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  1. Copyright issues are not the reason something hasn't been addressed. 3DX themselves flaunt it, many builders have used images for years. Its just not in those circles of millions of players that would bring about that kind of scrutiny. The majority of the world have not nor will ever hear of or know of 3DXChat.
  2. And the sink animation from the nightclub as well.
  3. Yes, it is an easy fix. Complex or made stairs don't suffer this issue as they don't work that way, the issue is with the angle of the slope so even mountains and such have this problem as well. The stair assets are just a flat board with a walk-through step looking block applied. Some builders were using the stairs for walk-through doors before we got the curtains.
  4. JenC


    I've heard all sorts of theories as to what causes this but none have been able to be replicated so I'm at a loss with this issue. My own wild theory is its a texture anomaly, but Ive not the drive or time to go through them all and combos to try and find it.
  5. I dont see that as a problem. Once you understand a system like this that's categorised properly then you'll know where everything is. As it is now? its a guess.
  6. A switch role would be fantastic and would solve a lot of problems with 3-somes.
  7. They bring worlds to life.
  8. When I first arrived here at 3DX all those years ago, the thing that shocked me the most was the lack of clothing options and costumes. I was in total disbelief that there were no maid, doctors/nurses, cowboy/girl, military, construction, office attire among various others available.
  9. This happens when you reshape the sphere.. It invisibly retains the dimensions of the widest point. This glitch/bug has been there since the world builder was released and there's never been a mention if it will be addressed, so you must find other ways to get around it. In your case I would play around with the egg blocks.
  10. A free standing pose for my pets and other bitches to please me, please.
  11. A total remake of the pose system is badly needed. I like the work you've put into this suggestion.
  12. Does the character you're trying to divorce actually exist anymore? If not you will have to contact support.
  13. It is definitely the angle being too steep at default. I have hundreds of builds with almost all of them having lots of stairs, doubled, tripled, quadrupled and I have no issue in any of my builds as I always changed the angle when building.
  14. Its so frustrating, its been asked, asked and asked again, and on top of that, gizmo asked what features from the dll we would like as it was getting nuked with 64bit and it was asked there are well. Now we all know that when someone says its a simple fix or addition, they often overlook many other unforeseen problems, in-turn not as easy as it may seem, but this one, it is an easy one to implement. The problem as gizmo would see it is that it can/does add in a layer of sloppiness and complexity as people not understanding they need to or should undress when in the other poses.
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