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  1. You have to use the mouse and keyboard for VR as well. Quest controllers do not work.
  2. every thing is answered in the Troubleshooting Post pinned at the top of the 1st Page of this forum secton.
  3. Installation and removal of 3DXChat When downloading 3DXChat it should be noted that the launcher is a self extracting file, placing the game in the current folder where the launcher is located, once you run it. You won't get a normal installation window, and it has nothing to do with the version of windows you use, it's the way 3DXChat is developed. Sidenote: Be sure that the folder you placed the launcher in has the correct read/write permissions for your user. You possibly want to place the launcher somewhere else e.g. X:\3DXChat\ and create a shortcut onto your desktop or taskbar from there. Once you run the game for the first time it will create a new folder Documents/3DXChat where screenshots and settings etc. are stored. It also creates a table within the registry database of your windows, where it stores your in-game settings, saved colors, login information (if "remember me" is selected) is stored. Removal of 3DXChat Delete the folder where the game files are located e.g. X\3DXChat\ Then you delete the 3DXChat folder in your documents folder. To remove the registry files you can use Gizmo's which can be found here:
  4. If it is solid advice like that, it will stand the test of time and be quoted many times. Great work Feuermond!
  5. Try to clean your registry and see if that helps https://mega.nz/#!FdhVjCJJ!tuWSTua6U6kM9m3TCHVfJ4kN1f2s8fWfs82u_VRploo And also try resetting your avatar on the 3dx member page online. Also you can try to upgrade your video card drivers. Hope this helps.
  6. Pretty sure I said cache but you may be right I am too lazy to look. Like you said either way it is working again for you. Welcome back!
  7. I am glad you got it going.
  8. That is what we told you to do in the first place.
  9. I wouldn't worry about it, 50Kb isn't shit in the scheme of things.
  10. Has anyone with the issue tried to reset their avatar? It's a long shot but GottaGo has some data that it has something to do with character files. With the new engine, it might be giving error messages that we never had before. Maybe with the new engine, instead of the spinning wheel it now errors out. Just an assumption on my part.
  11. Try to roll back your driver if you can and see if that fixes it, if it does, then you know it is NVidia at fault. But I don't think it is. That is a Windows error, DWM is Desktop Window Manager, pretty sure it is not a gpu error. DWM is crashing on you for some reason. Also boot into safemode and run sfc(System File Check) and see if you get any errors from that, if there are, Windows will fix it for you. Hope this helps.
  12. Not sure what I would use this for, but thank you for sharing it!
  13. Go to BMT site and inquire there. BMT handles all of their subscriptions and money matters. www.bmtmicro.com
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