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  1. I hope you make it out and flourish. I also hope you take whatever positives you can and look and smile occasionally. And if you do end coming back? So what? It’s not like you’ll be the first and last to do so. That’s your business at the end of the day. Regardless of the outcome, G’luck and may the Schwartz be with you.
  2. Good analogy. Same with narcotics or any toxins. You get the buzz but when your body tells you “enough” then you listen. I guess my mind intervened and as per advice. I heeded the warning. Oh and the fast food euphemisms one could associate with here? There’s quite a list. ;) I’ll indulge in junk food once in a while, but too much makes me ill and the novelty of handing a juicy whopper, badly packed kebab (one for the Aussies there) or succulent breast, thigh or leg wears off. (See? That’s how easy it is to make it smutty. You’re welcome 😁 ). Safe travels and stuff t
  3. Well, That’s me done. I can’t handle this nut farm. I admit it. I can’t cut the virtual mustard. I’ve tried so much in so many ways but there’s no quenching the beast that’s 3DX. I’m tired. My heart aches. My soul is yearning for something else. Life is fleeting and I’m in a sex game pretending to be a hot shot lover and DJ.... What the fuck am I doing? Last night had me seeing it all too clear for what it is and that for me is waste of my time, energy and passion. I stepped and thought of a line from the movie “Heat” that only Al Pacino could deliver.
  4. Hello diary, How are you oh keeper of my innermost ramblings? I’ve been better. Over the last 2 weeks, I opened my heart, opened my soul, was transparent as I could be but I got burned. I’ll take this as a very valuable lesson. Hide my heart and soul away along with my bollocks, focus on my DJing prowess, hanging out with my in game friends and being the same idiot I ever was, just not with everyone I meet. Ill still be nice, goof off, be shy, be stupid, be human. I’m just going to make sure that whoever matters to me knows I matter to me too. I won’t berate
  5. To be fair, the second you spawn there you’re fucked so the owner dodges any trades description issues. If you load in and it’s a pain in the ass to even navigate? Job done
  6. Well, a busy time in game but not the “trousers down and away we go!” busy. Strictly “undercarriage retracted” for now, why? That’s my business Finally broke my DJ drought, dusted off the decks which is the only time I enjoy any form of housework. (Modern man ya see, well, modern-ish!) Deck covers are a fantastic invention so not as much work. Far more important and exciting stuff to do! So yeah, Played a 2 hour set of hair metal from the 80s (do I need to specify the decade? Maybe not but there’s rock from the 80s where the band aren’t infatuated with where their goin
  7. I don’t mean to intrude on your diary but the thought of that guy shuffling around the club, pants around his ankles like a sexually frustrated penguin was too good not to share. Glad to know you managed to dodge his heat seeking moisture missile, nothing worse than a weapon discharging prematurely Hopefully your next encounter will be a far better experience, the aim true and the payload delivered with shattering results Have a great day
  8. Picked up a Rift S in a sale for other games but I’ll try it out with 3DX to see what that’s like. Great review @SerenityWillow😎👏👍
  9. It’s like chrome can’t get to the GPU and 3DX is like “It’s okay, I got this!” Meanwhile, Chrome is...
  10. No poetry today, thank god eh? Picked up on reading owing to some very well thought out and generous gift in the form of a series of books written by a DJ hero of mine, Dave Haslam. One the pioneers and forerunners of the DJ genre we know today along with the likes of Danny Rampling and Graeme Park (Look them up on mixcloud, you won’t be disappointed ). The first of these books is based on the event in 2015 when Dave decided to sell his entire vinyl collection. Now remember, not only is Dave a huge music fan but he’s an old school DJ. His collection was 35 boxes full of 12” 120 gr
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