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  1. Even more interesting? Oh, right. Happy Bday!
  2. Finaly a TRUE Torax pool party, hm? :3
  3. Sakuya

    World Editor

    At work now, but later I can show one pic. And I did change the location a couple times but I think Sakuya just loves to fly ...
  4. Sakuya

    World Editor

    I did. And my char does spawn at the right place. But the moment I make the 1st step she just teleports to the sky. Where gravity seems to not work, since she stays up there forever.
  5. Sakuya

    World Editor

    Why is my character (or anyone I invite) teleporting to the sky when I/we enter in my room?
  6. https://youtu.be/NXB6slJSbL4 On mobile. I can only show link, sowwy. >.<
  7. uh! I like this! Also! You awesome! :3 Never change!
  8. Some players want to be fuck'd by a blue skin girl with 2 cocks, and you telling me condoms is weird? <.< And yes! I would love condoms. That could help with lots of RP.
  9. More wall stuff! And deepthroat against the wall? >.<
  10. This is like the girls on Instagram but on a new level. "Look at my cute smile." - Aims the camera to her huge cleavage. But you? "Look at my eyelashes." - BOOM! Fucking a girl. Well played.
  11. HB! Too bad i cant be there Have lots of fun and "fun" too
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