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  1. "some awesome new sex poses" where? i found neither exciting or erotic. all boring low quality.
  2. Anyone else having this issue? Slight but steady vibration of the shadows with that option turned on.
  3. I wonder how many people will use that lovesense stuff... Anyway, at least we got some new poses, however, they are not really interesting and pretty low quality, boring, and nothing sexy in them... I miss the old times, where poses were more better, fluid and exciting. These new ones are seems the work of someone who not like doing this job or not really care, or beginner. I wonder why is so hard to pay for a talented animator to make a bunch of cool poses that bring some excitement and new taste to the game....
  4. So, calm down, it will be a lovesense update, for 1% of playerbase
  5. http://www.patience-is-a-virtue.org/
  6. Anybody thinking about addig some new sounds to the game, like different moanings, greetings, etc? It would personalise more the avatars, no programming needed, just a bunch of people who can provide some voice samples. We hearing the same moans for 7 years now
  7. I'm here since 2014, and i've read these statements so much, however, game just improved, and players are more and more. Don't worry, update will come. There was also updates at december and january, december there was 12 new dance and 4 pose. 12/03/2020 Build 429 01/18/2021 Build 430 There were also a server maintenance some days ago, guess it's the preparation for the update.
  8. why you need man's clothes? I'm a man, completly fine with the current clothes. Mans need poses to fuck woman, woman needs clothes to be attractive. If you want to play dollhouse, reroll a dickgirl and you can give her a lots of clothing.
  9. i thought about this one, or something similar. just a plain swimsuit with 2-3 UV sets to change color.
  10. best update in long time! keep up the good work!
  11. As now we can save avatars, someone should make a Share your avatar topic
  12. Too bad there are no new poses, but the update is cool. Player Names: on hover mode; Extended sex speed limits; Independent sound volume control; are the coolest!
  13. Why i should? This is just two old pose stiched together, nothing new in it. As most of poses just refurbished old stuff...
  14. You can make only one thing to rush developement: unsub until stuff you like is come. But you can't do that, because you are nolifers. I havent logged in /payed sub since March. That's the only way. But you can't do that. Gizmo is happy because he makes some money with you. I'll subscribe again when there are some cool updates. Because i have social life without 3dxchat. You don't have. You cant leave the game. You stuck and lament. Leave the game for a year, then come back if there is some change. Thats all.
  15. Wizard


    also nearly all americans have genocider ancestors cause they killed all indians, so what errorism or not is depends on pont of views. and who are you to tell someone what to think anyway. everyone is free, this is liberty, so be peaceful and respect other's opinion.
  16. Wizard


    i think you should do something with your life. because as you see a troll chatting in a sexgame chat makes you wanna cry and making a forum topic about it, you have serious mental problems i guess
  17. I think these are clearly from 3dxMax, but why would they show these if they are just working on a pose. I guess they making some standard deformation limits on the animation nodes to integrate for the pose editor. So i have some hope to this game after some years again. For Niblette's picture that shows the mouth deformations, it's clearly some user-friendly system implementation where you can adjust mouth deformations with just simple parameters instead of moving 10+ nodes around. So it also makes sense that they doing it for non-developer users.
  18. its from 3DSMax, not the pose editor
  19. I guess videos are a different thing to integrate in Unity, but GIFs are easily possible.
  20. Hi! I wanted to share my idea about integrating GIF's into 3DXChat. So if you paste a direct gif link to the chat window, and the partner clicks on it, a new closable picture window (just like the one that is used to show profile pictures) appears on the screen, showing the GIF animation. That was people would be able to send little sex animations (as there are lack of poses) and other stuff to each other to watch while having sex or something. What you think? Now it's nearly impossible to doing it without alt-tabbing and copy pasting, etc, and without the .dll mod.
  21. main reason i use it: Slider to increase/decrease speed in poses (down to zero speed as well)
  22. peoples with 32 bits computer should buy a new one, middle ages are over
  23. i hope she not joking with this. if its a joke, that means they not working on pose editor.
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