
  6. All that needs to happen in my opinion is to open up the tight restrictions. let people decide what they will and wont wear, not some ridiculous idea that everything "must" work with dancing or must work with 'X" pose. We have saved outfits for different occasions, let us choose what we want to wear and no matter what the items are, when we want them on or off during any poses.
  7. The default stairs are too narrow, too steep and steps too big in my opinion for most applications. I always resize them to the width and step size more suitable. Then once you have the size right, then use the copy tool and add more of them till you get over the height you need. Group them up if you like then move them into position. Note if youre doing mutiple levels, then a bit more work is needed to get much closer to the correct size needed as you usually cant afford to have excess hanging down below the floor. ive included some pics to show what I do.
  8. JenC

    RP Room

    Thanks for the tip.
  9. Yes please, we have wanted a smooth clean matt texture since day one.
  10. JenC

    RP Room

    I lot of the usual, "hi" "how are you" "wanna fuck?" and so on, others have been RP advances. Ive seen people include npc's in open convos and thats fine, but these were private ones Tis fine, I dont care, just found it somewhat amusing to be honest.
  11. JenC

    RP Room

    As some of you know, I finally got my City Life map done enough that ive opened it since the server came back online from the attack. I wont say its finished as projects like this can never truly finish. As per another thread talking about running these maps, I had a notebook I rarely use these days and installed 3DX on that and made another account so I can have this open 24/7, but thats not working too well at the moment because the server has not been stable, got home from work and it was disconnected, as was the day before, but other than that, its been great, a neighbours son is an electrician and he came over to measure the power draw from the notebook and its 17watts with a dozen people in the room, so im quite happy about that. The things I did to achieve this was to run it in window mode, then after opening the room I go into flymode and go down to below the water face down and park the cam there so its drawing nothing, then minimise the game window and turn off the screen(set it in power section to turn off after 60sec). I want to thank the 3DX community as theres so many people willing to give a hand with info which has helped me put together this setp and help with making it run well. One last thing, which sort of surprised me but didnt at the same time was the character of this second account, I placed all the relevant info and parked her in the town as an NPC and even named her NPCwaitressINFO, but that hasnt stopped quite a lot of people hitting on her and questions. When I get up in the moring or get home from work I see this huge list of private messages... ive included a screen of the profile so you can see clearly what it is, but it goes to show theres a lot of people out there that dont look at the profiles at all.
  12. The room profile, or room description would be great. As you rightly say, they dont make it easy to do RP, with no local area chat being the biggest problem for persistent, communal/group and seemless RP dialog. I finally opened my city map yesterday, and I payed for a second account so I can run it 24/7 on a computer I no longer use. I put the room rules on that account char's profile, named her NPCwaitressINFO and parked her behind the bar as an NPC. While the boot from room feature would not really be much help for me because of the way I done this, I cant be there most of the day or night(depending on what part of the world youre from)because of work, it would be a great tool for the others that open their rooms with the chars that they play and are there, or can check it regularly.
  13. When you look through the M/F pose sets, theres no mistakes to be made, its all clear exactly what youre getting. The F/F like you say, become muddy as there are dicks involved, and how do you decide who is the dominant or lead? Granted in a few of your examples they are or could be classed as continuations of similar poses therefore should stay in that same formation, these are clearly wrong, but there are plenty others that are just single poses that could be either "offered or asked of" depending on the couple, so any change would result in just swapping the problem to the other way. Ive talked about this quite a bit with others and theres no easy fix to this that solve all the issues. A big menu and UI systems overhaul so you could do the swapping before the pose takes place, like a preview to the pose sort of thing was one suggestion made, or an easier way to do it would be to include a 3rd gender and call it T or whatever, (the letter is not important just the distinction), so any poses selected with a F/T would be seamless like the M/F are, but then comes a new issue with T/T so youre back to square one Still, having a T would solve many issues lots seem to have with the current setup.
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