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  1. If you ask me, Gizmo brought all this grief on himself. The first mistake he made was mentioning it before it is even really ready for release. By doing so he has started all this discussion and high hopes for members. IMHO Sit tight and it will be out soon. This game is the best game in the genre and we should all just sit back, relax and enjoy this amazing world that, really, we all have made, Gizmo just provided the tools. Updates don't make this game what it is, WE do. As my mother always told me, good things come to those who wait
  2. you will have issues using spotiamb as it uses shoutcast v1 protocol. there is another encoder I found that will stream spotify playlists but I did not like the audio myself as I am an audio snob but for the average person I am sure they will find it useful. it is called foobar2000 and you have to dl the spotify component to get it to work, and the encoder you want to use is in there called Vorbis streamer add that and you can set up your server in there. foobar2000 is also open source freeware as well. Hope this is helpful
  3. I am having trouble with setting up my private stream from my own server that is on my VPS that I rent for my web services. I am having an issue with the servers that I am using. Shoutcast, Icecast & Rocket Streaming Audio Server, all free versions. I don't think there is any difference in the paid and free versions as I believe they work the same just the free versions have few limitations. Rocket server uses Icecast for the server code. Shoutcast works ok but there is tremendous latency using it for a server - 20-35 seconds latency. Icecast when it works is very fast
  4. This Item would be very difficult to reproduce in the World Editor due to the cone speaker. It would be very difficult in the very least. There are no pieces in the editor that can reproduce the curve to the cone or the curved graphics on each petal if you would. You could copy it close but the cone would not look that great IMHO. That is the only part that would not be possible, the rest of it is a piece of cake. The only builder in my opinion that would have the skills to do it would be Torax, and haven't seen him jumping up to help lol. Thought I would provide my opinion
  5. Not sure if anyone else has noticed this, when you load multiple dynamic lights they are moving in different directions and then when you load the room all the lights end up in sync. I believe what is happening is the game sees all of them and syncs them together. What I have found to remedy this is the following: 1. load the light props that you want to use, where they are positioned is not critical as they can be repositioned without effecting them. 2. Once they are loaded up reload your room and you will see they are all synced. 3. Now turn them individually to the
  6. Ok this is a really weird thing that is happening and it may take the wisdom of someone that knows how the Oculus Rift S works. I had to reinstall everything in a new computer because my other had a catastrophic failure and lost all my data I owned. So I had to freshly install windows and 3DXChat, my oculus , pretty much everything. So to the issue I am having. I installed 3DXChat and started to use it and I would log in and I would shut my oculus software off because if I try to run any oculus apps it won't let another start because it sees 3dxchat using it even tho it is
  7. I have said build by Jirba and I completely agree with Torax and tho there are many similarities, I believe this to be a new build. IMHO Great work Pagos!
  8. Amazing! Excellent work on this build PAGOS
  9. check out 3dxchat-status.com this guy made this site to find out the status of the server 😛
  10. Gizmo posted a Installer for the new version on the web page downloads No need to unzip, just dbl click the install .exe. I have used it twice on separate pc's so I know for sure it works correctly. By the way good job on that Gizmo
  11. I posted a review and some tips in the Tutorials section, after many exhausting hours it is the best way to use the rift in this game. They really need to do some work on the vr support but I am sure it is on the bottom of their list as it is not that mainstream yet. I hope this helps.
  12. I apologize for posting this in the wrong forum. 😳
  13. I just bought an Oculus Rift S specifically to use in 3dxchat. The game is amazing in VR, and want to use vr with it all the time but there is a lot of stuff that needs to be fixed to make the experience more pleasurable. 1. only thing the touch controllers work with is movement ie. going from spot to spot, it does not react like a mouse. use your mouse as usual to combat this issue. 2.Names and animation indicators ( the green star symbol that appears on hover) do not align where you look. aim the dot above the object and it will appear. 3. Typing is very diffic
  14. I don't know about anyone else but I use a friends list not an acquaintance list. Get hugs every time I see the one's on my list
  15. geez all she did was post in the wrong forum 😮 ^^
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