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  1. A New Addition on tha way \o/ Tha Recognizer
  2. Nups, just sharing wot ah do with peeps who are interested Plus eets not worth bragging abouts, there are far better builders than me arounds and some that make da munns selling their creations 😋
  3. Not fo D/L eevers ROFL, eets an on going project 😋
  4. They are not fo D/L, Ren gave them to me to put in tha build, if you want them youll have to ask Ren 😝
  5. You can see in tha pics they are diff, mine is tha original, close up pic with Rens (Police Mod ah did) in tha back ground and Rens Orange in tha Parking lot. Rens are tha other 3, 2 of which are in da pics. She made them fo her TimeWarp club and ah always like thems and tha T R O N World is proud ta have ems :))) So to answer ya question Yes, they are diff
  6. UPDATE.….. some progress, ah chqed tha file size and amazingly eets onleh just over 2mb \o/ Some pics 😜 A BIG Thanx to Renkiryu, 3 of her Tron bikes were installed into tha T R O N World, they look Fantastik, ah converted one to a Police Vehicle and im realleh happeh how eet looks ❤️ Ren is a great Builder and has a real eye fo detail and form...kisses
  7. Braided pigtail please. FIX EVERYTING! faaanx 🤗
  8. Wow Nymphpott, all dat effort ya made to hilp someone Awesomes! Goldstar Award!
  9. 😱Mom n Pop made dis game??? Eeer...MaaaaH...Gerds!!! 🤮 We all know why dis game is where eet is, eets a Dev that doesn't have or doesn't want tha vision to make a trueleh kik ass game and be remembered fo evaaaaa and havins a statue raized in his Honaah at Moes Sex Emporium at ya local mall. Sigh...…... We need mo ta do, fun games at least, troo most see dis game as just fo sexxins, 5 mins on and thens home fo dinner...……..some of us build, DJ etceteraaaa but im guessing most sploj n runs Baaahahahahahaaa hey ah invented dat term so hands aawf 🤣 Alivia hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, hows da waffle bizzniss, ah onleh eva see ya in ya poyple Dress and poyple underwear so Baaahahahahaaaaaa, but ah hears ya yessss we do want mo clothes pwease coz clothes RuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuLe \o/ K im dunns, mah contribution to tha community is completes 🥰
  10. Ah tink eet would be a good idea to create another choice of Gender that being tha trans Gender fo all tha Trans folk. Obviousleh theres a lot of ems here going bah Futacadia which has like a population of 50 most of tha time. Amixed bag of Futa/Shemale/Trans Genders. Males are blue, Females are Pink and Trans can be wotevs color ya wants Green? Brown? etceteraaa, so we can see them in our lists if we happen to have any. Also to be able to customize wot poses we see, whether dis be linked to tha Sex/Gender we choose or sumtinks we can change ourselves. Ah dunn use any of tha Trans poses and fo Females we can finalleh get rid of tha man tool coz that ting is plain annoying when eet magicalleh attaches eetself to you coz dis game is one big Hekkin Bug fest...buts ah digress Calm Allie Caaaaalm. Ok ok......so we create another Sex/Gender wot evs ya wanna call eets and that way all tha Futas, as we currentleh call thems can be called wot they are spose to be called. If you are in fact a Trans and play as one Then you have your own choice when you created a new Character. Ah guess if ya play as a Futa or Shemale thens ah dunno wot ya gonna do, play under tha trans flag coz itll be ya onleh option to attach a man sausij to ya AV. 🧐 This isn't a biggy fo me id rather bug fixes/Dance editor/Clothes Editor/Pose editor in DIS ORDER pawease, but ah know some of you dis is real real real important and if eet means ah can get rid of all tha poses ah dunn use, tha pekkerdilo and know hoo are tha Trans/Futa/Shemale AVs in mah list thens ah tink eet will be of use. If ya totes dunn care then wotevs ah guess but some more customization is a good ting but pawease fo hekkins sakes FIX DA BUGS!!!!! wif shoogs on top
  11. A place ive slowlee added to since tha World Editor hit \o/ Still a W.I.P but thought id post eet sofar.
  12. Baahaaahahahaaaa 🤣 Dis thread has been a riot! LOL Ok ok FIRSTLY...ah find eet hilarious peeps are going on and on about future updates for a broke game. Eets like shopping fo Custom Rims and Interiors and a Subby system and neon lights n junk fo ya broke ass car that dunn run proper. Take eet to tha mechanics first Sheeshers McRileys Dis game needs important fixes that are being over looked. Yeah dreaming to tha future is all well n goods but not if ya house is burning down around you. Stahp wif tha tinsel and wrappings and lets concentrate on wots important. A game that runs correctly without syncing issues that are getting worse, Bugs that haven't been fixed fo Years and a 64 Bit version that may have fixed one issue but issued in a bunch of others that personally ah find mo annoying. If ANYTHING needs to be discussed and passed on to tha Dev is that we would like a game that runs well without a bunch of Bugs ruining tha experience. All these lil updates are nuthin but distractions from da main issues and focus on tha foundations that make a solid game. With mo updates come more Buggs, so all we are doing is piling on top of tha Buggs we alreadeh have. Anyhoots tanx fo tha laffs everyones , stay classy and remembers be good to ya neighbour coz they know where ya live 😋 Anyways mah jobbins us duns once agains and eets Allie AwaaaaaaaaaaaaaY
  13. Ah dunno, dis information ah dunn haves. Was sum generic name ah tinks, like Toiletbimbo or sumtinks XD
  14. Wilps ah was witness to tha all tha drams created in WC because of this. Ah tinks Mango said "Hello Zombies" in tha Local Chat which ah mahself took as nothing realleh, like who cares LOL. But Someone took offence that peeps were being called Zombies. LOL actualleh ah have called peeps that just stand in tha Spawn and dunn move"Zombies" Ermahgerds im eeeebils. Anyways we all know some peeps like to impose their sheet on other peeps and then they feel all specials lol. Calling peeps Zombies is nothins. If youre hurt bah a word thens ah tinks ya need to go toughen ups because ya a puss LOL Mrow Mrow
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