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  1. ...and the show still goes on...
  2. You don't have to fear about the time you paid for. The devs froze the subscriptions so, if you paid for one year and have play one month (11 months left), when the game will be fully fixed you will still have your 11 months left. sorry, i did this lot of time before the lockdown. so i have not 11 months and i'm not worried for the remaining time. not for me at least. The doubst are below that part. And they still remain.
  3. Hi. I'm not a tecnician and i understand just a few about the DDOS attack the servers are supporting. And i hope the 3DXXhat Staff is doing the best to solve the problem. But, consent me, i'm a little bit angry for i payed a whole year, before the attack, and even if i still believe in 3DX i have some doubts and no one has been able to explain me how things are running... During the COVID pandemy lockdown, @Gyzmo and @Lisa and the whole staff proposed to ppl to join 3DX Chat experience. And i know (sorry i KNOW this) lots of ppl joined the game (this means money earned because this is not a beta game and this is not a "free game"). Ofc this kept the server to have more guests, and ofc the DDOS risk was growing up with the quantity of ppl joining the game. In my opinion the risk of attacks from "different sources" has been understimate, and they didnt think enough to prevent. But, after the 1st attack, i thought they would provide a protection. And @Lisa said they were testing a new server. If the attacks would go on, all the ppl would be moved to the nw server and this HAS (Lisa's words not mine) a better protection from DDOS attacks. This happened fot the 3rd time last Week End, so if Lisa told the truth, we should be all on the new Server. Now she told the server is under attack again (yesterday)... So i have LOTS of doubts: are we on the new server? if yes, the protection is not enough or there is something that she and the whole staff is avoiding to tell us? if we are not in the new server, why? Some information are still missing and ppl have the right to be angry, for some informations are MISSING. and this is a fact. So please, before ppl become really angry against 3DX, tell us the truth and give the info ppl need. Or i'm sure, lots of ppl will be angry and the risk they will leave is really and truly high. Sorry for bothering you all. Have a great day
  4. Please, tell me you are just kidding us... tell me you are not really asking in the OFFICIAL FORUM of 3DXChat something truly ILLEGAL!!! Have you found your brain on Amazon??? Or this is your real nature??? Is this a JOKE???
  5. Oh please, are you kidding me??? The free version??? Really???
  6. Since the end of the DDoS attack on May 15, at least once or twice a day, the server has been down... not the best thing for the game... Why is this happening? Can something be done? It's frustrating enough to play like this...
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