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  1. One thing i think would add a very nice and personailsed experience, also easy to make is a sound revamp for the game. I mean selectable different types of moans, little phrases, etc. What's you opinion about it Gizmo? We have the same sounds since 2012, so more than 10 years now. I see a lot of potential in this neglected part of the game, also a lot of potential to involve players into making sounds/voice packs. I'm not a dev nor a programmer, but i could easily make a little addon to change the moans in the game back some years ago, and i can tell it provided a whole new level of experience. Sadly do to my programming knowledge and complicated multiplayer options, i abandoned that project, thinking it will come to the game also sooner or later.
  2. Feel free to do as you like, but i guess it's better if you are looking for a psychologist.
  3. ??? OMG. I haven't insulted anyone. You guys have some serious problems.
  4. I'm simply not using world chat ever. Why he using it if it makes him mad? lol
  5. You have so much time to write, maybe you can learn a bit about punctuation. It's not very hard. https://www.uopeople.edu/blog/punctuation-marks/ Also nobody cares about your problem. Devs are not here to answer letters. If you don't like the game, leave, or make some month or year pause. You speak for free speech, but want to say how people should talk in world chat because you don't like it, etc. Nobody cares.
  6. Right click and ignore who you don't like. Simple.
  7. Feel free to play with them.
  8. I don't have problems with the texture size, but there should be some more skin-types, and breast-types.
  9. Your GPU is not the strongest, so I'm not suprised. Mine was similar and had 100% all the time also. What settings you use in-game? Also there are some intense rooms, where the load is going higher. I guess its because of the lot of reflective surfaces in a room.
  10. For me it runs smoother and looks better. Shadows are better also. Visuals and UI are sharper. I like it so far.
  11. Serious problem we can't smoke and drink at the same time
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