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  1. Well we are on April 7th. no new releases and bugs still going on, as crashes and issues in running the servers. Agreeing with Noir Desire, but if you want to stay and confirm 3dx as the 1st platform and game of this kind, i think you should really improve yourself in fixing what is not working definitely and finally giving us this "big release" asap, as ppl are trusting in You. And finally taking too long time in this work of improvement, i think you are losing a lot of customers, leaving the game for something new and (pitifully) free. I dont want this thing to go on. I pay because i want to
  2. Hi there, sorry but this is becoming really not acceptable. I got disconnected more than once a day in the last 2 months, and not for my internet issues as i have another PC working daily and never being. Had been told that the staff is working on fixing issues on servers, but it seems nothing is changed. More, in 2019 we had updates monthly (more or less), but now it seems you are not interested anymore in developing anything (last update: December 3rd with dance poses - no server issues fixed as the disconnections are going on, no new poses, no textures - and God guard us from being able to
  3. BuonaBuonasera Posso cortesemente chiedere perche il sistema di salvataggio file fa ultimamente cosi schifo che ogni volta che si doppia un qualsiasi oggetto il sistema va in crash? E come mai, dopo aver aggiunto gli oggetti nel mio file costruito, salvato lo stesso file (non solo l'oggetto), mi ritrovo a doverlo aggiungere ancora e ancora? Onestamente, il gioco sta funzionando in modo abbastanza orrendo, da diverso tempo. E sinceramente non sono grandimente contenta di avere anticipato il costo dei miei account per un anno quando poi alla fine il gioco è gestito in modo pietoso. Spiacente di
  4. ...and the show still goes on...
  5. You don't have to fear about the time you paid for. The devs froze the subscriptions so, if you paid for one year and have play one month (11 months left), when the game will be fully fixed you will still have your 11 months left. sorry, i did this lot of time before the lockdown. so i have not 11 months and i'm not worried for the remaining time. not for me at least. The doubst are below that part. And they still remain.
  6. Hi. I'm not a tecnician and i understand just a few about the DDOS attack the servers are supporting. And i hope the 3DXXhat Staff is doing the best to solve the problem. But, consent me, i'm a little bit angry for i payed a whole year, before the attack, and even if i still believe in 3DX i have some doubts and no one has been able to explain me how things are running... During the COVID pandemy lockdown, @Gyzmo and @Lisa and the whole staff proposed to ppl to join 3DX Chat experience. And i know (sorry i KNOW this) lots of ppl joined the game (this means money earned because this is not a be
  7. Please, tell me you are just kidding us... tell me you are not really asking in the OFFICIAL FORUM of 3DXChat something truly ILLEGAL!!! Have you found your brain on Amazon??? Or this is your real nature??? Is this a JOKE???
  8. Oh please, are you kidding me??? The free version??? Really???
  9. Since the end of the DDoS attack on May 15, at least once or twice a day, the server has been down... not the best thing for the game... Why is this happening? Can something be done? It's frustrating enough to play like this...
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