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  1. Yip ah wish that were trooo. Anyhoos ah got mahself Blender...build in there............eet looks awesome, but Waaa ima a totes noooooooob..Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 😋
  2. Not tha ah know of, would be awesomes, especially now with tha game being down and a Builders Comp on tha horizon. This tho is a soooooooooooooooooooopa idea and wish eet was a thing \o/
  3. Alliehotass


    At this rate tha comp is going to be extended to July 2021, so lots of time to make ya Masterpiece! \o/ Good Luck
  4. Ah so....when you select "Pregnant" from tha Character Editor or howevs ya wanna implement eet, does your baby belly poke through your clothes? ie Clip through, because not only are they going to have to add tha baby belly but also model clothes for that body mesh, also if you plan on having sex with a baby belly tha sex poses arent going to work. You will mostly have to have specially designed poses fo baby belly peeps as tha poses are finely tuned with our current body meshes. So you tink they are going to do all that work fo baby belly peeps when they dont even add different body types, hence hockey body big boned types, or placing Females feet flat on tha ground for flat soled or bare feet walking etc? Good luck with ya fetish dreams, wish ya wells but ah dunn see eet happening and also if there is a baby or not ah highly doubt even tha hint of underage ideas ( yes there is a baby in there, even tho eets a virtual one, your baby belly has one of these in eet) so yes you are now hinting at tha idea of children being in game....so no way. Fetish or not, and tha numbers of peeps who are into eet have not been tallied and no numbers have been represented to conclusively say that "alot" of peeps have this "kink". Many kinks are represented by one person or another in this game, should they all be implemented? Ah have a kink fo BUG FIXES...mmmmmmmmm they make meh sooo horneeey baby...ah needs mah BUG Fixes paaleeaaase Like ah said good Luck but ah seriously doubt this EVA being in game.
  5. Wilps you just found out wot ah know about tha "Futa" no offence. Looks like we need 4 Genders then Futa and tha other one
  6. Look ah trust tha Devs want tings to run smooth and im sure they do their utmost. They are working on a new Server and im sure eet will be bug ridden hence a test server but even after all tha testing im sure we will add to tha bugs we already have. Yips eet sux to be us right nows and there are peeps here in game with experience that could be assets but thats up to tha Devs, one, sharing information about their game, two, accepting hilp and three saving face. They want to look like they know wot they are doing which is understandable despite all tha talk that they dont. Ah believe tings will get better but at tha moment eets a little chaotic fo them juggling all the probs that are mounting and tha stress of a community that is pretty unforgiving when stressed. We need a solid Server, solid Bug Fixes, a Solid Creative Team adding new usable content that has longevity and will be well used and Solid communication to tha player base that insists on knowing wot is happening, which is understandable seeing as we are living in tha "information age" Good Luck Devs, wow us with your skeels and lets make 3DX a Game that peeps rave about, because eet has a forward looking well prepared and skilled team keeping eet on tha rails and a player base that knows eet
  7. Wilps im just tinking like realistically, physically a Futa cant detach their poker, eets like a permanent fixture, like a male, they have permanent fixtures too and a Futa is realistically a guy who identifies as a Female, so a man in a dress, with a Female mind to put eet real real real simply not to offend anyone but if ya are offended reader, hoo evs ya might be ya have mah warmest apologies ah do declare Secondly ah wonder tha percentage of real TGs that play as futas and wonder how many are just Joe Blows who want more action, an ass ta look at all tha time but dunn want to be seperated from their best frand, ole Trouser Tom who is like tha shot caller anyways and has most of tha neurons. 🤣 srry fellas joke 😇
  8. The peeeenis should be added in Character Editor, ah mean if you are a Futa you always wear one right? As far as tha strap on goes, wilps ya can add that in clothing, eets like a hat or sumting and you can utilize eet in tha clothing section in game. As far as having that peeenis magically jump on you like a swamp leach when you choose a particular pose is annoying. Make another Gender fo sho, call eet TG, Trans, Futa, Foobar, Dragon Lady ah dunn care just make eet so those of us that neva want eet popping on us dont have that embarrassment fumbling around ta knock eet tha hellz offs. Paleeeeeeeeease
  9. McDonalds..... yes...two weeks ago i was promoted from Fries to Burgers. Now one could say not much of a learning curve, but i can tell you, from golden fries to constructing a burger in less than 20.45 seconds, aligning tomato, lettuce, onion, saucing, wrapping and shooting that masterpiece in the allotted time is...well let me say......challenging. But of course i was up for the challenge, positive thinking, motivated and always willing to learn, in two weeks i am now head Burgerererererrr. A small achievement you may scoff but we all cant be famous for swallowing dildos online and being top Troll in a sex game forum....i can dream...which is why i attend these forums...hoping to learn the craft and be worthy one day...i can dream..but until then i have burgers to make \o/
  10. I mean its all fun to poke fun at each other but when you find out that someone is truly having a hard time with life, seriously hurt by someone they obviously loved, struggling with self identity, self hatred, walking a tight rope of grand delusion and using a popular thread designed to attain information on a downed server......then you realize the parasitic natures of an attention seeking nasty male with an identity crisis is merely crying out for help. Talk is cheap but when you get to know someone in a thread like this it can only bring you closer, closer to the realization that yes....trolls are people too.
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