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  1. sure~~~ if we can get kimono, that will be a great idea >w< but those two male hairstyle looks ...kinda strange? is that really Asian?
  2. btw...I'm not sure is new feature or not, but I'm pretty sure I see ahegao! 10/10 build 422 loooooove it >w<
  3. The new straight hair is soooooo awsome~~ loveit! Thank you official~ >u<
  4. Yea......hope the official server will be better:(
  5. F*CK THIS I'm not trying to be emotional, and I do know the officaials are busy working on the new servers. but why... why the rooms just can't be loaded? I have bear this for almost a month since the server is down, and I 'm sure there's some people have same problem with me
  6. Yea, no shit. I'm done with can't load the rooms for months but no anyway to fix it! and today I can't even logged in! fukkit. I'm sorry for my tone, but I can't take it anymore.
  7. I thought about that, and that's why I'm trying to find someone help me here------ group work is always better than work by only 1 builder. someone could build the room shells/surface, someone could coordinating the fog/weather effects in the room, and others could focus on some little stuffs such like furniture, designs, or maybe be a npc of the city. Unfortunately:it do need tons of people to achieve that, even we don't really need to make it like an classic rpg with battles, but making a lot of high-quality objects and put them in a big room wouldn't be a small work, and that's why I'm trying to find someone wanna join and help me here
  8. I think that's all I want to say in the topic: maybe it's a good idea to turn the official rooms which not very much people in it to a big rp city with multiple clubs/stores/streets or other buildings will be a great idea? such like red-light center or a 3d version of MNFclub? btw...I'm actually planning to make a big cyberpunk themed rp room for people to chatting, rping, playing games(catch&fuck maze of course!)...or even "buy"(book...... not rmt or vmt tho) a decorateble house in the map! (how to achieve that is a secret;) ), and I'll start after server is completely fixed. If I'm doing it...will anyone join& help me?"
  9. twin pony tails& ponytails pllls >u<
  10. Actually...people are already trying to use this in editor, but furniture and word fonts only. For buildings......Everyone do it, but not really need to upload it as a mod.
  11. and......it doesn't work. the only thing it help is when I logged in the official worlds, there's no "connection lost" anymore
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