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  1. You use the green bottle glass and make it white. Align it up proper beside the avatar. Make sure nothing crazy is going on in background or it will be noticeable. Green bottle glass only reflects one side. so keep it to the left. Certain dances may clip through . if your room is set up with the dance floor looking directly at stage 180 degrees, it can work alright. once you start walking around to the sides it looks a bit wonky. But you can fiddle with different shapes, depths and angles to get it lookin good. Certain weather setting really effect the glare so keep that in mind to. Also some premade items don't reflect at all. like beer and stuff. Which can make equally fun optical illusions effects.
  2. Yeah I have had this issue a few times . Just Vanishes .
  3. Happy Birthday Gizmo and Lisa! And Happy Birthday to all 3dxchatters. Happy birthday to Betty and Bob as well. They be working overtime today!
  4. /me says " oh yes... i knew that... I just wanted to see if you did... /me goes to play volleyball looking really silly and dejected because i have never in 3 years actually turned around and walked 50 feet. Doh.. Thanks
  5. Happy Canada Day 3dxchatΒ πŸπŸ’˜

  6. Yay! Bring on the tails! I think the Neko's, Fox's, Furries, Raccoons and tons of others will be really happy with tails. Now if we could just get a set of fangs and some real whiskers , we would be all set. I hope we can change the colors like the new hair. They look cute! I can't wait to see a Fox tail dance crew assemble. Haha its about freaking time considering how many Fox and Neko's we got in 3dx. They will go nuts.
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