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  1. One ting that def needs fixing is THA LIGHTING IN GAME! There ah said eet and ah said eet LOUD Lighting is so important and eet went south a long time ago just after we got V2.0. Also tha lighting on our faces in general is bad, like there is no shine at all on our faces compared to wot we can have on tha rest of us. Our faces look flat and if you chq out any picture around V2.0 time you will notice how we have gone backwards with tha lighting that reflects on to us from light sources. Hopefully seeing as tha soopa Devs seem to be listening to wot peeps want then they might have a look at dis prob and maybeh Dazzle us wif a solution. πŸ˜‹ Meows Wow us Dev Team make eet happen 😲
  2. Ah Fourther tha placement bug fix, im tired of Dancing fine on mah screen and getting told bah peeps, hey Allie ya walking into a wall, totes embarrassing and Noob LOL. Ah pride mahself in being a pro navigator, dojjin and weavins thru da crowd, not walking into peeps and def not Heckin Walls Pawease fix dis shambles coz eets getting worse ah do declare!
  3. Dis is a real good update, tanx heaps Devs ❀️ Awesome work!
  4. Ok Ok ah apologize fo laffin But.....if you really want sum golfing stix ah would bee honoured to make thems for you Again..But.....ah would need sum details.........like are they in a bag? on one of them buggeh cars? how many etcetera etceteraaa ya deeg K Good lukkins getting them and remembs aaah can and will build them golfing wakkers fo ya fraaaand Details!
  5. Ya dinn say, tha Green Background is appealing, ballbrainz
  6. Its actually a White M, just saying
  7. Fo tha lovers of Green ah have dis MastaPiece! Go Devs GO \o/
  8. Ok Ok...picture this...…………….ya mindin ya own bizz, bustin sum moves on tha dance flo and along comes Mr Noobs...… hes all puffed ups like a roosta swaggers on ova and lays down tha Colders Card on ya...……….BinG!...…………...Meows Gizmo, ill say these 2 words and let ya piece tagether da mostest awesome pose eva devised...………... foot and nutz! Meows WoW us Dev Team go go go go \o/
  9. BAAAAAAAAHAAAHAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Ermahgerds……………….BaaHAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! 444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444
  10. An info section in game would be kools, sumting that leads to a live page that tha Devs can update with anyting they want, perhaps polls, updates, ideas and even interactions from tha actual gamers. Eets pretty good Gizmo is communicating and willing to listen and add stuff. \o/
  11. If I were you id keep requesting endlessly until you either get an answer or wot ya wants. Im sure with all tha requests fo all sorts of tings Gizmo is prolleh sweatins and factor in all tha peeps that want more DLL features added and mahself and a hoard that want these dang Bugs fixed. Ah hear ya tho lets hope Jizmo duzz
  12. Simple solution - Devs should be creating diverse content. Fo everyone! Regardless of your inclination there should be equal content fo everyone. We all pay tha same fees so ah tinks eets onleh fair that everyone gets content relating to their leanings. Ah know tha BDSMers have been beating tha drums fo Years fo content relating to their Fetishes, have they gotten anyting...hmmmmmmmmmmmm, not that ah can remember. Peeps hoo are Gay want 3somes, have they gotten anyting..Big PhaT NO! on that one. Ah wonder why? peeps have been giving their reasons why tha Dev, or Devs ignore these requests. Ah mean COME ON, how hard is eet to actually NOW please a segment of tha Community hoo have been requesting content fo EVA with some, NEW CONTENT! Ah have ta believe eets totes Lazyness and no Desire to do so , whish is totes lame and looks bad. A DLL that made ALOT of peeps was scrapped, and we were given a few lil tings ta shut us ups, Granted ah don't know if mo from tha DLL is coming but if eet isn't then that's totes Lame also because we have lost so many fun tings that made tha game a lil deeper. Add in tha sheet load of Bugs that have come back and are still here then thats another reason to not be impressed with tha New content we have been getting. OFC anyting NEW is Welcomed but why is eet when we get sumting new we also lose sumting BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! As Jizmo can see here in tha post there is unrest and unsatisfied customers, hey heres an idea, listen to them and act, spend just a little time to add sumting to tha game that will bring a smile and makes peeps understand that indeeds Devs Care. LOL And if not we RIOT!!!! ima kik every chair ah see and Dance 11 every MoFo ah can XD
  13. Fix tha main gameplay bugs please We have been asking fo eva about dis. Second, Customization.....tha amount of posts asking fo more is obviously wot peeps really want. More Clothes and personal stuff pawease! Rochi DLL features are almost all gone except fo a few tings added. Tha game is better with them and many peeps have asked fo more of tha DLL to be implemented. Tanx fo tha updates but nothing im exciteds about, good work fo tha efforts but please focus on wot peeps have been asking for if possible But first these bugs, lets squash them once and fo all, eets time, da peeps are with you so WOW us Dev Team
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