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  1. Today at 7 pm its getting blue ... stay tuned ! 😀 Rosenmontag in 3DX es darf geschlumpft werden bis die Nudel blau wird .. heute ab 19 Uhr in Schlumpfhausen - Willkommen !
  2. Auch wenn Fasching dieses Jahr ausfällt – wir feiern trotzdem ! Rosenmontag den 15ten Februar um 19 Uhr werdet Ihr Euer blaues Wunder erleben. Schlumpfhausen öffnet die Tore für alle partybereiten Jecken und Schlümpfe. Es darf geschlumpft werden bis der Zipfel blau glüht oder sich an Schlumpfbeerensaft so richtig blau getrunken werden. Die Mutigen klopfen bei Gargamel an die Tür und feiern in seinem Geheimlabor. Und wer sich ein Schlumpfinchen mit nach Hause nimmt wird feststellen was alles blau an ihr ist In die
  3. .. no not really, but the problem is what causes the problem with "connection refused" at the end .. get no answer which causes the game server not to communicate .. essential ports or whatever it needs
  4. In my case its not a question of a another avatar. Always logging in the same and no change was happening.
  5. Yes its the same and its not the problem of the access point .. another internet connection is functional .. its a blocked port feedback .. but which one ?
  6. I need a tip from the technical support to solve my permanently login problems. Every morning i've got my profile and friendlist, but no listing of rooms, after a few minutes "connection refused" ! Full reinstallation, all selftesting of Colins Tools without a result, all seems ok. In my opinion the game server, which is hosting the location are sending signals on a port at my firewall and gets blocks. Please no advice for the windows firewall .. thy. A little background informations for solving the problem maybe useful - thx !
  7. Maybe reading the news should solve the problem ... maybe too complicated
  8. The main problem with the status page is, and this no critic, i love your work for the community, that it shows the status from the asking server of yours to the route of 3DX. This is the status of one provider, one IP and one point of the internet. Everyone here has different providers, different IP, Firewalls, anti-virus solutions and and and whatever more. A local tool to check the status from where the user are ... would be more helpful .. just my two cent
  9. No log in for hours ... the only problem is to permantly deny there is no problem.
  10. Solved for me by a two time complete Re-Installation and manually clearing the registry and new entries in the Win10 Firewall.
  11. Same here .. just a way in the editor with permanently DCs and broken profile at the moment
  12. I want to thank the jury for the decision. 😀 It was a pleasure to build Venice for the community of 3DX. I will open it the whole day for everyone to take a look at and enjoy the city of Venice. Little marginal not : I'm Jannick with a J not a Y ... LOL .. doesn't matter but easier to find me
  13. Loading the new installation file of the 4.22 and a clean installation solves this issues for me. A new entry in the Win10 Firewall is maybe usefull as well. Worth a try
  14. Open now ! Maybe the biggest RP-Location in 3DX at the moment - or just a romatic place to stay, chill and love You are welcome to explore the whole place. Jannick
  15. Here is my contribution for the World-Editor-Building Contest : My InGameName is Jannick and english is not my native language, so I apologies first for all grammatical mistakes which could happen. Contribution for the contest is : VENICE It consists of a compressed part of the wonderful city of Venice based small on google street view and the “dirty 3DXCHAT-part” with all settings and poses a complete role-playing location needs. You will find by wandering around the “historical” elements like : - The Rialto Brigde - The Markustower 93m original high, completely
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