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  1. Its been a wild ride, but also a very enjoyable one, watching the platform evolve and grow over the years.
  2. The layout and buildings will be okay for lag, but if/when you add in all the details, a build like this will buckle under the weight... Its just not possible with this builder and the way it works.
  3. What a strange post... 3DX is bigger and better than its ever been in its history. The population is around 10X what it was 3 years ago. I don't know what or where you're looking at but its obviously not close enough.
  4. Yes, the room builders must add a couple that are aimed differently so this cannot happen and the person selecting the pose spot needs to use their brain a little.
  5. The team at 3DX have made it very clear that they want to keep the platform as user friendly as possible and that conflicts with what some users want(see second-life if you want an example of too much end user input). As soon as you go down this path, you're opening up an area that is so contentious with dozens of variables. From the platform point of view there are 2 separate issues, one is what you identify as and the other is the poses. I feel when you're making your character, there should be Female, Male and Other with an area for you to write what you identify as. Sure some will be silly as identify as a toaster or some such nonsense but for all the others that care, they will be catered to. Their name at the top of the profile can be green or grey, whatever, that is not important, the distinction is. Along with this change, a little more flexibility in the character builder so people can better reflect who they are. Poses, I would like to see a wholistic approach to this as there's a lot of issues that need to be addressed. I would dearly love to be able to choose where you are in a FF, MM and 3some instead of being like a lottery. If your a dominant and what to be in specific places within the couple or group, you need to be able to select that prior to the pose starting. Same if you are a submissive and want to offer your partner a pose, it would be wonderful to have that control within the GUI. MFF is an abomination the way it is now but I am unsure how to make it right, with only idea coming to mind is making it so all 3 have to agree before the pose activates. I highly doubt they would do it but Id love if they separated the dick poses completely so you just didn't have to deal with them at all if you're not interested in them.. It would make the whole experience so much smoother for all involved.
  6. I see it happen all the time in all 7 default 3DX locations and its been doing it since that last update. Ive never seen it happen in a user made room.
  7. This is the best advice anyone could receive. Forget about updates, they will come when they come. Do what you enjoy doing, move onto something else if there's nothing to enjoy.
  8. Indeed, I wont bother finding the old thread but it was asked there. As I have said in other threads about this subject, I have no issue with the default being as it is now, but it would be lovely to be able to "choose" what we want to have on or off, just like the DLL allowed us to.
  9. The reason it was "fixed" was there was new way the application deals with and displays names with the advent of custom name tags, so put simply, the names not being able to be hidden anymore was a side-effect of that new system being installed, rather than a bug fix.
  10. JenC

    Ocean level

    I've come across this problem in the past and I will try this next time. Another way of doing this is snap-step.. Using one of the lowest pieces of your world, work how approx how far you want to move it then enter that into the snap-step and then move parts up/down in parts, eg, highlight a 1/4 or so of the world and move it, then another 1/4 and so on till its all moved.
  11. What I found is that the graphics settings which control this do seem to alter on their own at each login. To test this, click on graphics while looking at objects or others and see them change a little as you click the button. I was going to make a vid of this so you can clearly see what I mean but its not that big a deal.
  12. I've not placed too much thought into this, but to be able to place a specific pose onto a piece of furniture would be fantastic. On top of that, using those custom pieces would be so easy for everyone.
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