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  1. If i were you i would switch 60FPS to 30. The change is unnoticeable when you look at the game but really change things regarding performances. Also on huge map the distance between objects is really important as the game only render the closest items. If you let some space between two buildings, the game will behave better.
  2. Just some notice to tell you a part of your room title isn't allowed publicly when you try to make it public would be enough. Adding this to the game shouldn't take long. When you click on "Open for all", you just have to check if the text entered in the room name input contains a word listed as banned, if so you stop right here and display a message to say "Your room name contains offended word, name it otherwise". var fordbidden = ['Rape', 'Scat','Snuff','Child','Underage']; var RoomName=document.getElementById('room_name_input').value; for (var i = 0; i < fordbidden.l
  3. @Gizmo Would it be possible to use this website input to do something else rather than donation ? For example link to discord when room have such or some external website ?
  4. Since we are in the roleplay section i would suggest focusing on your character first : - Who is it ? What does he do ? What are his goal and his situation right now ? - Once you start to have a vague idea, go to some RP room and figure out why you character would be here. - Then simply play it like that and engage others players. It could be a businessman trying to buy some property in a city map who got robbed on his way and will go to the police station to fill a complain. Then he will go to the local bar to take a drink and will ask a local girl for her phone to
  5. Hello, I don't know if this have been talked before, but it would be nice to be able to wear the existing coat over other clothes. Maybe making it an accessory somehow, who hide dress / and top clothes when worn, but make them appear when you take it off ? With the infamous DLL, it was possible to use the coat with normal pants and it was pretty nice. Now it somehow require to mimick a pant with the existing stockings and it doesn't work that well (And when you remove it you only wear your bras). I feel like it would be way more used if you were able to wear clothes un
  6. Your room should be located under -7meters and you need to move the sea level under this as well. The name will then disappear
  7. Yup. There is only d100, d6 and d12 right now but it cover a lot of things already
  8. This is a public test server. This means there is client side issues that will be fixed through patching and might not require to patch server side. And there is server side issues which need to stop the server, fix it and make it run again. This server wasn't ready at all. They rushed and do their best to bring the game back after some malevolent people damaged the old one after DDoS again and again. Right now you play for free, and yes there will be a bit of troubles over the required time to fix everything. Just be patient and give them some time. The server is already more stable
  9. If you want my opinion. Yes they will find a way. Some big companies have been struggling for three months with things like that without being able to do anything. They just need time. They took a risk to make the game available again as fast as possible. They probably should have waited a bit longer and take time to finish everything but they did their best to make the game available again. Complaining on the forum again and again isn't helping anyone. You can't play while theses guys are losing their business and doing their best to fix it. They are probably under a lot of pressure
  10. GottaGo


    Don't have enough time unfortunately, but the idea is great You can also use : https://rolz.org/ for the dice rolls, it works pretty well and handle easily the various dice rolling required for such a game.
  11. They moved in emergency on the new server, without having any time to make further tests or adjust settings and you are already complaining again. And it have nothing to do with server security, DDoS doesn't work like that.
  12. Whatever solution we can think about is irrelevant as long as we don't know what really happen and have more details.
  13. I wonder though if MF poses and MM poses are compatibles, it depend if the avatars are rigged the same way. If so, programmatically, they could "force" the gender of a female character to male (or TG or whatever) when they wear a strapon or cock. And simply refresh the available poses. Should not be that hard to do and would be pretty efficient. Only the developers know here.
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