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  1. Wise words from @Derai and @Nektar Nothing wrong with you being you and having your preferences. You're human like us all. You're a good man. You make the game a better place with humanity, your honesty and your impish charm. Dont change who you are. If you find something uncomfortable thats just life. I hate stinky cheese, wet sponge in trifle, Simon Cowell and the fact that hair grows on my back but not on my head. some love me for those very facts, others think I'm weird, some think I'm a dickhead. Isn't the world a wonderous place? To quote a hero of mine (I've used it before, it's mantra now) “Sometimes you will look around you and say to yourself, ‘I don’t fit in, I’m different to everyone.’ To know this is to learn one of the greatest lessons in life: human beings all do exactly the same things completely different from each other. All of these millions of souls, all in different stages of evolution… how could we ever be the same? We just go to the same school!”
  2. If you have cats close your door. If you think having one walk in when youre on the toilet is bad... that look of perplexion a cat can give when you're at the zenith of your orgasm is something that will haunt you for a long time.
  3. Me too, ever since I heard the song. Brilliant lyrics. Not a huge fan of that era, but this one (lol excuse the pun) stuck out and has been a favourite ever since.
  4. A total fluke find looking for an EDM remix. That moment when you what you find is better than you sought.
  5. Dammit! You made me dig out my "Roses" collection! lol
  6. Great to see the diaries of others here still being updated with some fascinating and titillating reading! As for me, nothing exciting to report. I'm back in game after 3 months away and slowly getting used to it, keeping myself to myself, made a couple of new freinds, re aquainted with others. A lot of pennance to be served for one particular person but I'm leaving that person well alone to conduct thier life as they wish. I'm not one to pester or hang around if I'm not wanted. Anyway. Somehow, I've ended up with over a year's gametime to burn (376 Days) and I'm almost certain my subcription was almost up. Ah well looks im around for a while, I'll keep low key and observe, talk about music.As for anything else, I'm really feeling it and even I'm separated now I still feel I'd be cheating or at the very least goading someone. I've caused enough pain and endured enough to last the rest of my days. It's also really exhausting. Speaking of pennance well I guess Attonement. I was asked by hospital staff if I could help with a few charity events which require someone to set up a PA, some music and so on. I grabbed this oppurtunity with both hands. After the strain I've placed on an already stretched health service how could even contemplate declining? The first event was last Thursday and they made 1200 quid for an orphanage. After a conversation with the staff who organised it, I'll endaveour never to be an asshole to anyone ever again. I thought I knew what "lonely" was with estranged parents. At least I knew them when they were alive through to my 40s. Incidentally, I've volunteered to help in anyway I can. If I can shed the tiniest shard of light into someone's life? A spark of inspiration? Academic. I'm there, and doing for more good than I ever did in game Right, this just offloading now, I'll stop bearing in mind where we are and what this diary section is about. I'll have sex again if I'm in game then we all know it's there and sooner or later I'll click with someone and well, you know the rest I hope to see some of around sometime. you're a good bunch if a lil screwey, but then again, aren't we all? Take care, be safe, be happy, be loved.
  7. Great Diary! I'm catching up on it and its wonderful to read, I'd happily buy this if it were ever published. Would you record the audiobook yourself or have someone to do it for you? If it were the latter, who?
  8. Oh yes I'm getting there, more ahing now than anything but I'll put that down to ravages of time as well as being subject to some impromptu Van collision protection device testing My lungs feel like I tried to drink the contents of a lake during a particularly ardous swim but I'm getting better every day, thankful I'm okay otherwise. Just as Monty Python's Brian was called in the film, I'm a very "lucky bastard!", not "The Messiah" or indeed "A very naughty boy" Hope you're well Jack, Thanks very much for your kind wishes, theyre truly appreciated
