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  1. Railings yussss, meows ya can be wobbleh as ya likes
  2. Heehehe, there will be railings
  3. Ah started on a Mini House, even tho eets small eets quite spacious. Eets comin alongs nycley \o/ Yussssssssssss.
  4. A Tornado please that rips thru tha Saloon and blows eet out tha game πŸ˜‹
  5. Hes in pic one near tha tiled wall, but ya can hardleh see him, being black n all. ☺️
  6. Ah have been slowleh working on dis since tha Editor came out little bah little when inspired to between other builds. Eets always a W.I.P and continually adding to eet. Starting ta feel homey and im pretteh happy wif eets sofar
  7. SweeT Builds Jun, tha Minecraft Build is like on Point!
  8. Swimmers who visit mah home and swim between tha islands searchins fo treasure have been going missing these last few weeks, a monsta lurks in tha depths....Duuuuunna….Duuuunnnna!
  9. Ah made dis pole just to see who would like such a pose. Ah also know there are many couples in game and not everyone is sex sex sex all tha time. Eets a simple pose and ah see no reason why eet couldn't be added with a host of other "more important Sex Poses" in a patch one day. Granted, mah priority has always been Bug fixes before anyting else as ah feel they are "tha most important" but not everyone tinks tha same which is their right. Also when you compare tha percentages of peeps in a room, those who are sexxins and those who are not, tha latter is always, as far as ive seen, tha majority. So ah would like ta see mo options fo that majority as far as poses, dances, activities fo those peeps who are obviousleh not in da sexxin mood and are doing other tings like Dancing, socializing etc. All normal tings we all do in RL before we get to sexxins. Poll seems to show that so far πŸ˜‹
  10. Just a poll to see who would like a simple pose like Holding Hands, stationary or walking together if possibles.
  11. How about some fun poses, why does everyting have to be so serious, like some of you are so soopa serious about ya sexxins ROFL. New poses are ok, id onleh eva use one of thems, standing there and getting choked and lookin like im in a horror moof is kinda Meh! Im sure fo some of you RPing getting dommed bah a strangler is like top of ya listins so enjoy but fo me most of these new poses are missing tha mark. How abouts a simple holding hands pose or be able to walk together holding hands, a pose im sure would get used by soooo many peeps fo sooo many scenarios and a lead on to other poses we alreadeh have. Just a thought
  12. Dunn foget an Ele Trunk, Racoon nose and Beaver Toofs πŸ˜‹πŸ€£
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