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  1. Some facial expressions would be nice. A few premade expressions for guys and girls could go a long way. It could be the difference between everyone looking like pouting clones or a looking cool. A lot of guys have that daft lost puppy look going. I am sure some would prefer a snicker or sly grin.🤨 Or A cool cat chilled look😎. Some of the girls would prefer a smile for a change😊, Or even a mischievous sneer. Or a surprised bj face. 😮 Could go a long way in role playing of all types. To obedient little slaves with a look of concern in their eyes.😯 To doms wanting that look of being the ultimate alpha dog😈. Or just for a everyday change in mood. Drama llama's will love it. Roleplayers will love it. Everyone would enjoy a change and some emotion I think.
  2. .APK files are for android and mobile VR. Oculus quest uses a different store and game files then Rift and Rift-.s. It is more of a mobile headset. 3dxchat does not have a official apk file. It is a pc game. There is ways to try and get your pc games to play on the Quest but its really complicated. It May require additional hardware and lots and lots of fiddling, head scratching and research. . You could try the new Oculus link. Or some older methods to get steam Vr games to play. That said, nothing is guaranteed. The game is not supported for Oculus quest. So anything you do try will be on your own. This is all experimental beta stuff though and requires a unique expensive cable that may or may not work. This is the newest way. there is other ways he mentions in the video to that are wireless and require , riftcat, Virtualdesktop and other stuff. He has some older video's on how to set that stuff up. It is probably possible but expect a whole lot of fiddling, learning through trail & error and some brain farts along the way . Could be all for nothing to. Or it could work. Support will be no use in this regards though for 3dxchat is not officially supported for Quest atm. Better off on the Oculus reddit or official Oculus forums for real technical info and tutorials on this subject. Hopefully in the near future it will be a bit easier once Oculus releases its official cable and Link comes outta beta. Right now though it seems hit or miss.
  3. Whats that you made?..😮

    A giant industrial table saw! ..😎

    Whats it for?.. 😮

    Chopping people up, Duh! 🙄


    1. Dallas


      Remind me to keep my wood away from you 🙄

    2. Nymphpott
  4. I don't think it is supported. Need a pc to launch the game. 😕
  5. I hope it happens. People said we would never get pigtails or Converse shoes for girls. I will take the optimistic side because without hope and dreams, We got nuffin! Bring it on the updates! wooot woot! 😊
  6. Click the volume button on the right of your taskbar and switch to Headphones(Rift audio) Or Headphones(oculus virtual audio device). Alternatively you can download Oculus tray tool and set the audio to be defaulted to your rift whenever you are playing a game. As well as tweak out the super sampling and stuff. Is a good program to have for all rift users. Especially for games without their own super sampling options like 3dxchat. But that can be done at a later date. or not 😛
  7. Yeah the touch controllers dont work for much Mainly gotta keyboard and mouse it. There is ways to kinda remap the controllers to mimic mouse and keys but its a real pain in the derriere to figure out. I gave up on it. If you are having problems with stuttering or lag. Turn down the grafix settings in game and uncheck some of the lighting boxes . it can help for certain maps and user created rooms.
  8. Before you log in, Did you press the big purple "Enable Virtual reality" button? It is right under log in button. You gotta press that. then it will show a big "Put on headset" on your screen. Then you put Oculus on and log in through headset. It works with my OG rift. Not sure about newer Rift S or the other ones though. There is a box you can check off and on in the Game settings menu to activate the rift when in game on the fly as well. Oh and finally make sure you have "Unknown sources" check to on in the Oculus software settings. Goodluck! Hope it works for you.
  9. We used to have some fun Roleplay events in 3dxchat. We had A Roleplay chat tab and there were lots more role players in game. We had bartenders and strippers at every bar. Way more Celebrities and Vampires roaming the rooms. We used to be able to drink a beer and get drunk for a minute with blurry screen. We used to be able to make alts anytime we wanted for our roleplaying for free. We used to have a TV that worked in our rooms. The developers removed lots of these options for strange reasons we will never know. I would welcome a lot of your suggestions. They would add to the overall fun of the game in a positive manner. The more tools we have to jump start users imagination, the better off we will be.
  10. Check your email you signed up with for password and info. As above poster stated you download the game , sign in with info from the email they sent and then you make a character and give it a name. Then jump in game.
  11. Someone sent me first cold since I been back.. YESSSS  *Does fist pump. I still got it! xD

    1. Dallas


      that was me, i was just trying to wave hello but had peanut butter on my fingers

    2. Nymphpott


      Nonsense. It was the pigtails! 😛

    3. Tyrah


      Grrrrr mine!

  12. Merry Christmas old friends!

    1. Tyrah


      God jul sötnosen!

    2. Nymphpott
    3. Dallas


      woot Merry Christmas Nymphy

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