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  1. I guess it appears Gizzy and Lisa are taking some time away from the game? I was expecting to have had a response from them by now discussing some points I mentioned. A real shame.
  2. You and me both. Even more so when the “not entirely legal” version of the game has a LOT more customisation etc… you know it’s bad when the rip off is arguably better than the real version
  3. Exactly this! I don’t mind hearing of stuff isn’t going to plan, but at least then I can avert my expectations of what we will get in an update. It’s all about communication and being transparent with the user base
  4. They have been a little more active on Twitter I believe but it’s still not really been much
  5. Figured I’d make another topic instead of necro’ing the one I made last time. This thread is sort of a follow up from a comment I made on someone else’s thread as it really got me thinking. Firstly this isn’t a thread to just bash on the devs, if you want to do that then please start another topic; this thread is more just my thoughts on what we as consumers should really be getting in terms of interaction. @Lisa, @Gizmo I’ll be honest; I don’t actually know how active you two are on the forums. For all I/we know you could read every single comment of every single thread, but the fact we don’t really know that is part of the issue. You’ve both created a game and a community and you should both be proud of that, so interact with us! Give us feedback on ideas, join in with our conversations! Instead of just posting an announcement once a month. That sort of brings me onto my next point. The forums are kind of neglected. I have an account on here, I’ve joined the discord server and I follow you on Twitter but all three platforms have different announcements for different things; surely you should be updating all 3 with the same stuff so those who don’t use discord or Twitter can still be kept in the loop? My final point is probably my biggest bug bear and it’s likely the same for everyone else here - the lack of transparency. Game development takes time, developing new items, clothes, poses for the game take time and we get that, but why not let us know what you’re working on, more frequently? In my previous topic I asked for a road map, however we don’t really even need that. Just keep us updated, tell us the cool things you’re working on, show us pictures and let us know how things are progressing. A lot of the hate you two receive is from players who are told an update will be “out soon” to then not hear anything for 6 months, and that’s just not really acceptable, when these people are part of your community! You have some really great platforms here as well as some very talented individuals who want to create items for the game, so work with them, let them flourish and then everyone wins! Yes I understand that you don’t want to be updating the game with new content every other day, so put it to a poll, see which items most people want and then add them in turn. if Gizzy and Lisa do end up reading this, I hope they let us know and can see where I’m coming from. Like I said this thread isn’t to bash them or abuse them, they’re just my thoughts on how we can all be treated a little better. thanks for reading
  6. I think every single other user here will agree with you in wanting more feedback from the devs, however you will unfortunately see that this just isn’t happen - it’s something we as a community has been asking for a number of years now but it’s still never really happened. the best way to stay in the loop is check the forums, join their discord and follow their Twitter. Before you ask - yes it is arbitrary to have to follow 3 sources just to potentially hear about any upcoming things, and yes we are all fairly sick of it. Hopefully one day it will change but I can’t see it being any time soon. We thought after the Lovense partnership and the Chaturbate partnership it would make the devs more motivated and more inclined to share their plans, but that just hasn’t happened, and if that hasn’t made them want to be more open with us as a community then I just don’t think anything will.
  7. Never thought I’d see the N24 Foxtail Manta on a 3dx forum but I’m loving it
  8. I’m having flashbacks to that fucking Jack Black stop sign remix of this now too
  9. It would be nice too if you could add a category when making/hosting a room. Like game, roleplay, club, sex room and then people could search and filter rooms via the category.
  10. Any chance we can get some cowprint patterns to add to clothing as a 'print' layer? Should be an easy one to implement
  11. Hopefully with the partnership with Lovense means that they’ll be pressured to actually deliver something now. Surely the money is there with how many people play this game?
  12. Could be genuinely interesting if the devs posted gifs of the poses onto here and then asked us if we wanted them and thought they were good enough. @Gizmo @Lisa An idea to trial perhaps?
  13. By the sounds of it 90% of the stuff they make is rejected entirely or they get told 'not in this update' only for it to never be mentioned again.
  14. Regardless of how big the team is. If they're charging money for it, users are going to expect updates. I use the term updates in two ways as well; added content and also keeping user updated as to what is going on, what they're planning, their progress with it etc. - perhaps I should have made that clearer as reading my reply back now I can see why it might have come across as me just wanting content in the game. I just want to know what's going on. This silence for months really isn't a good move on their part. Even like every two weeks saying 'here's our progress' or 'here;s what we're planning' would go a long way and wouldn't take them any time...
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