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  1. So we have to uninstall reinstall for every patch?
  2. I havent been able to log since thursday before last. Cant get verizon fix to work. And nobody is answering me. I am ready to just walk.
  3. This still doesnt make sense to me. Wouldnt that mean all verizon members on 3dx would now show the same ip addy. Then that means 1 person controlling that router have access. As well as access to our personal info. I know 3dx has outside billing but we all know that some have alot more access than some people know about. And if someone does someting illegal with that ip does it potentially fall back on everyone connected to it? Sounds sketchy. If you can do all that why cant you just fix it to work like it has for last 5 yrs. Dont see how a different server is any safer.
  4. Also do all the features and functions rooms saved etc work like normal 3dx?
  5. Is this gonna be fixed? or is it gonna be vpn for verizon forever?
  6. Ive noticed that sometimes the water at beach level in apt 1 is calm other times the swells are really high. What changes the calmness of ocean water? Is it a setting? Or is on some type of loop or cycle?
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