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  1. Current mood... I bet a lot here can relate
  2. Happily heavy heart. Love this song.
  3. I've posted a different version of this song before, but it always bears repeating. Since I just got home from the bar, and given the vibe tonight, there really is no other song in my head right now. friggin scorpions! \m/
  4. http://youtu.be/LmNa_cjICgs
  5. Get ahead of myself. I need to try harder at...
  6. http://youtu.be/v3LlmfKeom0
  7. ... And cuz I'm kinda on a Greenday kick at the moment...
  8. This song just strikes me as perfect for this game, for all those lazy boring Sundays...
  9. https://youtu.be/058_IFSUxr8
  10. Actually, this one. Better version of the same song, 25 years prior... https://youtu.be/xPChYfTQO7U
  11. Also this! Klaus looks tired as fuck after all these years of rockin, but check out the friggin orchestra! Scorpions! Always ftw! https://youtu.be/kAI0ZixbKX4
  12. HaHAAAA! This! Super cheese for my fellow '80s children... https://youtu.be/km69XzxCuUs
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