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  1. Now it's impossible to steal rooms. There are a lot of attempts, but now it's impossible. I myself know several algorithms on how to steal a room, but none of them work now. The developers of the game made a good protection, and if it was broken I knew about it a long time ago. I also haven't seen people using parts of purchased rooms for their own constructions, and if it happened, it's in the strictest secret from us))))) I'll even say more, players in 3DXChat are very civilized, they often write kind letters to us on the mail, for which they are very grateful, they can buy one room several times for themselves and their friends, this shows their care for the work of the author. I could write a lot of things, and I have a lot to say, but my English is very bad, you are very lucky)
  2. I quit my job to build rooms))) I really like it))) I don't see the point in walking to the usual job anymore.
  3. Ooh that's magical, you broke my brain
  4. yes!!!! I came later and didn't catch it when it was okay to drink and my eyes were cloudy, that's worth returning)))))
  5. And you must understand that at the snap of a finger no one will do what you want. But you can be happier now if you download ReShade
  6. You can use ReShade, I have it automatically run when I turn on 3dxchat. You can adjust the game graphics as you want.
  7. I don't know why we need an anal plug))) because it is in the ass and you can't see it anyway, so what difference does it make whether it is in the ass or not))))) and I like tails, I will definitely have white color))))))))))
  8. I don't think you need that much meat, just enough to draw new skin with muscle relief shade adjustments. Animations for such abody will be very difficult to adjust, the partner will be inside your character body because of his fat muscles, because the avatars that are used for animation have an average body size. And no one will make separate animations for non-standard bodies.
  9. don't like the new clothes? show me what good 3D clothes should look like?
  10. Yes, I totally agree, this house is taking a long time to build. The reason is the lack of the right textures, you can think of a way out with the material we have, but it takes a lot of effort. To be honest, I have resigned myself to it...((((( "Vintage houses" are very desirable houses, but there is nothing for them(
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