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  1. Love the idea but sadly i think that current version of game will be able to handle those models i high quantities. but still i love this idea.
  2. i'm not a squirter in real life, reallife like orgasm for women would be great in this game
  3. My subscription is already over XD and i don't feel bad with this. well maybe when they release this update i will come back, but this maybe is god damn huge.
  4. Dress like this also will be cool, you know sexy and classy
  5. I would love to see shoes like this in game. To be honest I love high heels but walking and running all day in them is pain in the ass
  6. Creampies were in discussion here since i have joined this game for sure.
  7. I would love to see dresses like this one someday in this game
  8. I agree with you in 100%, we need good implementation of creampies in game
  9. ;Hello This is my first post here. I want to share few mine ideas with you: this game should have built in creampie mechanic somehow there should be ability to clean your av without reentering to the room I would love to see this kind of shadows (for the stronge computers) Also for stronger configurations voxel based global illumination somthing like this
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