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  1. I stopped playing after 1 month of trying the game years ago. I just couldn't stand it. Sex is a simple 2-5 second loop with sound effects of someone unclogging a toilet with no variation in moans. There's also nothing to do outside of sex. Especially back then. Now there's the world tool but its too complex and not user friendly for most people. Therefore that means there's still only sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex. We need other things to do. The game is too sex focused when people want something else to do. Also the customization has expanded a bit but still needs more. Especially non high heel shoes for women, I hate how they all walk around in high heel shoes/boots/flip flops. Also something I still haven't see yet requested years ago still not in game is creampies. Not all girls want jizz in their eyeballs just because Asa Akira does it boys. Ugh!
  2. Gees if you keep improving the game Gizmo I may have no choice but to buy another subscription.
  3. You got a better chance of them actually making lesbian content for once instead of dickgirls/strapons.
  4. Why do I have to join ANOTHER site just to see a bloody upcoming update for THIS game on THIS site?
  5. After jumping back in after 3 years....it hasn't changed. Game's visuals have degraded, world editor is tedious, clunky, cumbersome, and lackluster. No wonder no one is hosting parties anymore. Doesn't help the devs thought it was smart to remove the old rooms which worked just fine. It used to be better when placing furniture now its all game designer style garbage. There's still no depth to sex its just the same old looping animation with plungers in the toilet SFX. Not to mention the character editor is laughably bad for male avatars. Never understood why people waste money on this game since it never improves.
  6. aw man I knew I should've gotten in yesterday. Now its disabled.
  7. Exactly I haven't been here since 2015! All because the lack of content and reason to stick around. The world editor was the best thing in years! But its not enough. Especially for me to come back.
  8. I never see anyone stream the game anymore just random stuff.
  9. Well at least the 'lack of poses' is taken care of. Just hope there are no deformities like that last one on the couch was it? Did that ever get fixed?
  10. Except proper communication and steady updates.
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