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  1. Only if they allow us to create.... You will get a game update every 5 mins
  2. Well i have that issue if I'm using the wrong floor or if you are using a passable material such as curtains, or pillows.... They don't click becasue they are somehow see-through, i had this issue once with one of my beach rooms, i had a nice sitting area over the rocks and everytime I need to get up i have to click on the ocean or on a solid shape so I guess deva should fix this issue and make them all clickable
  3. Yup! Another bug...fix something and screw something...smh
  4. I dont know if its only me, but the make up is not applied on the character especially the lipstick.... Hope this can be fixed soon devs! Pretty nice update...just keep them coming faster and interesting please ! JJ
  5. trying to understand how to center the text on the profile... anyone? UPDATE: NVM Found it!
  6. STRIPPERS CASTING CALL A new luxury private strip club is bound to open soon in 3DX and is in need of sexy female dancers, Club will be open daily between 5-10 PM GMT, Candidates are required to be creative in RP, Open minded and have a good taste in fashion and be able to give and receive pleasure. PM me for more info...
  7. @DJJAYwhat help do you need? let me know, I can help you...
  8. Thats true and tbh, I hate it when free games like yareel and others have more options than us, we are paying freaking money to play the game and we dont have half the poses and clothes they have....... but again a loyal customer is a loyal customer.. never replace 3dx
  9. Im seriously getting bored of the wardrobe, You have done a fantastic job this year with updates.. we need a seriously big clothes update! I'll post some resources and I hope that at least some of them can make it to the game... https://www.daz3d.com/sexy-mini-dress-for-genesis-3-female-s https://www.daz3d.com/dforce-frill-mini-dress-outfit-for-genesis-8-females https://www.daz3d.com/hongyu-s-mini-dress-for-victoria-7
  10. Can we have the same material freedom as in objects in world editor.... for example, tiger print, zebra print, leather, etc....????!!!! pretty please devs
  11. Flip-flops pleeeeeeease, my legs hurt wearing high heels around the beach and pools
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