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  1. Seeing as a lot of topics recently are regarding updates and their contents (a lot of which are complaints, which I can agree with in some cases), I would like to suggest a development roadmap or similar. @Gizmo, @Lisa the reason you guys get so much flak on here is because you’re not very communicative with the community. I don’t know if you’re professionals at this, or whether this is a side project that you’re struggling to keep up with, but either way sometimes your lack of comms with us, your customers is concerning. My idea is fairly simple - to ask the community what they’d like to see most in the next 6-12 months, figure out which are the most wanted and then create a road map/ dev update blog that we can all follow, so that we can know what to look forward to. That way we as players can follow along, and suggest things along the way, and also you a devs will be more open and talkative to us all. Obviously there will be a delay on some things here and there, but as long as you’re upfront about it, I can’t see too many people being too upset. Just a thought.
  2. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind this even if we had to use xgold to buy the clothes, atleast then we would have a use for it... I think though that maybe there should be a green light system, coming from imvu there’s so much crappy stuff in the store that just clogs it up. Maybe if a certain number of people give a designed item of clothing the go ahead then it could be put into the store for sale, just so it doesn’t become too big and full of junk. Just a thought
  3. Please can we have the option for a skirt to remain on during sex. A lot of guys seem to like the skirts to stay on, but for the girls tits to be out, do dresses don’t really fill this role.
  4. Probably a niche, but I figured as we have cat ears/ dog ears/ bunny ears in the game, could we not add in buttplug tails? im sure the D/S BDSM community would appreciate it
  5. Would be nice if we could have some choices in what our characters sound like when “getting to know” one another. For females you could have some cuter presets, some more mature ones, higher pitches, lower pitches etc for guys maybe some deeper tones, or more feminine moans for the sissy/sub guys too. it just gets kinda lame hearing the same moans all the time especially in group stuff where two people sound identical. I’m sure members of the community would happily record some stuff to use too
  6. Can we get a doggy pose where our hair is being pulled please?
  7. True but sometimes users with certain hardware get issues so it could be used to see if there’s any pattern there. A few months back a game I play updated and it only affected Ryzen users for example
  8. Hey so I’m starting to get the hang of world editor now, and figured I’d try to start downloading some premade 3D furniture. However when I try to rotate the furniture, each part of it rotates and it ends up becoming all disjointed and weird. is this just what happened with pre made stuff or am I doing it wrong?
  9. Can’t say I’ve experienced lag. Maybe a minor background update has made the game more demanding and people’s PCs are now struggling to keep up a little? If people above could post their system specs it could help perhaps?
  10. I had a similar issue. A fresh install of the game fixed it for me one bug I’ve noticed is that the panties seem to sit over my stockings/pantyhose instead of underneath. Makes me look like super woman lol
  11. I think there’s a frame limit on positions though, so each guy would only get about 1/2 second of pumping before the next guy sadly
  12. A cap to match the maid outfit would be great
  13. Absolutely agree with a lot of these, but I feel the strongest about the skirt/panties staying on during sex. I like being fucked whilst wearing an outfit. The “schoolgirl look” sort of loses its fun it the skirt gets removed as that’s what makes a lot of guys and girls find the outfit so sexy
  14. Body shots and creampies would be amazing. as would being able to cum on someone’s clothes
  15. Hey all, I’m trying to create a game room, but in order for it to work, players names need to be hidden. How can I achieve this? I’ve been in a few rooms where names are hidden so I know it’s possible, but I have no idea how and sadly google brings up no results. any help would be appreciated xx
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