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  1. This is bug, when it’s become to me i just relog the game, and after this i can change colors
  2. Yes but if will be put in section TOP, then we will have more options of who u was count, because if the bodysuit stay in section DRESS we cant use it with all pants, jeans and skirts, but if be in section who i said then we can mixing it with things who said too
  3. I hope they will accept what we think, because its mean will be next update who we cant use fully grrr… in the end we pay and our wishes need be accept too
  4. My topic is more to @Лиза, because is impossible i yo make contact in discord with her, i just have question and suggested. I saw in discord server what will coming like updates, but i notice and something really pointless, i will give and ss to i can be understand well. So my suggested is the things (bodysuit) who coming as updates in section DRESS to be put it in section TOP, because if its stay there will cant be mixing with the others sections. No have logic !!! Hope i will be understand corect, because in the end the new things need to be can use well too
  5. when i seenig ppl which was put on my ignore list, its starts tickling my nerves this bad
  6. Yes i think so... And now come the question the 3dx do give money for this steps?? Because when i give my money for 3dx i want everything to be with legal guarantee
  7. As for the upcoming new dance steps, I've already seen them in another game. It is sad when there is a lack of creative spirit.
  8. hey u, i didnt know u had a doctorate, i hope u dont make the misdiagnosis as well as the drugs u recommend just because someone spits on u.
  9. as i like to say, good taste for music is good education too
  10. i totally understand u, to this day i encounter this (for me a problem) but on the other hand i understand the other side. unfortunately, there are factors that prompt many in the game to ask for proof of gender. Both here and in real life, trust between people is lost in all kinds. but we are talking about the game, many men are known to make female avatars and present themselves as such. I personally dont like anyone asking for my photos or any proof because I have to judge it myself, and so insolent is someone who thinks they have the right to ask for that (sorry, who was u? a factor in my life? because I I dont remember that ..) Im on the principle, that who need here knows how i looks like and that Im a girl, thats enough for me. and by the way, dont feel obligated to do what others want
  11. hello, there is something that provokes me to get a little nervous - the mask (i give and pics file), the mask is nice, but I do not understand why it is made after it cannot be combined with the hair style that everyone would like. I dont like the fact that my hair cuts half the mask
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