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  1. 2 yrs passed, we got nada
  2. then what we got now? "this aint for me","this aint for me either", "why the good rooms doesn't have much people in there?" you have to admit that there is at least 2 or more rooms are basically just c+p a lot of template free rooms, maybe edit them a little bit, put a "cold ok" or "cold sex" on it, then share them on server, get 60-70 peoples in the room. less than 1 hr building, no dj musics, no fun game mods, then why these kinds of junk are attracting more people than a room obviously take months to build? the answer is simple: if you can cold, why talking eh? I don't really hate "cold", yup, that's a game mood too. it's a good thing for people who work all day to have a little relax in the game. but what I can't bear it's the sh*t quality rooms: yes. if everyone can use an template room to build a trash-quality public room, name it "cold sex", and attract so much people, what's the meaning of wasting 3-4 hrs, even months of someone's life to built a nice public room but just got few people? cold is good, but at least the room have to be qualified. Or what we could get it's this kind of junks at all time, wow. that's a 10/10 gaming experience right?
  3. well... just like the topic, when we can give the low-quality room built with tons template rooms from internet a 1/5 ? ps: the fun thing is this room successfully attracts tons of players because it's cold ok, wow = =
  4. well...this game is much boring than before... maybe free trail for new users won't be bad?
  5. I'm not sure what you mean, But I'm pretty sure cold room is not same as "rape" room. Yes, I don't like cold, But that's more like an awkward invite for sex but not rape. Yes, players can't really got raped in game because they have to allow all the poses. But the room name here--- it's a big problem. Is it so hard to build a ghetto/alley map, named as"dangerous alley", and open for people who have those fantasies? Or it is funny to be offensive to those who actually hurt by those things, and blame to cold?
  6. What you mean "stop crying"?
  7. seriously, what's wrong with those people? is change a name of their room so hard? Or they just want show their desires to public?
  8. Just a thought... could avatars scale their body height? I know that may means a lot of work on re-animations but it's pretty cool to be shorter/ higher than other avatars.
  9. Some classy/goth wears? Sometimes you don’t need to be naked to Define "hot", , an avatar can also be very sexy when dressed modestly---and make the male avatars will not look like an street punk anymore
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