  9. Thankyou for your generosity. A tuly magnificent human being.
  10. Wotcha! Just checking in if anyone still reads this stuff here and gives a damn. Hope you're surviving and being safe in these crazy times. Just going to lay some stuff down here, I actually came back because as we all know, one can never truly leave beacause as much as you try and leave, you'll always come back. I'm a little hazy after a combination of Covid and Cycling accident in which I come off second best against a delivery van which from what I'm told is pretty much a "two strikes out of three" scenario. Not a clever move by me but I'm human and very fucking stubborn. I found that moving steel and plastic out stubborned me and well, yeah. Thank fuck I was waering a helmet otherwise this post wouldve been posthumous. Having a chunk of memory almost wiped, the human equivalent of a disk defrag isnt fun. Then there's regaining cognitive functions not to mention reminding my legs they have purpose really sucks without a montage and appropriate music. Also, putting un-neccassary strain on the health service when its already at crisis really makes see just hoe selfish you can be. All i could think was "how dare I think they way I thought that day". Lesson learned. So um yeah. Lots of apologies, bridges to be possibly re built and "old aquaintances be forgot" to be "unforgotten" . They say there may be food shortages this coming season, I'll be fine with copious helpings of humble pie Take it easy. Be Kind. (Sometimes however, a kick in the junk to get one thinking and things moving can work wonders. )
  11. Heya, there's no direct feature in the Engine software for any of the Denon kit. VDJ should detect you have the Prime 4 unit and download a skin and software to integrate with the Prime 4. Make sure you keep up to date with firmware and engine software updates as these are evolving and making the decks even better! You should be able to download and install directly via the decks if you've set them up to connect to your WiFi. I used VDJ in game and streamed directly from the app, works like a charm. the only issue I had to overcome was the lower output levels (Compared to my MCX8000 decks) but you should be able to work around this. More details here: https://denondjforum.com/t/official-virtual-dj-compatibility-is-here/2506 By the way, you've made a good choice! I use Denon Prime4 for my RL gigs and even used to record vocals on to backing tracks. This along with editing software like Audacity makes for a very good (but basic!) recording solution. G'luck, hope you get or have gotten this sorted .
  12. Sorry to read this. I played for you a while ago and had a ball, saw you the other night as you were closing and loved the room and the music. Sad you’ve taken this decision but completely understand. To me it’s a no win situation unless you’re the devs. All about money and it’s taking the fun element away. Imagine what people could do RL with the money they spend on X gold. Never understood spending money like that just to keep a room at the top regardless of numbers. Agreed that it’s personal choice to boost a room but do the big rooms with say over a hundred people in really need to boost so often? It’s as you say like a running a business now and in a game like 3DX? Imagine what you could do RL? I don’t compete for numbers there anymore or work for bigger groups. I have my independence and a great bunch people who are amazing. I have a small venue, a small dance troupe and we’ve had a ball rehearsing , building music sets and even I have dusted off my building gloves. We’re gonna have fun and let other waste their money on boosting if they so choose. Hope you’re both okay and focusing both your talents on things far more rewarding and deserving. Best wishes, An old friend.
  13. While you wait for the API to be fixed… The Apples invite you shake your thang!
  14. Rock Pier are proud to present a night of Rock music from across the globe. Featuring: DJ Venita, DJ Sus, DJ Harry and DJ RebelGirl. Also featuring the Lil Bunny Dance group. This Friday!
  15. Pitying…. Wondering if that money might be better spent on addressing your acute multi personality disorder. You don’t half spent an awful lot of time and effort with your troupe of alts trying to convince a very small audience of your “success”… Biggest fake, loser and f**k up I’ve ever encountered. You’d make a psychiatrist very happy and wealthy with all the work required to unravel all your bullshit. Being obnoxious on sex game forum. What is so sorely lacking in your life that this is what you consider entertainment? Rest assured, there are more people laughing at you, pitying you or have you on block. So basically, you’re laughing at your own farts in a very empty room. You sad, sad man….
  16. Mashup Gods - 2 Many DJs As heard on Radio Soulwax. Pt1
  17. Today! After a successful opening last week, The Rock Pier will be bringing you Rock music from British Artists covering all eras and genres. Resident DJs RebelGirl and HarryStottle along with the Lil Bunnies dance group. Doors open from 12:30EDT/17:30 BST/18:30CEST
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