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  1. Would be great to find that many others to join in and really take turns! Had a gangbang with 3 other guys and was amazing. She definitely loved the attention and getting passed around by all of us. Hopefully I'll be able to find some more who'd like to join and see how big the party actually can get
  2. Hey all! Got this game awhile back and realized I really love group fun (can we finally get some mmmf poses tho ;)).. been lookin for a QOS and other guys to share in some sexy descriptive group fun while we take turns in enjoying the experience. Would like long term fun. Message if you’d be interested in joining the gang... just remember that sharing is definitely caring!
  3. 100% agree with you and it's great to know there are other guys who fantasize of sharing a woman with another guy. Definitely a turn on when a woman needs to have two guys attention. There really is nothing better than knowing a woman is completely turned on and is sexually fulfilled and shares that with multiple partners at once. I've been looking for other guys who are interested and women who love having two guys or even more share in the group pleasure. It's been fairly hard to find so let me know if you need another to join in since it sounds like we have the same fantasies.. would be very interested.
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