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  1. I was! Somehow managed to scroll past this like 3 times ffs 😂
  2. As the title says, does anyone have a good suburb/neighborhood map they'd be willing to share? There's one that seems to be cropping up a lot lately but I have no idea where to find and download that room from my usual sources of shared rooms/maps. Thanks
  3. Kind of related to this - but for my futa friends, can the option of having a dick whilst being fucked in the pussy be a thing please? Don't some futa's have a pussy and cock?
  4. I doubt it. It’ll likely be 2 new clothes a new position and maybe a new hair, that’s all lol
  5. I can almost see someone making a client that hooks into the existing launcher and offers more flexibility whilst still forcing members to pay so it’s all a bit more above board
  6. This will likely fall on deaf ears as most things do here (but I may as well tag @Gizmo & @Lisa) but I figured I’d vent here anyway just incase... Firstly, can we please have the option to leave skirts on during sex? If I’m giving a guy a BJ irl my skirt doesn’t always get removed, same as when I’m getting fucked irl too, I actually prefer clothes sex, so let us keep these on in the game too... (would also be nice to have the option to move panties aside and not remove them outright) Second, for my futa/TG/femboy friends; please let dicks be visible under skirts. As
  7. Whales have a 6ft bone in their penis... bit of a head-start lol
  8. This has been bugging me for a while now, wanted to check it wasn't just on my end with a friend of mine and it turns out, it's a universal issue. This dress seems to make your mid-rift totally disappear for some reason. Like as soon as the stockings end, so does your body. How did no-one spot this when it was implemented??
  9. The surface one that’s been mentioned above is incredibly sexy! I like being fucked hard like that, so seeing poses similar to that turn me on a lot. Please devs add these to the game!!
  10. Tbh I’d like to see more of the underwear under the clothing... if I’m wearing the bodysuit style “bra” and an open front dress, I’d like to see the bra piece underneath, same with panties - if they were high waisted you could see them coming out the top of the skirt
  11. As above sadly none of this stuff gets put into the game. I don’t think the devs even check it unless they’re posting about another ddos attack... an option to drop the bottle etc would be nice instead of getting fucked whilst still holding the bottle
  12. Hopefully this isn’t already in game but I don’t recall seeing it. Can we please get the option to add some tan lines, in the shape of bikinis, swimsuits etc for gals and shorts for guys? I know it’s a huge turn on for a lot of people (myself included).
  13. Plus please add a little maid cap! It’ll finish off the maid outfit
  14. We just need a “do not disturb” mode. Once you go into it, the player who messages you gets a message saying you’re in DND mode and you don’t get the messages until you come back out of that mode.
  15. It would be nice if they did a week free trial or something. The number of friends I’ve had tell me they’d try it but don’t want to spend the money on something they might not enjoy and would only use once.
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