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  1. then go and play...... but the costumes are the only good thing of pirate version btw--they don't have autofix on head model, and they're obviously lack on server quality and poses
  2. actually the pirates did better job on clothing... at least they got tons of new clothes. :c
  3. So what ? Don't you want to talk all these things above to devs, instead saying what i'm doing is useless? If this suggestion really works, I don't have to spend my time to make a new model, donate it freely to devs, and wish this outfit could make every player feels a little better, there will be tons of clothes/furnitures in game now. but what we got now? NADA someone has to do something , so I'm trying to stand out. either I'll become the helper, or the sinner make this game worse, at least I did something. but what did you do then? make some changes, or do som
  4. I‘m not mean’ "money", but a new set of clothes for female avatar.
  5. I gived up on waiting them to update any useful things... so I'm deciding to make something and donate to them and see if they can put it in game.
  6. just like the topic... It is sad we have soo much objects now but we just have almost nothing on new costumes. So I'm just wondering if there's anyway I can donate my designs/mod files? maybe it will help the situation...just maybe
  7. yup...... everytime I want to find a longer dress, it is not possible. Maybe I'll try to find some ways to make a sexy but longer costume... if I can
  8. I know that posting so many posts must make me look very annoying... But after trying to match most of the feasible styles and spending nearly a few months on the world editor, it made me The shameful fact is: I started to feel a sense of "emptiness" spreading in my heart Yes, "emptiness"... Obviously we have so many interesting rooms, many kinds of clothes that can be matched with styles, and various systems to help rp... But the feeling of emptiness in my heart is getting more and more difficult. I don’t know what’s wrong with me...but I find it difficult to get interested in making a room
  9. Just like the topic said... is it that hard to add some coloring or texture option for those non-colorble clothes? As far as I know , the custom coloring is already exist in that server you know ---they even did the textures. although some textures are really low quality, but hey...... who doesn't want a cow lingerie? or a more fantastic looking costume--at least it's colored. we got the witch hat and top hat already, and I already see some players have the colored version by glitch, then... maybe it's not hard to achieve these things?
  10. Actually I'm not good at codes, so I'm just trying my best to make the room like the picture shown... maybe it will be a second option for players who doesn't like a island house(but fortunately we need the room backgrounds in previous version or it will look super weird lol)
  11. these pics are giving me new ideas! maybe I can try to make some of those
  12. A world map(shows player's room on random location, just a ui) with movable cars(drivable cars), an elevator, or just add jumping could make the game be way better, but we never get that
  13. maybe a longer skirt, and move the maid dress to upwear too! that will make the maid outfit more elegant
  14. No, I don't need to be accurate to every screw, and I don't want to do it. Because this has no effect other than the needless increase in the file size of the room. You are right. Everyone has their own preferences, so the scoring system is useless. I agree with this point, so: Hey--let's get to the point: I don’t care who made these rooms, or how great the DJs in this room are (although good DJ is make the room hotter, but this is not the main point). I don't even care if this room is a cold room. The only thing I care about is "shit" or "no shit" in this room Progress for novices is v
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