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  1. There are plenty of rooms around without bots, being it band or dancers. They wil by nature be smaller, of course... but if 25 to 40 people in the room suits you, they are there. I have been running such rooms for years now.... . And others do as well
  2. Malvasiah


    Look for people with DJ in their avatar name. They are as common as ants in the woods!
  3. yeah.. u got cheated..big time and it doesnt even look good
  4. rings make no difference at all
  5. check ur hand, next time u get a beer, MeiLing
  6. yes, its very annoying... i pointed it out after the last update, in the bugs thread.... but seems noone took notice..
  7. The way you hold a beer has been altered, and the thumb clips into the bottle.
  8. no.. I dont think so.... i remember it as being in the game itself and i am pretty sure it dissapeared with version 2.0.. after looking at the dates of the pics with the blur effect Rochi's mod i dont think i used in version 1.0
  9. We DID have Depth of Field or rather .. we had Apertures... which influences the deth of field. It worked rather well with the different focal lengths..or zoom... following the photographic (and optical) principles. When it dissapered i cant say.. maybe with version 2.0 ? Here is a selfportrait from november 2015
  10. i searched and found this: https://genius.com/Why-dont-we-grey-lyrics
  11. all good, as u seem to be in agreement on what to post and what not:) I am only pointing out, that generally the majority in the game would feel very uncomfy with having their dialogues shown publicly.... if without consent .)
  12. Agree fully Posting in-game dialogues on forum could lead to some big drama.
  13. nah.. Talon has nothing to do with this... its something/someone more sinister
  14. pregnancy was suggested some years back.. as a thing that could be bought for Xgold... like marriage and divorce... dev's could earn money on pregnancy.... and on abortion!
  15. I also totally dont believe it was her... apart from what you say about color.. not her style at all
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