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  1. Its a shame you never learn to loose .... adapting 50+ locations is senseless. A update has to secure old things and bring new things on .... this is not SAP
  2. Is a fixing possible or have we to wait 6 month again like the stair bug ?
  3. Since the so called update some parts of the editor are transparent .... many builds with bridges are garbage now :
  4. The first structure of the "buildings" category in the editor is broken. The windows are a lot smaller, all of my buildings did not fit anymore in the hole for the windows. Bug or feature ?
  5. We had the same issue after the change to 64bit Version long time ago. The User is not allowed to save his world or editor work back on the server. After changing something in the editor, the loading screen stays a long time and the "old" world comes on. Seems like a simple "only read" rights on the game server. Its a lame error .. not really a professional work for an mayor update Looks like the actual fix solves the problem, support time record
  6. Buy a time code, its much easier and the options to pay the invoice are more diverse i think.
  7. No more paying and subsciption for nothing of an monthly Update and a piece of support.

  8. They need 6 month ( maybe longer ) to fix some stairs ... no need of childs and kids in a fucking sex game .. what comes next ? .. dogs, cats and goats ? Think about it and take the wonder of life in real life .... this is worth waiting 9 month for And yes i understand the pregnant option ... but no need for father and mother settings .. just my 2 cent.
  9. Not the bugs causes the frustration, the ignorance of the devs and the "no comment" strategy about the problems is the point. Every payed item in your life, you can return if it technically broken. Here only comes an reaction,update or a bug fix when the subscriptions running out and the monthly income get messed up. Up to this point the running cow gives milk every day without new feeding. Same problem in every game running for years.
  10. Landscapes, objects, stairs .. everything over 45 degrees is broken since the 6th decembre 2021 .... and nobody is able to fix it in a payed game. But hey we get tails and lovense support ( oh but can't add it to world editor because they are broken too ) and we get merchandisising of fucking machines. (sarcasm off) Sorry without fixing it, their is no need to play any longer ... oh i forgot .. 36 dancing poses .. and unbelievable - they are working .. so amazing. Fix it or leave it, the only choice
  11. Maybe this will answer questions : https://3dxchat-status.com/selftest
  12. Beaming points are maybe a new option to pass objects ... small distance beaming through a wall or door in both directions
  13. The room leaves open as long as an avatar is inside. It doesnt matter if it is your second avatar or a second account. The opener is online ( doesnt matter where) or someone is inside .. just the 2 rules of a 24/7 room.
  14. Select all Items, unselect the radio and do a "save selected" in a new world file. Or kill the radio with a text editor out of the world file. Easier than sharing the .world object with others
  15. Build this a few weeks ago, works fine for me, 9 random spawn points for a big location ar better than a crowd of avatars at the entrance. Nice feature ... just my 2 cents
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