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  1. @Gizmo Hey, I am from Asia and still facing the same problem, can not see rooms without using a VPN in both Europe Or USA server , could you please fix this ?
  2. @MeiLing it is just 500 Mb of free data for a month lol
  3. @ColinDude @Gizmo @Lisa My pings are still high as u can see in pic, but if connect to vpn I can see rooms with same high pings ? and now I need to pay $9.99 for each month for VPN, nice lol
  4. @ColinDude Yeah have fun with my money cant even say bye to my friends in game and i will hope Elon helps
  5. @ColinDude yeah after 2 yrs my pings are giving problem I better ask Elon Musk for help
  6. @ColinDude i dont think it is all due to pings, I mean my friend list is loading fine with online friends ( but cant talk to them just can watch them ) and my pics and profile is loading fine it is just the rooms that are not showing up. i have used worse internets before and the game was working fine back then .
  7. @ColinDude can u share the link that will be helpful ? and i do play other game and ping is actually good then the result i m getting from self test 3dxserver..
  8. @ColinDude I m getting this, never had this kind of problem in 2 years..
  9. @ColinDude As you can see in pic my ping is good and those steps are not helping..
  10. Hey, I am not able to talk to my friends and can not see any room in game open as you can see in the pic.I get dc whenever I send them msg, please help me with this issue!! I'm not using any VPN and my antivirus is off. Having problem in both the servers ( USA & Europe ).
  11. Having the same prob when I save a dress without a sticker and reopen it from save the dress gets a sticker(don't appears when I open a saved outfit) by it own when I go public and then that sticker appear s and have to change tht everytime.Helpp!!!!
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