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  1. If we got this highly detailed avatar that can even see nails... maybe we have to adjust our hand/ feet size too, or it will be ugly when we're having such fancy nails
  2. lol growed up people need some useless image gifts to show how mature and sexy they are
  3. good news, boots are back and now with texture system yayy
  4. * set my room limit 'not opening for player has higher sex ratings than ★★★☆☆' yay, no more colders and monkes, only some "boring" ppl like me——who play this game as sims can enter my rooms and share the vibe now~ happy? That's something I can do for high-sex-rated players based on this system: totally ignore all of them
  5. It may cause clipping issues since flexible objects are easily to nonclip through other objects, but that would be nice if we can save some time on making footpaths!
  6. I won't change my bad-looking design avatar just because someone's own unique bad aesthetic standards doesn't meet how I look
  7. So? I'm also not an native speaker, but I know the difference between a friendly suggesting and a bossy require. Especially when somebody keep ask silly requests and being bossy, the only thing I'm sure is that's really annoying.
  8. must add. must add Did you made this game or you invested a lot? why all your suggests are 'must do something?' btw what is amazon pose anyway?
  9. It's not about manners, but simply: because those pants are only made for male avatars, so they only have the 3d-models for male avatar body. Yes! regardless of gender, you can wear any pants or skirts for avatars of different genders - as long as you don't care about model and animation rig errors due to body mismatches, you can wear whatever you want in the game———But it could be hilarious when someone complains about model bugs in future , and accusing developers that “even such basic mistakes can happen.” From what I see here, the male avatar shots has only several difference with female avatars version: 1: they got a belt(which we can't find anywhere in game) 2: female avatar version of shorts got softer lines than the male avatar one Besides that, everything is just same! you can adjust the texture to make it look like the male avatar version showed on picture in probably 1 minutes or less.
  10. collar:use anyone, colored it in red with golden metal parts lingerie: use any texture applicable clothes, some giving textures are very like cow paints milk machine: you can download it from 3dxmods, people are making them lactation tits: I wish one day we can get em
  11. imagine building and making details on those tiny lil screens, with the burning heat of cpu and battery why don't just play yareel instead? at least we can save this time to let devs add some more useful contents:/
  12. now I have to change plan for my stairs ; w ;
  13. Maybe make several minigames (such as work in sims) and add a hunger/thrist bar for player could make those xgolds more valuable...? just thinking...
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