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  1. told eet was an intentional Server Reboot or sumthin, we will see, if im wrong..apologies 😇
  2. The title says eet all, Patch, fixes same ole thing happening........disconnect and cant log back in, AWESOME Update!
  3. Lipstick ??? where are you >_><_< surely not another ballz ups with an update again?? ROFL Sheeshers.........
  4. You mean like tha sports poses, that dont really make sense. Eet would be nice to see poses for couples and married peeps, casual poses. For eg. Standing holding hands, maybe swing your arms a little, kisses on cheeks for Female AV's, some couple poses such as arm in arm, arm around shoulder, back etc, standing....sitting etc that can be used on a prop or off a prop such as on tha beach etc. How about some water poses apart from just swimming breast stroke? Wot im saying is there are endless amount of poses that can be made that arent even sexual......boosts tha social aspect of tha game where tha long term subscriptions reside. Ya short term subs are tha sex side of tha game in ma opinion and yes ofc tha game being a Social/Sex Game requires both to please all players. We def need more single idle poses, such as tha Phone pose (without a phone in hand) 🤣 As eet is most peeps are just standing around like Zombies not doing anything, adding a bit of life to tha game such as idle poses would liven eet up and adding emote style poses would give peeps more interaction type options. Eets up to tha Devs.......eets their game...their creation....with a little effort they could make this game alot more interesting, give eet a longer shelf life and be ready to compete with tha next game that comes along with alot more options, that in tha end most all gamers want....Customizability and Options, Happy Player Base means Happy Devs pockets...just good bizzniss.🤑
  5. Yips mah Sis has had her account banned for 15 Hours by simply posting just this in WC..and ah quote.. "It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion. It is by the beans of Java that thoughts acquire speed, the hands acquire shakes, the shakes become a warning. It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion." That is all she wrote in WC BAAAHAAAAAHAAAAAAAAA..yet you let peeps abuse each other, use fowl language, have political battles, Troll WOW!!! Anew level of Stupid in this Game. ROFL Soopa Soopa Lame Devs really is ..... Kinda embarrasing. 🤣
  6. Ah heard ya smoked the wrong pistol and blew ya noggin off.......read that somewhere 🤪
  7. "Rape" is a Crime pure and simple....using "Rape" in a Room name is no different to using another criminal "Act" in a Room name. I think we are all smart enough to realize we cant be actually "Raped" in game, maybe in RP thats eet, but tha problem is using that "Label" "Term" in a Room name. This has been addressed so many times with adequate explanation yet some choose to argue tha point. WE KNOW WE CANT BE RAPED in game..this isnt tha point. For one using a Violent Criminal Term as a room name is insensitive and also shows tha hosts own views on this particular personal violation. If youre OK with Rape being used in a Room name then you open tha Door for other Terms that you yourself, an advocate for this kind of Freedom in game, might find hurtful, insensitive, Just Wrong! If Rape is ok as a Room name then any Criminal Term is ok also. You cant Cherry Pick from these, they are all Wrong. If "Rape Street" is ok then you peeps who argue for eet will also be happy with other such Rooms... Cut your cock off Street Murder Street Burn you alive Street Cut her head off Street see where im going, this argument shouldnt even be one...eets ridiculous to even stand for such a Room name to be used......if you still disagree then ah really wonder about your state of mind seriously.......let alone your soul if you have one 👿
  8. Honestly.....most "Orgy" rooms never have Orgies happening in ems.....most of tha time they have like a big herd populating Spawn and few peeps jumpins on each other. Rooms are rooms, some peeps are fully into building and design fo personal fulfillment others get that by banging as many other players as possible and tha quality of tha room is not important. Some hosts will download a room plonk eet in game or make some basic textural mods or add other D/Led props. Ive seen 3 rooms all using that hotel Room build with tha grey walls all on at tha same time.....ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz😴 thats me tho, a serious pro Sexxer tho, wont notice, they scan da rooms fo prey LOL prolleh chqin out their pepperoni in their vibrating hand so details like room design and decor cant be processed 🤣 We all play different, all like different tings, have different reasons fo playing etceteraaa etceteraaaaa. Room Ratings will also differ from person to person and in tha end The Herd Goes where tha Herd is...simple 🐑 🐏 social dynamics BaaaaaaH!🤗
  9. Wilps one ting is highly likely......Christmas is fast approaching SO 🤓......yips eets Yearly subscriptions time...with tha game how eet is right now, mainly eets instability and unknown future as far as Updates go.....considering all tha leaked so called "Game Development" previewed to us, altho not promised to us but certainly hinted at...then an educated guess at tha current standing of this game leads me to beweevs that yearly Subs will be Down! Either way way down in price to "lure" us or like way way way way down in people who buy them. This also leads me to beweevs lol...that tha Soopa Devs are gonna have to wave a BIG PHAT 🥕under our noses to compel tha community, wilps a number of them to resub for a Year or how evs long. So maybs we will get that Surprise they mentioned a while ago...altho they dinn promise tha surprise....perhaps more previews of "Game Development" carrots 🥕 🥕 waving under our sniffas to get us tinking about something new and exciting being added but this has happened before and a number of us wont be fooled by this anymore either 🥱......so tha question remains...what are tha Devs going to do to secure a healthy amount of subs come Chrissmiss? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm ah wonder ah do ah do ah doooo 😂
  11. Great idea will never happen sadly
  12. For how long? Reliability has gone, cant trust this game any more. Granted for those who log on to get off fo 30 mins yeah tha game runs just fine but fo peeps who organize events, DJ events, like tha one ah was part of today, has been ruined. Some peeps put off RL things to attend, not only has tha games unreliability ended any online fun but eet has also ended some RL activities also. Ah get that online games suffer from problems now and then but ah think we should be getting a better service than this. If you Netflix was down over a weekend, with no communication, and this happend quite reg through out a month you would prolleh unsub. Peeps that are angry, wilps eets understandable now, ah mean you can stay positive fo a while until you realize this game is going to be this way from now on bah all accounts considering tha efforts made by tha "Devs" and ah use that term lightly. Everyone has a line in tha sand and eventually with this kind of service each of our lines in tha sand are going to be crossed sooner or later. Devs get eet together seriously, youre Failing miserably. ROFL😂
  13. Oh you mean tha Devs didnt create that Server Status Page ? BAAAAHAAAHAAAAAAAA why arent i surprized 🤣
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