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  1. should we say the awarded avatars are... slightly little......not pretty as the others devs putting on news?
  2. they can always make an adjustable hairstyle like those new skirts——with changeable fringes , bangs, back hairs and add on pony tails just like HS series does to avoid clipping, but that just means they can
  3. I still don't understand why the gloves are only for male avatars, but female avatar still have to use those two fingerless sleeves——yes, It's classy for sure. But how about Adding something to let us cover our, fingers? which is not hard to make , just simply disable the nails or limit its length when gloves on, then it will solve clipping problems——if that's what devs concerning about.
  4. Well, up to you. if,you can't have a conversation normally but attack anyone even they have the same pov with you, good luck then. I'd rather be a b word without much tatoo instead of covering my avatar head to toe in tatoos.
  5. Although many people don't care that their tattoos actually make their avatar look ugly, it's their freedom to do that. I can totally understand the feeling of being covered in unattractive, extensive tattoos: really, it serves little decorative purpose other than to make the avatar look dirty (not in the punk sense). But hey: why should you care in a community where the majority of the playerbase is made up of monkes who spend three minutes crafting their avatars? Ugly/perfunctory avatar = won't answer any of their conversations unless their conversation or person is interesting enough and the problem is solved
  6. Sad but realistic fact. Even though these rooms are annoying and slowly killing the game, there's very little we can do about them. Apparently sgd doesn't think this is against the rules as it makes them profitable. On the other hand, all players can do is block these rooms → get a smaller room list → quit the game because they are too bored. But no one takes this seriously: hey, SGD got subscriptions, dance groups got money, host got populations, everyone is forced to be happy or quit
  7. It starts with just few dance groups+ dj——nobody expect that 2 years later, the gamemode totally turned into : * build a box with dancefloors and make the details as minimum as possible, but set the room's name/theme as vulgar as possible, then fill the room with tons of unnecessary light pollution. *put tons of snacks in it for extra earnings, even it doesn't fit the theme * invite/ become/ hire dancebots and fill the room with it * people come, virtually dancing and drinking, became a digital dancing zombie *M U N E H It's not hard to understand now why many content creators leaving this game: The room you spent 2 weeks on it and handmaking everything only have few visitors, but boxes with cold and dancebots always have 50+ populations, how nice
  8. This feature is really great! really! But who still remember in newer versions of game we only have a field of void under the sea instead of infinite water?
  9. I think she mean those players with bumper and weird avis
  10. what I keep doing is using a cube to pre-size the object in the room, and horizontally move it far from the main structure, ans working on the cube to keep the size correct. It's a little complex if you're making very small things, but the size and the accident delete thingys happeneds no more
  11. so that's... pretty much the question? There's a joke goes around says that devs have some kind of forehead fetish that makes them trying to expose as much foreheads on avatars as possible(jk), but that actually brings a thought—— how long since we got last full/thick fringed hairstyle...? about 3 years? then every hairstyle, either short or long, even it's like it supposes to be a thick fringed one(such like that bob-cut with exposed forehead and 2 mini buns on it) doesn't have any thick fringes. maybe...just maybe...? use the layer/hider system to make something that players can messing around and make their original designs on hair?
  12. if it's only adding $0.2 per selling, it will be okay like giz said... but think about what will happened if unity charges the downloads before 2024.1.1 ...... it will be a nightmare for all game companies—— and nobody survives.
  13. Those glitches actually what we have choose a year ago eh...? New content>bug fixes>stability If every non-debugged large content update costs half year and Fully debugged costs almost a whole year or just a little things for several months, I guess it's better to stay glitchy but comes up with new things and wait for the fixing patch. Although 6 months is a little too long...... but male avi got their socks, and we all got a lot of burgers! : D
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