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  1. How are you all doing?

    1. DrGiggle


      All fine here, of course the lockdown is little rough, but getting there. Hope you well too Britney!

  2. As said above, just click "Head" option. To zoom even more than the editor allows you to, click on the camera options in top left and then zoom in even more to see every detail It would be cool tho if we could change the lighting options in the editor, to see how an outfit/make up looks like while you actually get in game and different rooms
  3. Maybe learn to read and understand text first and then type I said for now she can use the teleport trick since swimming takes 7 minutes, never have i said that swimming fast would not be a good idea
  4. For now you can just use the teleport trick and you get there instantly without swimming
  5. Imagine what would happen if everyone opened a room at the same time.. It would be a huge cluster and probably put a big load on the servers. It does sound cool in theory, but in reality I just can't see this working.
  6. I don't see any reason why there should be a limit to PMs except a spam limiter to prevent some mass spam
  7. Yeah. Imagine not having a dark theme for your website in 2019
  8. To be honest, there should be a limit to text size, color and font. Some people abuse it and use absolutely unreadable fonts (sometimes only unreadable on a phone), spam huge texts with purple color and so on that just hurt the eyes and look totally out of place
  9. Finally, now it's on it's way... Just gotta add more tools, customization and design!
  10. For me, Avasts ransomware shield was blocking the screenshots. i had to make an exception and then it worked
  11. I as well use shadowplay and it has worked fine so far I think
  12. Because there is literally many posts about this already with pages of arguments why not and why it doesn't make sense. Market isn't an answer and never will be, I don't understand how you just don't get it, it will never happen no matter how many topics you create and start. if your room selling business isn't making you enough money, go get a job
  13. I am not sure if I should cry or laugh at this point lmao
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