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  1. Everything takes longer nowadays with all the social distancing and chaos. Tech people are in high demand now with everyone at home and stuff. Servers getting flogged all over the world. Lots of places are probably working at minimum capacity. So in that sense you may have to give the devs the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they are trying as hard as they can but it may just be impossible to get the servers back up and working 100% given the current world situation. Who knows? Pointless getting to mad though. They will be fixed when they are fixed. We will probably get more compensation when they are fixed. Until then just play something else.
  2. @Gizmo @Lisa I still have a black screen on log in page. Reinstalled a few times. Tried a VPN. Tried deleting all files and registry. Rolled back video drivers, Let the game through all my firewalls. Turned off antivirus. I tried installing a older version and that was not black screen at log in. As soon as it patched though, the screen goes black. Have not been able to log into 3dxchat for like 10 days. Whatever is happening the new version of the game is not playing nice with my system. PC Specs. -Windows 10 pro -EVGA 1080ti ftw( Turned off overclocking and tried stock values ) -Intel i7 9700k processor ( Turned off overclocking and tried Stock values ) -MSI Krait Snake motherboard -32 gigs kingston hyper fury x ram -750 watt corsair gold psu - Multiple ssd drives for games . A normal 3 terabyte hard drive for media. I tried every drive for 3dxchat. No difference. -Watercooled and ready to play Doom in 4k 60 fps. Why the game won't work is mind boggling. I tried everything except reinstalling windows which I cannot do right now since my work stuff is on my pc. A fix without reinstalling windows would be appreciated.
  3. My game won't even start up anymore , With a VPN or without. Whatever the devs did with Update 414 caused it to lock me out. I tried every trick in the book aside from Reinstalling windows. Hope they roll out that Next update soon and fix this mess. Technical support section speaks for itself. Multiple problems with tons of users. Those hackers really did a number on 3dxchat. Buncha bastards.
  4. I still have a black screen at logon. Tried everything everything listed here aside from reinstalling windows
  5. Same for me. Uninstalled. Cleaned registry. Cleaned all 3dx stuff off pc. rebooted pc. Downloaded the 414 client from members section and still get black screen of death. 😔
  6. Nymphpott

    Build 413

    Wow! Awesome stuff Gizmo. Huge update!
  7. When your roommate who you have been Quarantined with for the past 27 days eats the last of your dried Cranberries!



    1. Ashbash


      Oooooo snap! Rookie mistake on your roommates behalf.

  8. Stay safe everyone!

    1. Tyrah


      ❤️ ❤️ staying safe in your burrow!

    2. Nymphpott
  9. Wooot TGIF

    Now everyone report to the dance floor.  To the dance floor, to the dance floor!

    1. Maelstrom


      Alright, stop. Pajama time!

  10. I am against the devs removing content. For what little we get it should be here for good. I am all for a featured a room every month. Sounds fun. Just do it without removing content.
  11. Now I can mash potatoes (I can mash potatoes)
    I can do the twist (I can do the twist)
    Tell me, baby, do you like it like this? 

    Mashed potatoes have been very influential in all the classics! Probably the most important invention ever! :p

  12. *shakes my fist at Mondays

  13. The fellowship of the ring sound track. 🌻
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