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  1. so that might be reason why 3dxchat doesn't have a fabric engine: because devs need more clients, but not all clients are gamers, especially for 2021, when graphic cards are crazilly expensive... Imagine that, if one day 3dxchat will really become like curio or a better version of sl, that will be a milestone on this planet's history lol
  2. If the game was never made... yes, it could be possible because all the display will be pre-maded for showing. but yea, it is possible to make the avatars completely fits their outfit and not clipping, just need some extra hours work
  3. unfortunately, yes. although I'm not mean the competitors(seriously... are there any game like 3dxchat even exist except the pirated version?), but we can't having these kind of dresses. Because when avatar walks, it's walking animation might make their legs went through it. there is a solutions which doesn't need a individual rig for every dresses or fabric engine: which just like you said: make the ankle part "wider" , but there's 2 problem within this solution : 1:when avatar walking, there's still a small chance that their knee, heel or leg will went through it 2:this edit w
  4. The only problem is: ain't you know we don't got cloth calculations/rig so the dresses can't be longer than the leg, because it will go straight through it? if we really got a fabric engine in game, things will be solved easily: we can finally have some longer dresses, no more clothes will stuck into objects. but on the other hand: the stability of the game might be lag like sh....snail, because not everyone's computer has a strong cpu and graphic card I know it will be cool if we have that things, but unfortunately, 3dxchat it's still a last generation sex game, the only way to avoi
  5. sorry THX, but just like twiggy said: it's not cost that much to make poses——yes, it's hard, but not means it cost a lot. otherwise there's no one making new games. First thing to mention is not every game need a live-action captured animation.it more seen in act games or some cutscenes which plays during the game progress. these are really coast much, but if you check on 3dx... well, the poses they're using are more "robotic", the avatar doesn't look that "live" while standing or interacting with objects. So as far as we can tell the game it's running on the programmed poses... or at lea
  6. Ain't our major problem should be "why" but not "what" ? well... I'm not good at programming, so I'm not gonna say this is a easy work. but just a reminder: 4 non-interactive poses, without large body/hand movements, doesn't need 4 months to make, and the "cage" it's basically the most common thing that any player can make one in 10 minutes: the only difference will be the pose, but the cage pose is non-interactive anyway. so somehow this is actually "worse" than the player version. And then... we have a problem: why devs costs 4-month, just make 4 poses that need as maximum as 2 months t
  7. shirt + tuxedo is already exist in the game(although it's not open shirt...), this is more like a trench coat, maybe I'll try it later because more ppl want the hoodie or hawaiian shirt
  8. She do replied me, but unfortunately... this hoodie will not been add to the game in this update, maybe they will adding it later : c
  9. let's say Idk and idc about chance, but Lisa viewed some other clothes I made before and they might add it to game, this is the most important thing---there's someone gonna make it afterall eh? If it's not me, I think someone others will make it too
  10. due to the poll result, there's 3 options on the top: gothy/punky dress(sweet and female only) sexy nun dress( female only) gloves(both) I'll start making these 3 at first, and I'll try some of your advices when I finish them, let's hope and wait : D
  11. maybe just because it's easy to make...... that's why they make it as update. otherwise... why do we even need cages if the 3dxmodz and 3dxshare are already foll of cages with different poses, some are even interactive poses ; _ ; btw, if someone in this post who hates bdsm so a pose/object should not been adding to game it's total 🐄💩. they don't like it? ignore it! pertend it never added into game.
  12. no joke, this doesn't need about 4 months to update, although it's happy we can get some new poses, but these are seems only took ... as maximum as 1 month to make? if that's the only update... wow
  13. I think we have something like that, but nice idea, I'll look forward to see if I can make one
  14. wopps... although I think it's not a joke, but I can't control myself to think about this
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