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  1. My advice to you is do as I do, you have to treat this game like RL. What would you do in RL if someone called you names for something? You would, I would hope, think to yourself what a weirdo and forget it even happened and move on knowing you never want to be around that rude person. The ignore button works really well also. When you ignore someone, they get a message saying so. Drama can only happen if you allow it too. It takes 2 people for it to work. I have found, some people enjoy drama and start it just cause it's fun. So it is impossible to avoid in this game, it is what you do about it is what really should be important because it will rear its ugly head eventually unfortunately. It is tuff at first, but you will eventually after time find the right groups of people to chill with.
  2. 1.VR Fixed with Voice to Text functionality added. 2. As others have stated, control of cock hardness for males and females. 3.Cum on demand, male or female.
  3. I would use any Oculus you have. I have read somewhere that the HTC Vive will work as well after setting up some sort of software. I don't recall the software exactly but I think it may be called ReVive, but I am not sure. Your best bet is to use Oculus, the only one I believe that will not work is Oculus Go as there is no PC app for that version.
  4. Yes, it does, using airlink in the oculus desktop app. If you don't have it, you can download it from Meta. I think it is the rift s DL.
  5. It will only work with the Oculus app, steam won't work. You must start the Oculus app first then start 3DXChat and it should work for you.
  6. It would be awesome if there was a time stamp in the messaging system. It would be nice to know if say, someone messaged you while you were offline, when you log back in 2 days after, you have no idea if the message was sent an hour a go, or a day a go. This would be great information to know, and I am pretty sure it would not be difficult to add.
  7. You can use Quest 2 with airlink through the Oculus app. You have to start the Oculus app first then 3DXChat as the new launcher doesn't load the Oculus app. If you don't start the Oculus app first, the oculus feature is greyed out in settings.
  8. This is a better question for the people on the 3dxchatmodz forum. I don't think you will find much here because this forum is for things related to 3DXChat. they are not associated with each other.
  9. Yes, this happens to me often. And it seems to be certain objects and large groups of objects for me. Usually I just log back in and it works again. I can even do what crashed it previously and works ok afterward. I think it is a major bug. I know this may sound crazy, but try and clear your default internet's browser cache, since the game is http based may be causing issues. Just a suggestion. But if I were in your situation, I would try any suggestions because it sounds like it really sux for you. I know it would annoy the fuck out of me.
  10. Try and download it to your Downloads folder, it may be a write error. The download folder is writable for downloads from the internet. Create a folder and then extract the game to there, this way you will avoid any write errors you may have. The game does not install as a program, it is just extracted to a folder.
  11. @MeiLingThank you for clarifying what is the cause of this. Explains why it has not happened to me, I have no save files.
  12. @HartzfeltThere is no need for an uninstall .exe as the new launcher just extracts the game to a folder, it doesn't actually install the game. It also creates a folder in Documents for common settings and screenshots.
  13. This has been covered many times already, it is caused by a corrupt avatar. You need to contact support and ask for your avatar to be reset. There must be a major bug doing this to people, I have not had it happen to me yet, but I am sure it will at some point judging from all the issues members are having of late. I may get lucky and they fix it before it happens to me lol
  14. @Diana PrinceThat works great for line type graphics but I think the OP was referring to building props and clothing and that sort of thing. But I will have to check that it out, looks very promising. Just curious, how many objects does that turn out to be and what is the file size?
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