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  1. Dunn foget an Ele Trunk, Racoon nose and Beaver Toofs 😋🤣
  2. Heheheheh but...but im speciaaaaals Deeeerpsth 😋😛🚍
  3. True..so wot do we do, remove tha peeps or tha options? Limit non players in the Forum to certain areas, Tha Guest Zone im guessing and fo those who want options banned/removed then 20 lashes in Sins and a pelting of any old spare fruit or Veg we may have on us 😋
  4. Ah tink this would solve many probs we have in tha game but at tha same time there are peeps in game who use alts and can do so without causing any drams to anyone. This issue has been talked about soooo many times and meows with tha new Account Ignore System which has magnified tha problem side of this feature. Do we penalize everyone fo a number of peeps who misuse this option? Or has this option become such a problem and negative to tha game that removing eet is tha onleh way to balance things out. Dis is tha question. All these tings are linked and eet comes down to tha player, to how WC is used and how Alts are used. Personally ah don't tink tha Devs will ever remove them because they are a money generating feature and fo balanced peeps they can come in handy for a number of scenarios that dunn need explaining. Ah also believes that tha Game Account and Forum Account be linked and limited to just one. A 3 strike system implemented to your Forum Account and some accountability injected in to this place. As far as those peeps who dunn play tha game but like ta talk about eet in here "Tha forum" then your accounts should be Guest Accounts limited in function and access. Fo peeps who UnSub from tha game then that should also include your Forum Account and on completion of an UnSub your Forum Account becomes a Guest Account with tha described limitations. Accountability! Dis is a BIG problem, in Game, in Forum and there are too many options fo tha person trying ta sidestep responsibility fo their actions, speech and Gameplay habits. Dis is mah opinion. Anyhoots, like a good frand of mine says..."Play like a Champion".....\o/ 🥳
  5. Wilps theres 2 sides to everytings and those willing to take a look will realize this. Sure WC fo most of us is a place that is usualleh filled with conflict and peeps just trying ta show off, making up fo their short comings and frustrations in real life and go there to vent, bolster themselves ups and feel like they are actualleh successful at something. Dis is how some peeps compete, eets a sport fo thems and those that participate in "tha sport" of trolling are fair game fo tha troller, which is fair as far as im concerned. Too many times a Troll will be vying fo top spot in WC to be tha center of attention, and you always see peeps getting sucked in and playing along. They cant hilp themselves but react and dis is Troll food. So whos ta blame? Without one tha other wouldn't exist, a Troll needs an audience and tha audience needs a spectacle. Most of us from what ive seen don't like this going on and most of us don't participate but some do and eets their choice. Freedom of speech is important, eet is tha foundation of Democracy and should be protected at all cost. WC is a prime example of eet, we may not like wot peeps say and we can respond, hence play tha game or we can ignore and go somewhere else. Ah basically never go to WC because all ah see is tha peeps ah have described, but do ah have tha right ta tell them what to say? No ah don't but ah have choices, my choices that ah can enact that doesn't affect anyone elses. Dis is wot ah choose. Pay fo WC, ah dunno, maybeh eet would be a good idea, 60 second timeouts ah tink are good, they slow eet down and avoid tha spammer filling that Chat with exactleh that, Spam. At tha end of tha day we all have a choice we can make, participate and fuel eet or not. Our choices are varied, Ignore, report violations or do not go there. Maybeh an option to turn WC OFF might satisfy a lot of peeps or a fee to turn eet on like 300 Gold fo one day and ofc with tha 60 sec delay. OR leave as is and choose not ta get sucked into eet and occupy ya mind with somtink ya actualleh find fun 😇
  6. If you change ya name and pay fo eet with tha feature im pretty sure all ya frands will still have ya in thee list under tha new name.
  7. 2037...im guessins if evA! Wilps tha argument on Quality vs Quantity is subjective. Mah view is a quantity of quality and tha fear of seeing badleh dezigned clothes is scurry. But then agains if we are able to ban people from our rooms in tha future that could be a criteria. Like a dress code LOL or just igg every bad dresser, ah know ah know iggin fo any reason is all tha rage meows, freedom of igg Ah wouldn't mind learning ta make clothes even if eets just fo funs, getting them in game is totes up to tha Devs, just because ah make sumthing doesn't mean eet auto goes in game. If eet did then we would see all sorts of dumm stuff, like.....fat suits, tux T Shirts, Ugg Boots, kilts, helicopta caps, diapers, pekker warmers, Ronald McDonald clown suit, all sorts of bad stuff if we have totes freedoms. Some hows ah tinks eet will neva happen and there WILL be "Quality" Control, just got a suspicion is all 🤣
  8. Ermahgerds Sooooooo many Bugs eeeeps, Call tha exterminator queeeks, all deez cockaroaches Hiiiiiiiiiilp! Fix tha Bugs Fix tha Bugs Fix tha Bugs Tha more ya add tha worse eet will get, Fix tha Bugs before any new additions pwease. eets tha right ting ta do meows, we all know eets tha POLL is in..PEEPS WANT BUG FIXES!!!!!! Peeps ta Gizmo, Do ya Copy, PssssssssssHT, Peeps Ta Gizmo come in Big G, Emergency Emergency, we are being invaded bah BUGS ..SEND reinforcements FAST! Ova and OUT PSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHT!
  9. Then why hasn't this simple fix been "fixed" ? Hmmmmmmmmm why oh why? ….do tell. Ah mean Gizmo has been invited to discuss with us these problems here but he never seems to want to. We can onleh guess why, ah have mah thoughts on eet but eet would be kinda respectful to say hey guys we are aware of tha bugs and we are going to look into eet or we have no clue sorry guys yas are stuck with them. But avoiding tha issue looks bad and shady LOL. Ah dunn tink ive ever seen a Dev talk about tha bugs, answer queries, or say anyting in fact when peeps bring them up. Ignoring tha issue wont make eet go away coz im tired of them and they make tha game frustrating. Anyhoots protest starts in Fresco and well make our way thru da clubs to Saloon where we will shout stuffs, wave signs and block roads till our demands are met.
  10. Very Troo, dunn BLING ya broke ass car, take eet to tha mechanic first.
  11. Im Officially calling on Gizmo to reply to dis Post. This is important and hopefully he realizes we want action. We appreciate tha Updates BUT eets time to fix some major problems. So Gizmo here is a platform to respond to all of our concerns :))))
  12. Yes Every Day has issues. You cant go see frands without issues anymo, someone cant see you, or you are bald fo them, or greeting peeps has issues because they see you stuck in spawn or walking into a wall. People walking into people on tha dance flo and causing drams, getting igged because peeps tink they are rude. This issue needs fixing eets a BIG NEGATIVE and not a good Advertisement fo New Players. STOP Adding to tha BUGS with New Updates and FIX tha BUGS Please ❤️
  13. Ok peeps thanx fo ya inputs...be sure ta Vote please ❤️
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