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  1. It would be nice to hear from @Gizmo himself as to whether there were issues with this perhaps? Or if there’s any plans to add it to the game sometime soon? Come on dude, it’s one of the most requested things
  2. How many years have we been asking for this now? I've been here since 2020 and it's been asked since then at least.... Come on @Gizmoand @Lisa... We've asked and asked and asked. I can't imagine it's too hard to stop the auto removal from happening...
  3. They're not talking about the names, they're talking about the glowsticks with the trails behind them which you can't turn off.
  4. By the looks of it we won’t be getting any updates this year…
  5. tbh I wouldn't miss WC if it was removed. All it is these days are people promoting rooms, talking politics or being racist/xenophobic/homophobic or just general toxic behaviour...
  6. I’m a bit late making this thread, it was meant to be at the start of the year but hey ho. Here’s some stuff I’d love to see in game before the end of the year; 1. blowjobs with bottom clothing still on - we’ve been asking for years, please let me give my partner a bj with my skirt/pants/panties still on. Gizmo if you do this, I’ll even give you one 2 - cow print clothing - we have leopard print panties and bras in game, so please can we have cowprint stuff too please? 3 - clothing sliders - I think it would be cool to allow us sliders to set the opacity and shinyness of the clothing we wear! 4 - more outfits/costumes - please give us some more themed outfits… nuns/priests, fireman/woman, doctor/nurse, cheerleader/footballer 5 - variants on existing clothing - I’d love to be able to change the material on a few bits of clothing, let us pick? Or add in the same clothing but with different material? 6 - MORE MALE OUTFITS - give the guys something to look forward too. Give them some more clothes please? I’m tired of getting fucked by clones
  7. The bottom clothing staying on for BJ's has been asked/requested so many times for so many years, but we still have no answers and no fix
  8. I guess because it’s hard to be positive when there have been so many letdowns and broken promises. How long have we been told that clothing and pose editors are “coming soon” and “will be ready when they’re ready” Not to mention other stuff that’s been teased and then withheld. Earrings, tails, etc. And the nipples piercings which were ultra low effort and were then cancelled entirely instead of being reworked into something cool. We still haven’t even seen any dev presence in this thread
  9. It’s a shame because little things like that are more important to keep a community closer, but all the devs care about is Lovense deals and other projects
  10. Very confused…. Is the Sin Club an old club on 3dx or is it some other game….?
  11. I guess it appears Gizzy and Lisa are taking some time away from the game? I was expecting to have had a response from them by now discussing some points I mentioned. A real shame.
  12. You and me both. Even more so when the “not entirely legal” version of the game has a LOT more customisation etc… you know it’s bad when the rip off is arguably better than the real version
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