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  1. I couldn't agree with you more Paulinus. If it is so bad to people go somewhere else, this is a sex game for deviants, a RPG game. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO RAPE SOMEONE IN 3DXChat!!!! Go back to church haters.
  2. WOW! This is a very strange issue. Every link you have provided works in a browser but not in game, which is not normal. Simple logic tells us that if it will stream in a web browser it will stream in 3DX. Guess that logic went flying out the door on this one. I even tried to format the URL with your server IP and still does not work. Do you know what country your provider is based? It may be your providers country is blacklisted from the servers. I am really starting to agree that the game is at fault, the update changed something that some streaming providers are not compatible with. It could be the DDoS system doing it, could be a protocol issue, could be a whole host of things. I guess we need to hear from Gizmo what he changed on the streaming server, and why it was necessary to fix something that was not broke. It maybe he had no choice with the new version of Unity we are on now, I don't know. I do know this is silly and is something really dumb doing this that is probably an easy fix but hard to find. If I think of anything else I will respond, but at this point I am at my wits end on this. I really hope you figure this out Paulinus. As I said before, I can set you up on my server until you get everything sorted out, and if you want shoutcast, I can easily setup a shoutcast server for you. Good luck.
  3. Nope no hackery to be found it is disabled by the developers, so I am pretty sure there is zero hack or work around. Be patient, they will get it going again soon. My best guess would be on the next update. I am also craving VR in 3DX as it is the whole reason I got an Oculus to begin with. It is a game changer, but what we had before was really unusable from the player perspective, there were a lot of things that were broken. Just a heads up, when they do reenable it keep in mind that the Quest controllers won't work, only KB and mouse, unless they fix that too, which would be awesome, but don't get your hopes up to high on that. We will just have to wait and see.
  4. They are probably old posts, the recent update does not have VR enabled yet, more then likely they are fixing it. The setting is blacked out because it is disabled. When the beta was still active they had it enabled in developer mode, but it is not in the new update just released.
  5. Another suggestion for you to try is see if your provider can setup your streamer with a 4 digit port to see if that is it. I have in the past ran into this issue before setting up web servers. It is a long shot but after comparing your url to mine, the only difference is I have a 4 digit port number and your provider has supplied a 5 digit port. Like I said it is a long shot but something to try. Please keep us posted on your findings.
  6. I checked this by streaming .ogg in my room. And I don't stream the files from my computer, I have a dedicated web server hosting my music server. I broadcasted .ogg from my server to 3DXChat and played it on the radio in my room. Where did I say that I played it on my computer? Look I am just trying to help you sams, but if you are going to get all assy about shit I am done, I will just help the others that are not being assy and appreciate it. I will repeat, YOU are blaming the game for something, that obviously is not any fault of the game. The problem lies with your configuration or your service provider. If it were 3DX then it would happen to everyone. Not only I but many, many, many, more do not have this issue. And I was not being a smartass, just copy and pasting what it said on their site. But to your defense you were right and I was wrong about it only streams in .ogg. Why would you use such a limited service? To each his own I guess. Have a great day sams. Hope you figure it out.
  7. I just encoded some files to .ogg and it streams just fine for me in the game. So the codec of the file makes no difference I'm afraid.
  8. The info would be sent to the Registry, regedit is a MCC. Are you trying to install it in a protected Directory? And I agree CCleaner is crap software that does not even work correctly. Another thing you can try, but may not work but it is worth a try, elevate the game to real time and see if that works. Also R click it in task manager and see where the file resides and that will tell you if for some chance you have a couple versions installed on accident and is competing for the same .exe What happens if you kill the process and restart the game? The game also installs a folder in /AppData/LocalLow as well. You can try deleting the Sexgamedevil folder, when you launch the game, it will create a new folder in there. I also found this, it may help: If an app is running but not visible in Windows, it's probably running in the background or in “minimized” (compressed) mode. If this doesn't help, here are some ways you can try to find and restore the invisible app: Try pressing the (ALT + TAB) keys to move the focus to another running app. The missing app may have been tucked in between the running apps. If the app does not appear when using the (ALT + TAB) keys, try using the Task Manager's “Switch To” function. To do so, press the (CTRL + SHIFT + ESC) keys to open the Task Manager, then locate the missing app and click “Switch To” to open the app. Try checking the app icon in the Windows notification area (taskbar). The app may be running but hidden in the notification area. If you find the app icon, right-click and select “Maximize” or “Restore” to open the app. If the app continues to be invisible, try closing the app and reopening it from the beginning. If the app is a Windows built-in app, you may need to locate the .exe file of the app and run it manually.
