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  1. As much as I have the freedom of expression, people that play in 3dx all have that same freedom. Being a hooker in here, I don't mind if someone calls me 'whore' although I prefer the word 'hooker', sounds nicer ! But if the guy that addresses me like that isn't my thing, I double or triple my rates, so in fact, he's right... I am a whore lol
  2. Yep, that's the one kiss to my sis !
  3. Found one too... at the end of the Garden of Eden, we had this meeting for future activities, remember ? Big kiss ! Layla πŸ˜€
  4. I checked the forum today... the topic: Download & Play 3DXChat says: (490 visits to this link), means there's only some 500 people playing this game with the new 64bit version and probably a few left overs using the 32bit version ? Seems like this game is pretty dead already, despite its wonderful graphics. Which corresponds to my own wet thumb feeling... it took more than 2 years to have a decent world editor and a 64bit version of the game, mean while there's been hardly any development on poses, clothing, clothing layers and avatars. We now have the 64bits version
  5. You are so right Twiggy, couldn't have said it better
  6. mmmmmm ... Trust a developer that after so many years of Rochi's dll didn't even know about the ghosting ? Come on ! Trust is a beautiful thing, but it has to be earned...
  7. To me it seems that the "Accept/Decline" button should be a feature in user settings, not an in game feature... That way, people who prefer to play the "old" way, can still play like they used to, others may prefer to accept their partners wish without the annoying pop up of pose acceptance.
  8. Nope, I pointed it out earlier already, you must be the second lol And the game might play a little easier now, but the forum is slower than ever and new players still can't subscribe, although they promised to be working on it... three months ago !
  9. Cool ! The water is so much better, the skies look so much greater But the game stays boring as ever, no new rooms, nothing new on clothing or clothing layers, poses are the still the same since two years, avatars all look the same... Think I'll check again next year for the next upcoming update
  10. W Why isn't that since long a configuration setting where the user can attribute keys to whatever behavior, like in most decent games ?
  11. Hi Frank, Sorry to hear you lost your pics, but 3dx doesn't "eat" pictures. Screenshots are saved in a special map on your pc, location depends on your game settings.Or maybe you saved them to some cloud storage like Imgur ? Kiss, Layla
  12. I'm sure people that like to create poses or design clothes or build rooms may find fun in the upcoming update. Those who are here to play a game will stay on their hunger with another set of poses that still doesn't fulfill the wishes and hopes of most of us. All you need to do is look at the long lists of poses people asked on forum since years. Like with the update in March, which didn't add anything to the gaming experience, it charges things faster. With the 64bit version, the makers only made up for a backlog of several years which is exactly the same if they finally add Rochi's f
  13. I've seen Gizmo's post on upcoming updates with a screenshots of proposed poses and clothing and hair options. After all this waiting, there's three (3 !) new MF poses, all barstool stuff, no lap, no variations on existing poses (as being asked so many times), nothing. So I'm afraid this new update, for which we are waiting already for more than 6 months, will be announced with a lot of noise, but finally it won't add much to the game, unless you want to spend hours in one or other editor again to adapt your clothes, your hair etc. Seems like a missed opportunity already, sorry for being so
  14. Hi Smoker, You should contact support and fill in the very last item form of the list, "Contact Support Team" at http://3dxchat.com/support/ Hope you get it fixed Kiss, Layla
  15. I voted YES, after having read the comments... First of all: I'm being a hooker in 3dx for several years now and I like the idea of getting paid instead of being gifted. Why ? because it is much more straight forward and simple. Will it change anything ? Maybe there will be more 'whores' like you call us, but I don't think so, because after all, you can't do anything with Xgold, not like in other games where you can exchange the in-game money for real money. So there's no real profit to be taken. Will it change the amount of men playing as a woman ? Don't think so either, already now ther
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