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  1. Your room should be located under -7meters and you need to move the sea level under this as well. The name will then disappear
  2. Yup. There is only d100, d6 and d12 right now but it cover a lot of things already
  3. This is a public test server. This means there is client side issues that will be fixed through patching and might not require to patch server side. And there is server side issues which need to stop the server, fix it and make it run again. This server wasn't ready at all. They rushed and do their best to bring the game back after some malevolent people damaged the old one after DDoS again and again. Right now you play for free, and yes there will be a bit of troubles over the required time to fix everything. Just be patient and give them some time. The server is already more stable than what it used to be.
  4. If you want my opinion. Yes they will find a way. Some big companies have been struggling for three months with things like that without being able to do anything. They just need time. They took a risk to make the game available again as fast as possible. They probably should have waited a bit longer and take time to finish everything but they did their best to make the game available again. Complaining on the forum again and again isn't helping anyone. You can't play while theses guys are losing their business and doing their best to fix it. They are probably under a lot of pressure already and you are certainly not helping in anyway. Give them time, they will figure out something. They are a small team and they have an awesome game. People with absolute no IT knowledge can keep arguing as they want, but i don't think they are that unprofessional.
  5. GottaGo


    Don't have enough time unfortunately, but the idea is great You can also use : https://rolz.org/ for the dice rolls, it works pretty well and handle easily the various dice rolling required for such a game.
  6. They moved in emergency on the new server, without having any time to make further tests or adjust settings and you are already complaining again. And it have nothing to do with server security, DDoS doesn't work like that.
  7. Whatever solution we can think about is irrelevant as long as we don't know what really happen and have more details.
  8. I wonder though if MF poses and MM poses are compatibles, it depend if the avatars are rigged the same way. If so, programmatically, they could "force" the gender of a female character to male (or TG or whatever) when they wear a strapon or cock. And simply refresh the available poses. Should not be that hard to do and would be pretty efficient. Only the developers know here.
  9. The most of the work isn't on the gender itself i think. But the way the gender is handled over poses. For each poses, the gender of the character is defined and you need to have gender who match the availables poses. If there is a male and a female, you have all the MF poses availables. If you had another gender, you have to rework all the poses settings to handle this third gender. Which mean disabling some for female today, and restricting several poses for TG. And then if you keep the flesh strapon, you need to disable the way it automatically appear when you play a woman. Otherwise the problem will be the same. Another way to handle that is simply to disable the active role in "lesbian" poses when you don't wear a strapon.
  10. It's a game. What happen in a game, between pixels is a small disturbance. Losing your job or having a serious disease is a big disturbance. If it was only adding something to the game i will agree with you and would have voted for it. But there it's going to remove others players fun. Otherwise, if they are going to rewrite an important part of the game, which might not happen, they could put a "Disable futa" option. That would lead to the same thing for players like you, and let others players keep having their fun. But again, that might mean a pretty long time with absolutely no others updates.
  11. I voted against it, mostly for the cons : "Some people with futa fantasy will not be able to grow a cock in the middle of the sex or switch futa/female in general." I hate it when a cock appear suddenly out of nowhere unvolontarly, but i have many friends which enjoy this fantasy and that would break the game for them (it's 10k to change gender). Another big reason i'm against this : this would require to rework the gender system, to redo / rework all the poses and would be a pretty big amount of work for what remain a small disturbance. I would prefer the devs to, for example, disable the way cock automatically appear for poses. It would require them to comment one or two lines of codes, and the main thing that would happen is that the poses might look a bit wonky because the girl is humping with no cock or strapon. But it would feel less disturbing. It would also be nice if the game was remembering wich character between two girls is the passive one and keep the good role in poses. I'm not sure it's actually what happen. Theses things doesn't take a long time to do and would let the devs focus on other stuff like server stability, more feature available for everybody and such, without removing any fun for everybody.
  12. GottaGo

    RP School

    Not that hard to do. There is a few populated RP room, like the Police precinct for example, where new players are welcomed and can easily fit. Opening a room with the [RP] tag and some theme, even if you are looking for one shot RP, also work. Tend to be easier and more efficient when the theme is pretty common and people can easily know what you are expecting of them (for example psychiatrist/doctor office or dark alley or whatever ).
  13. Well, you are wrong And that's not an assumption. A lot of really big companies in my country suffered a lot from DDoS, and we are not talking about a game handled by a small team, but e-commerce websites with cache features, CDN, load balancing and the ability to ban others countries connection. DDoS have nothing to do with how secure a website is or isn't. It's about handling an heavy amount of connection. Either you have a strong hosting and an heavy server architecture able to handle all theses connections (which cost an helluvah big amount of money) either you don't and you have to find fixs here and here. An international game is probably the hardest thing to protect against DDoS, there is almost no way to put cache as every request is dynamic. Each IP send a great number of request as you need to refresh stuff like chat, players positions, players poses, so you can't even ban people when they are doing too many requests. You can't exclude some countries as there is players all around the world. So yeah, big companies invest tens of thousands of dollars each months in their servers. I don't think that the 3dx team can put such an amount of money in their servers unless they simply want to sink their business. They are working on this to fix it however they can. They need a bit of time and are probably under a lot of pressure. It's their game in the end, and the way they make money. I'm not sure that throwing assumptions like this one and constantly insulting them on the forum is going to help.
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