  9. Are there more then one Traktor?
  10. Again from Traktor's web site: Please note: We broadcast all Traktor live streams in mp3 and ogg Vorbis format. Broadcasting is only available in Traktor Pro and Traktor Scratch Pro. Google is awesome!
  11. From Traktor's downloads page: SUPPORTED AUDIO FORMATS MP3, WAV, AIFF, Audio CD, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, non-DRM AAC
  12. I just wanted to post this about the broadcast software called Foobar2000. Many have tried to get this to work with the Vorbis streamer component and it's not working. I just installed the new version and found out the issue everyone was having configuring it for streaming. Foobar finally added an error message, it appears the component was compiled as a x86 program and will not work with the x64 version. The fix? Install the x86 version of foobar and it works as it should.
  13. This is not accurate, I encode everything @48000Hz and never had issues. It is something much deeper.
  14. Gizmo and team really need to look into this as it seems to be a strange phenomenon, Pualinus may be on to something when he brought up that changing from Bass streamer to Winamp may be what is causing this. I am just thankful mine is working as it should, cause it sucks to have to listen to commercials. Though streaming music seems simple on the surface, but it can be very technical under the hood.
  15. That link does not work in my room either, tried changing to European server but nothing.
  16. Ever think it may be you, not the issue with the game. No need to call people names. Ask questions, seek help from others before you go blaming the game and calling people nasty things. If I were them, I would be less inclined to help someone with major 'tude yelling at me and calling me names as well. Take a deep breath and things will be ok!
  17. You may need to try many countries until you find one to connect with.
  18. @PaulinusI really do believe the problem lies with your provider, as you say my stream works in your room, so now we have narrowed it down to it not being the game or your pc because my stream works as it should. It could very well be something to do with the compatibility of your provider to the game, as the update may have changed a configuration that conflicts with your provider. So basically, you are in a position with your provider that it will not stream any bitrate or file properties such as .ogg or .mp3. Maybe when they respond to your ticket, it may shed some light on what is happening. A side note, if you encode your files to 128kbps it will sound much better and not use that much more space. 64kbps is really designed for mono audio for speech and that sort of sound. Just thought I would pass that along.
  19. I can't believe that the game is the issue, by your logic my streams should not play because it is icecast, which I have had ZERO issues with the music streaming since I have been using it. And yes Paulinus, they will play in a browser, both links you provided. Do you use a streaming service provider also Shirlzzz? And this from Winamp: -[in_mp3] doesn't play high bitrate MPEG-2.5 Layer 3 files (info) (fixed in 5.22) But again, I have had no issues and I stream at 192kbps mp3 To determine if this is the case, re-encode a file to a low bitrate and see if it plays. But this should make no difference if it is something on you or your provider end. Another thing to consider is if the stream is actually being streamed SSL or non SSL. Here is another thing you can try, use my stream and see if it works for you, and if it does it will tell you concrete if it is you or the game as my stream works as it should. I will change the port in 2 days so you will need to use it by then. http://www.dreamgridsrvr.org:8008/radio Please try that and report your findings for us.
  20. He is correct, I checked the URLs he gave, and both play in a browser but neither play in 3DX which is true as it will not work in my room either, so you have something strange happening there Paulinus, for sure. I wish I could help but this is now beyond my scope of it.
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