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  1. Well, you can't be such a nerd That's ridiculous already :))) Patap wasn't banned for that. And there's no point in throwing us references to the rules and my post. Peace and goodness to all. Be happy =))
  2. We have very high hopes for a positive decision on his issue πŸ™ But it is not yet πŸ₯Ί
  3. JohnIM is already in the game, why keep proving something?) Everyone's left with their opinions. We're here for the friendship and support of friends in trouble. If a person leaves a friend in trouble, we don't do that. We fight for our friends and save them. And let him follow the hypothetical laws and be happy
  4. Thank you very much to all our friends who supported JohnIM !!! He's with us again!!! He's back in the game!!! πŸ˜ƒ @Lisa and @Gizmo, thank you for your cooperation, understanding and not indifference! We also ask for leniency for Patap...
  5. We also ask for leniency for Friends who have understood and corrected their behavior. 1. Patap- in play since January 2017. 2. OKCAHA (AJluca) registration date is January 2017. 3. Patap gave his accounts to his friends for free so they could watch what is 3DxChat. And some of them eventually left the pirate version of the game for the official one, which is his merit. Just as Patap on March 8 raffled off on his Discord server some prizes for girls: six months of subscription, a month and just a nice, encouraging prizes lottery participants. I want to clarify that he sponsor
  6. 1. JohnIM- in game since January 2018. 2. OKCAHA (AJluca) registration date - January 2017 3. Good friend and "law-abiding" 3DxChat player. Never broken any of the rules of the game before and never had any conflicts with other players. The link was sent to one friend, in pm, as an exception. Never before, especially in the local and world chat, he will never do it and will never repeat his mistake again.
  7. Hi, @LisaИ @Gizmo! Not long ago we discovered that the game has an automatic ban system which reacts to certain words. And we are grateful to you, Lisa & Gizmo, for protecting this project from intruders. But unfortunately the ban system took some of our friends and acquaintances, who by their stupidity have shared banned links, but were are not agitators. We would like to protect them and ask you to remove their severe punishment. Guys, if you want to leave the words of defense here for your friends: 1) Give your friend's nickname . 2) Specify your nickname in the game a
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