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  1. Very striking. Fun and alluring. The problem with us is that we are our own worst critics Someone’s crap is another’s Caravaggio 😊
  2. During my 3 year “tour” it was predominately stable. Before the move to 64bit there were hacks around but some good “mods” too. Never saw or heard of significant downtime or persistent performance issues until that time they did sometime with plexstorm (real time video streaming). I seem to recall when plexstorm users were on there would be a surge in folks logged in and servers falling over, people queueing to log in and so on. I *think* the server move to x64 solved that along with the hacks and mods. it’s only since the DDoS stuff it’s really deteriorated. It’s all hazy and I may have forgotten some events. No doubt someone will be right along to fill in the blanks if you want a warts n all history. A shame for quite a popular platform and along with the intimacy, a great way to meet folks from all over the world, more in demand now thanks to CV19 restrictions on RL social activities. I left for other reasons unrelated to the game. What’s been going on would been a valid reason given that it feels like it’s been abandoned. A shame when the last 9 months it’s been more in demand than ever? I hope they get this sorted in all respects. For them as much as for you guys n gals subscribing.
  3. Chill time with a hint of nostalgia by singing the unofficial verse for this song: The Levellers - Boatman. ”If I could choose the life I lead then I would be a spaceman. Take ecstasy and LSD, get off my fucking face, man. But the man in charge and powers that be want to take away my liberty. If I could choose the life I lead...”
  4. Overhauling the home studio and curbing the lockdown II blues by blasting out some SFA.
  5. A new low lol How the hell can you be proud of hacking something as fragile as 3DX? Don’t put that in your black hat resume, you’ll be a laughing stock!
  6. From the last election... Okay, back on topic. Whatever is used it needs to be fair for everyone. I didn’t think it was (past tense as I’m an ex subscriber well on his way through the 3DX AA twelve steps 😁) I don’t detract from any of the groups who indeed put a lot of hard work and passion into what they do. It can and has on occasion taken some of the fun away from the game but that’s just my, an ex subscriber’s opinion. It feels a little daunting for anyone wanting to set up as a host though, particularly independently of the groups. If you like a small bar feel then great! It just felt like you had to compete a heck of a lot. Filtering would be awesome, friends rooms and favourite rooms listings too. Will it happen? Who knows.
  7. We have a wholesale of liqour that is called Atticus... dumb ik, but it is too early to be serious:]

    1. AtticusFinch


      Not dumb at all. :)  Drink enough however and then you’ll be kinda dumb lol unless of course you’re an intellectual drunk ;). 

  8. Great post. The 3DX clique group culture described perfectly. I’m relieved it’s not just me who could see it. Hopefully it won’t deter you from enjoying the game. In my experience the smaller, lesser populated rooms were better for conversation ;). To keep this on topic, yup, a good idea to have a time for a room to have the top slot and, or, a limit to how often you can hit the button would be ideal. Why not have a system based on a competition to have lesser known rooms showcased. Something like a random draw so the winning room could be prominent for a week, even just a day. Not my concern as an ex player/host/DJ but I still like to think there’s hope for that circus, I won’t hold my breath.
  9. Superman frequents McDonalds, here’s a rare glimpse of him seeking out a branch of said fast food behemoth...
  10. How bout a dick tater? 😷 (grinning emoji being socially responsible)
  11. Love Larry David but this was my first venture into dark humour. The League of Gentlemen...
  12. Oi! You there! You ARE worth it. When you’re down in deepest cavern look up. Just because you can’t see? The sky and stars are still there. If ya can’t see em, just close you eyes and imagine. And maybe, one day, you’ll reach them but if you don’t, you can still say you grasped for them. As for being alone? No one is ever truly alone. No matter how hard you try to shun, to hide, someone will always care. Am I talking bollocks? Probably. Probably but I’m one who’s suffered and recognises suffering. It’s life, it’s being human. “Sometimes you will look around you and say to yourself, ‘I don’t fit in, I’m different to everyone.’ To know this is to learn one of the greatest lessons in life: human beings all do exactly the same things completely different from each other. All of these millions of souls, all in different stages of evolution… how could we ever be the same? We just go to the same school!” Take care and excuse me scribbling on your diary
  13. Curb Your Enthusiasm. Farce at its very best with nothing off limits.
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