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  1. Jannick


    The video should proove that my way works Aufzeichnung 2023-09-08 201424.mp4
  2. Jannick


    Tested it, yes there is still a bug, but when you leave editor and write the file back to the 3DX Server, the bug is gone after reentering the editor. Maybe this works as workaround and closes in the problem for Gizmo.
  3. Didn't work for me with the excel-editor for example, the water level is always fix and gets back with the bug.
  4. Mark all objects, do a "save selected object" and merge it to an empty room with the waterlevel of your choice, should work for the moment
  5. It's not a general problem, had this in the beta too and now the problem is gone. Did you begin the build in the old version ? If yes i posted a workaround for the problem in the 3.0 Update Tread.
  6. Hoping the update will helps the project because big rooms are no longer a problem. A room with over 50000 objects works as well as a romm with 1000 for me. So good luck and work on Collier.
  7. I reported many bugs in the beta editor before ... and yes there are still some. For many of them is a possible workaround, because often the builders only renovate old rooms from the old version. : 1 : mark all objects in a room 2 : do a "save selected objects" 3 : open the standard room of 3 dx and "clear all probs" 4 : merge you're old saved object back in the room and save the room For me many of the marked problems are gone after that. Hope for a feedback
  8. Additional Info : It seems the bugs are happining by loading old locations in the beta. I tested a blank beta location and merge it to my old location - without bugs. This should be noted somewhere when the beta gets life or be have a bunch of cries
  9. By the way : The ocean level bug is in the beta too. I set 0 in the editor or directly in the text file ... and it is back to -3,3..... Unable to lower 51000 objects with the editor still limitied by 3000 or something like that. Its fine that big location are loadable, but with the ocean and mutiple object editing bug - its the end of building for me
  10. Next bug : Editor : Can`t give clear glass a color, ok this may a feature.
  11. New one : Editor : The "back buttom" works only for the last change.
  12. New bug found : If you mark multiple objects to change material the following happens : Aufzeichnung 2023-08-13 110016.mp4
  13. Don't know if it is mentioned - but the holografic surfaces are solid in the beta
  14. I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of here ! / Ich bin ein Star .. holt mich hier raus ! ... one year is over and a bunch of new "Celebrities" are pushed in the jungle ... wieder ist ein Jahr vorbei und RTL sperrt eine Horde Z-Promis in den Jungle Time to celebrate our own "Jungle Camp" ! Genau die richtige Zeit unser eigenes Junglecamp zu eröffnen ! At 28.12.2022 / 18:00 Uhr opens the first one and only 3DXCHAT-Jungle Camp : Special Guest .... DoctorBob ( they will bite, they will sting, but they won`t kill you ! ) : Beat the Challenges - get the stars ! Enjoy the evening with beans and rice : or just enjoy and discover the unique location ! You are welcome ..... down in the jungle !!
  15. Its a shame you never learn to loose .... adapting 50+ locations is senseless. A update has to secure old things and bring new things on .... this is not SAP
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