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  1. @ Kemistry to me it seems that all robo wants. is to feel he is with a human being, rather than a fuckbot, however good that might be!
  2. about the pics posted: @ skully: That picture is from my first brothel, the Pleasure Nest. I recognize myself as nr 3 from right, of course with a beer in hand. The last girl in the row must be Audrey, who worked with me on and off through all the years. I can date it very precicely to end of february 2015. @ LaylaK: I remember that meeting very well . Must be december 2017. thanks to both of you!
  3. Fuck Lady... ur final words brought tears into my eyes.. but good ones though..... happy nostalgic memories
  4. @ Kemistry Your last sentence in your statement above we can totally agree on! That said, i will add this: I understood perfectly well what you said and meant about the relation between quality of client and his willingness to pay a higher price. I doubt that this can be taken as a general rule, as my own experiences tells me something different, and in fact i believe that just the same rule goes for clients as for escorts. A highpaying client can be a disaster as well as a lowpaying can be great. In the end its all about the chemistry between client and girl. But let that rest. I didnt say that you said that low price escorts are lower quality, i said you implied it, which is semantically a very different thing. Reading your last answer, in your text copied from Cybersex, certainly gave me that impression. But i do realize that its taken out of another context, and was probably partly ment as an advertisement for you and your establishment. Happy Whoring!
  5. @ Kemistry and who else it might interest: There are probably as many aproaches to being an escort as there are escorts, and as many approaches to being a client as there are clients. Its very hard to generalize and there is at such no "right" way to do it..... to each their own. Still there is something in your words i cant agree with. You imply that there is a relation between quality of service and amount of price. Its not so; it all depends on the girl and her attitude. I know, from talking with former clients, that in some cases they had very bad experiences in other brothels, after the prices boomed. Girls getting paid a big amount of gifts for a certain amount of time, staying silent and inactive during the session, and quitting the "partner" as soon as the time was up, without any warning. Furthermore, there is a lot more to being a good escort, than just being good at the technical stuff. The emotional stuff is just as important. Many clients come to escorts to have the feel, even if paying for it, that someone cares for them and accepts them as they are without any judgment. That goes for virtual escorting as well as real life escorting. Many clients return to the sscort, if she is good, not only for sex... but as much for the feeling that with her they can relax. Some even chose to just spend the time chatting and having some friendly time, no strings attached. One thing about the higher prices now, is that it somehow sets a higher bar. New girls coming in might take 5 gifts for ½ an hour as the standard, and sets their price accordingly. I have seen that being the case, checking the profiles of new escorts. In my days 1 gift for ½ an hour was more or less the standard everywhere, in brothels and on the "street". just my 5 cents on this.... but as i stated... to each their own
  6. Ok.. i will give this a try I'll give myself some questions that in some cases differ from what Mondayy asked herself. How did you get into the escort business? First of all i have to say that most of my escorting has been done while i ran my own brothels, as madame So here is the background story and my history as Escort and Madame. I visited a brothel like 4-5 days after i started in the game (5 years ago) and started working there on the spot. What atracted me was the adventure of it, lots of sex in an atmosphere with great co-workers, namely the other girls. However, the boss was a male who more or less expected to have "free" acces to the girls working there. This, I later discovered, seems to be the case with most male brothel-owners. So, after watching things there.... (i think the place was called Busty Bitches Brothel ) i decided I could make a much better brothel on my own... based on female guidance. I had my first brothel, Pleasure Nest, up and running 2 weeks later with the assistance of 2 male friends. With all due respect to these guys, i was the central hub in the business, and when one of the guys starting taking credit for my work and calling me one of his "birds" in local chat, i decided to close it down. It lasted only a few weeks. However, this incident didnt pull me down, i still saw a grand fun future in running a brothel. So, together with the friend that didnt go behind my back i opened Heavens Delights shortly after. I have to explain here the role of my male partner. In those days we used a system with a main area where clients and visitors could see the girls and get in contact with them, and a closed area behind, with the bedrooms. My buiness partner worked (among a lot of other stuff) as bouncer, blocking the entrance to the beds, only letting girls and clients through when a deal was set up. This brothel lasted maybe 5 months. Some internal stuff that i have mostly forgotten by now made me want to break it down and start up again. Me and a group of girls came up with Garden of Eden, which was to become my most succesfull and longest lasting establishment. I still had my male companion with me, but due to some personal problems we had to go separate ways after a few months. After that i ran the business on my own.. with a lot of help from my staff of course! One of my girls, the lovely Morgaine, got more and more involved and with time she took a lot of the responsability for the place on her shoulders. Towards the end of Garden of Eden, we ran it in unison, untill i decided i had been madame long enough and gave the keys