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  1. ❤️❤️❤️
  2. you don't have anatomical fabric drapery. They're pits on the tissue that aren't there for a reason, and there should be a reason. The tissue has physical properties and they show up when it comes into contact with the human body. What physical properties do your tissue have that it's so twisted up on its skirt?
  3. make a case and pull it on the body can anyone, but make realistic creases and do that like real one not everyone ... do not humiliate the clothes that have been worn for a long time, it is not made so bad, and sometimes even very well.
  4. Thank you!!!!!!!!! I've been waiting two years for a kiss on the couch!!!!!!!!!😘
  5. Hair from Skyrim and Sims4 is not suitable for us, because there are so many polygons!!!🙄 KS-Hairdos
  6. We are still learning how to do hair, because at what points there will be some misses(((( for our game there is a limit on the number of polygons for each hairstyle, ie we can not do too many strands, because they will impair the optimization of the game, and many who play on the minimum setting. So far we are looking for the golden mean between beauty and comfort during the game. For this reason, don't expect very lush and detailed hairstyles yet, the research process is going on)))).
  7. I understand you))) one long skirt should be allowed for check it out. )) so it's okay)))) We have the entire male half of the Russian community which dreaming about socks, I remember someone saying that no clothes are needed, just give us socks))))) but I suspect that they will not be, but we have tattoos)))
  8. do you like that? or you wish rolled sleeve? tie or a butterfly?🙄
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