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  1. Yah more groups poses be great as well as the cum shots. Though I really want a mating press pose... One of the main ones I really like to see of late
  2. With this being a topic of those who like and are trying to find group fun, please keep it as such. If you wish to keep this little argument going with random people who happen to enjoy something, make you're own topic and go to town alright?. People like what they like weather that be mmf, ffm, or whatever its a game at the end of the end. the whole dom and sub thing is up to the ones in the group. I for one just enjoy the writing and the fantasy of mmf the dom and sub stuff isn't really the mean goal of when I rp and I have found many who just like to have fun so lets keep enjoying the game how we like and move on. Again this topic is meant for not only myself but others who are looking for group fun simple as that.
  3. Such things are always fine hehe
  4. There are many poses I'd like to see. however if I had to pick one I really want the matingpress XD its so good and needs to be added in the game.
  5. Anyone else feel like the next big patch, should be be for a crap load of poses we actually want? lol Just a big patch all for new poses. I'd love to see that.
  6. Just an fun heads up to everyone. I'll be making a new topic soon, maybe over the weekend, Not 100% sure when yet due to being busy. But it will be kind of a Looking for Gangbang help sheet/add whatever you want to call it. Where you can mention what your after. As well as events you'd like to get in on if we had more awesome Rp/ gangbang partners. An friend and I have had a few good group events we like to see, but we need more people that we enjoy Rping with first. So I think this new topic may help with that hopefully anyway Anyhow again not sure when I'll post it yet so keep a look out, but if your interested just like my post here so I can see how many like it so far. And I'll get this topic going as soon as I have the time to better write it out.
  7. I agree, I'm sure ego plays a great deal in it, which is sad. Just enjoy the game I'm always on the hunt for awesome gangbang partners huge points if their Black but since good rp partners are a pain to find on most days, any are good
  8. Great to hear it really need more willing guys like you to help us out for those MFM gangbangs lol
  9. No I agree it can be rough Neklar. Find actual good Rp parnters for GBs. All you can do really is keep trying. Evenually you'll find a few and make sure to add them. Cause good GB Rp parnters are fun keepers, plus you make more friends for other Rps not just GBs which is always handy as well. I have just about the same bad luck on most days so I feel you're pain lol
  10. I see what you mean Rob, and can agree. However at the end of the day people enjoy what they like and yes they're will always be iusses with trying to find parnters for whatever things people are looking for, but its what makes it more fun when you do finally find what you're after. As for cold invites yes they are part of the game, and much like what I mentioned in my other post about people entering a titled room only to say they aren't into something is lame. I'm not huge on cold invites myself but if i enter a room that is marked as such I'm going in their willing to say yes to some. So it also should be the same way for other titled rooms, but sadly others don't seem to realize this lol. So I'd more or less agree with you, but I'd also would addon to your end post, saying instead if they get insult for entering a room they say they aren't into well thats their own damn fault
  11. Sadly it's a common thing in those rooms Uncle. Have ran into a few that replied with *Not into GBs* lol not sure why your in the room if your not into something but alright. It's more or less a suck game with finding awesome GB parnters, but once you do they are rather fun. So just keep on searching. Been actually thinking about opening up another topic on here, to help others find not only RP parnters but GB ones, but I'll wait to see the amount of inerest on that idea bit more first
  12. I agree with you Chik73, by the sounds of it you have better luck then I lol. Either way I understand what you mean at the end of you're post, At the end of the day its a game, not sure why others have to make it have elements of RL its a 2nd life type game to enjoy you're fantasys. My saying will always be what happen in a rp stays in the rp, it shouldn't affect my other rps with other people.
  13. Sadly but its true, which is sad so spend less time always trying to out do each other and just enjoy the fun gangbang. Either way Happy new years everyone. Here's hoping 2019 is full of gangbangs in game XD.
  14. I've notice this bug alot myself since joining the game, hope it gets fixed at some point.
  15. I have to agree with alot of you, however Dairea I think got it pretty close It is annoying to find some for sure, the worse is when you join a Gangbang room and get an message from someone who then turns around and said they aren't into GB... Well I do believe your in the wrong room then lol It would be awesome if their was a community around built for more idea like that, mix with some different rp ideas and such, cause the descriptive ones are the best, but also the hardest to find at times XD.
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