to her . She did run it for a while after that, and all in all Garden of Eden existed 3 years or so, in one form or other. After my time as madame ended, i did some freelance escorting, sometimes in established brothels, but mostly just out there in the "streets". I still do a bit.. but its minimal these days. What did u like about being a madame/Escort? There are many sides to this.... If we take the sex thing first.. lets see If the relation between a client and an escort is sound, its based on an agreement that the escort gives pleasure to the client for a limited amount of time, for a certain payment. Besides that... no strings attached. As a free spirit who has never been interested in going romantic in the game, that suited me very well. In my earliest days in the game i quickly realized that if i gave a guy a fuck for "free" there was a more than 50% chance (or risk, rather ) that he would would expect more, and in the worst case scenario, following me around with puppy eyes and getting romantic :-). Also called stalking... So.. the Escort thing worked very well for me. I gave and received a lot of pleasure, in most cases being treated with a lot of respect from my clients. The gift thing for me (and i never charged more than 1 gift for ½ an hour ) has for me always had a symbolic value.. its not about the gift.. its a symbol of the agreement between client and escort, setting up a boundary of the relation. As an escort, i only agreed on doing things with my clients i was comfy with myself and never took on clients i immediately disliked. It might surprise many.. that i went through almost 4 years of intense escorting, without doing anal sex.. as its a thing i dont fancy :-) I never sold my body nor my mind, as such..... just for the taking. I could never be a ragdoll, just having my body used for someones pleasure. Some might do escorting that way... but the best experience.. for both parts.... is when the escort is in on what is happening, and has the mindset to really give the client a good time. I take some pride in what some clients told me... something like this: "I know you are an escort, and its just a business deal, but you manage to make me feel you care." And yes.. i did care, a lot! I always gave full respect to my clients if i felt they respected me, and i am happy to say it was like that in 98% of the way more than 1000 "jobs" i did In the remaining 2% of "jobs" (which occured due to my own misjudging of the clients character) I closed my eyes and thought of my mother country ! And i survived... Another side to all this.. and here mainly in the sense being the madame of a good establishment, was the feel of working together in a group... with the girls that worked at my place. At times i had up to 25 girls that was working with me... showing up on the days they could.. often having up to 10 girls present. The camaraderie we girls had together is one of the most cherished memories i have from all my time in this game ! Of course i didnt get along well with all girls i did employ, i even had to sack a few, but on the grand scale we had a great time together. Some girls worked with me from the the very start, in my first brothel.... and was still coming in.. doing jobs, 4 years later!. And i still have most of the girls that worked with me and who are still on.. on my friends list. When we meet, we always come to talk about the good old days ... i think we all look back on it as something very specal and unigue.. I do ! If any of you girls read this.... thank you for a great end very special time! this was a "tour de force" for me writing.. i also got rather sentimental I will follow up on this on a later date and answer some more questions
  7. Very interesting topic and well written Monday :-) I wil write my own answers once i get enough time to do so i am also looking forward to robo's answer :-)
  8. I found that if I turn radio on in my own room when i log on and dont change it, the bug wont affect me. And the music from last room visited will be played in the editors.. which in my opinion is a big plus But if i switch channel in my own room, the bug starts.
  9. Happy B-day Morgi! See you at the party!
  10. @ Raevaen That comment i wrote over a year ago.... and it should be obvious that my main message was to say that i felt...(and still feel), that the "art" of dj'ing is taken all to seriously by the community in general.. and even more so by the selfproclaimed DJ's. I am of course generalizing agan and putting people into boxes.. it helps to put the message through. And i think the 99.7% you mention is sufficient to make a generalization I do stream myself and select the stuff i play carefully and with great care. But i dont take it for more than it is... providing some selected music for the room i open.. trying to make a good atmosphere along with greetings and comments in local chat. I dont expect (and would dislike) people to bow their heads in awe of my "creativity".
  11. Malvasiah


    Last Open Bar was a truly great place. It had a flair of intimacy and good will that you seldom experience in 3dX. Thanks a lot for sharing it with us, Badword... it was a wonderfull time! And thanks also for your wonderfull hosting! :-)
  12. I totally agree! The darker and denser pubic hair that came with 388 was one of the few good things about that update. I am very sad it dissapeared again...
  13. in my opinion one of the few good things about the 388 update was denser pubic hair... that is gone again :-( all very very dissapointing...
  14. A thing i have given some thought and that i would want to have is: Solo idles.. like standing, sitting, laying poses..should be possible to work for both (all) genders. Like females could have the male idles too, and vice versa. As a female it feels a bit constraining always having to keep my knees together and look like a prude With my limited knowledge about such things.... i think it wouldnt be very hard to make this. .... and i still think boys deserve some more clothing options!
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