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  1. i searched and found this: https://genius.com/Why-dont-we-grey-lyrics 🙂
  2. both rooms are still active at present...
  3. all good, as u seem to be in agreement on what to post and what not:) I am only pointing out, that generally the majority in the game would feel very uncomfy with having their dialogues shown publicly.... if without consent .)
  4. Agree fully 🙂 Posting in-game dialogues on forum could lead to some big drama.
  5. nah.. Talon has nothing to do with this... its something/someone more sinister
  6. pregnancy was suggested some years back.. as a thing that could be bought for Xgold... like marriage and divorce... dev's could earn money on pregnancy.... and on abortion! 😜
  7. I also totally dont believe it was her... apart from what you say about color.. not her style at all
  8. wish i could.. damned good 9.5% Imperial Double IPA... serious stuff
  9. Lisa is spelled like Lisa the dev... but no proof that it is actually her... could be some nasty hack. .. and just for info.. the "foreign" message just after Lisa's isnt french.. its spanish Edit: my bad.. first one after IS french.. the next one is spanish
  10. Seems to me that by now there is a general concensus, that these bans is a result of a new policy from the dev's. It is a possibility, absolutely. But there is no proof of that, so far. If it is a new spam policy, i find it strange that apparently it has hit rather randomly..... and not banned ALL who has spammed in WC. Also, the story about Lisa (dev) threatening someone in WC with a ban for speaking french is mysterious (to say the least). I believe some kind of attack is just as plausible a theory. In all cases, i think we will have SOME reaction/explanation from t
  11. Ver tu casa anoche fue una experiencia increíble ... ¡besos y abrazos!
  12. @ Kemistry to me it seems that all robo wants. is to feel he is with a human being, rather than a fuckbot, however good that might be!
  13. about the pics posted: @ skully: That picture is from my first brothel, the Pleasure Nest. I recognize myself as nr 3 from right, of course with a beer in hand. The last girl in the row must be Audrey, who worked with me on and off through all the years. I can date it very precicely to end of february 2015. @ LaylaK: I remember that meeting very well . Must be december 2017. thanks to both of you!
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