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  1. simon


    New Objective have been added, also everything is under spoiler for a faster view
  2. simon


    Added 6 more files by countrysoso
  3. simon


    NIce work girls! Second Post it's been updated
  4. simon


    P.S. i'm gonna make a room with every thing thing that you guys will make, and call it Community Crazy World
  5. simon


  6. simon


    I'm gonna explain my idea in the best way i can since my english is very bad. I'm a gamer that enjoy a lot snadbox and every game that allow you to craft and build your shit, that being said i want to make this Topic like the Workshop on Steam, where people that are not good or do not have time to build can find some usefull thing. How do we do it ? Everyone is welcome to post here their creations and i will keep update the Second post, i'm already working on stuff that i will add in next days. File will be divided in categories: Object ( stool, chair, TV, ornaments of all kind etc..)Forniture (Tall 2.5 mt max , that's a good height for the wall: couches, boockshelf, desk, cabinet, wardrobe etc..)Rooms (one single room, with or without fornitures and deco, up to the creator, just say if its, empty or not)Flat (: little house with one floor and few rooms, same as above for foniture and deco)Indipendent Houses ( house with more floors, pool, garden, private beach and what ever you want to put inisde, same as above for the forniture and deco)Areas ( garden, pool area, beach, parck, plaza etc...)Public building ( bar, fast food, clubs, medic, etc)Others ( all the random things, you sick ppl will come out with)If you have some idea for better categories i'm open for all your suggestion to make this work in the best way possible If you want to share your file, please make sure to follow this siple lines: Keep your file clean as much as possible; no random thing floating around.Before upload your file make sure to make a group with your entire build, that will help to move it once it's margedIn case of little object and forniture place them over a white plataform for better view when the file will be margedWhen creating a file that you are going to share, open the default location, clear all props and start build from the spawn With the file its will be nice to have a link with some pics of what it's inside, like an album on imgur or what ever you want (https://imgur.com/)For those that will download and marge those file with their own project, please follow this simple lines: Make a backup of your file you are going to edit, just in case.Download and put the file in the folder where you keep your 3DXChat creationsBefore marge the file KEEP IN MIND that he game will span the new stuff in the same location where it was created, so it should go where your spwn where when you started your fileOnce in the game open your project, marge with and marge with new fileIf the creator did it right you will get an object that is already in group, so click on it anywhere and place it where you want Exaple: OBJECT Gizmo Workshop PC and Monitor ~ Images Link ~ Download link Ps 4 ~ Images Link ~ Download link Lisa Workshop Remote control ~ Images Link ~ Download link Jar with flowers ~ Images Link ~ Download link FORNITURE Gizmo Workshop Bed ~ Images Link ~ Download link Lisa Workshop Wardrobe ~ Images Link ~ Download link and so on..... If you guys like the idea, that is going to be a good way to sharing and improve our own places Any ides that can improve it are very welcome.
  7. /me waves has he let his memberhip expire. 0/

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    2. OliU


      take care Simon and all the best :)

    3. chaostika


      take care simon n may as many of ur tasks and dreams come true and may the road outside at the fresh air rise up to meet you with happiness,health,licks,aeh,i mean,luck^^ and peace! may also the wind be ever at your back,may the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields...until we maybe, maybe meet again *waves*

    4. Malvasiah


      I wish you all the best Simon

  8. that are my kind of posts
  9. So devs, is that hard give to us an answer? Cause without our money your game wont run, just saying. If you keep act like this soon or later many ppl will leave, me first ( even if none give a shit to me ) that is the worst behavoir i have ever seen from game admin.
  10. When i first started to play this game i was only able to say that " hay baby do you wanna have some fun?" Now after two year i learned much more, like some words for the body parts: " hey baby, i have a big cock, do you wanna have some fun" jk
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