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  1. Good Work Gizmo! Can't wait for the update. Bring it on with the tails
  2. Happy Canada Day 3dxchatΒ πŸπŸ’˜

  3. Yay! Bring on the tails! I think the Neko's, Fox's, Furries, Raccoons and tons of others will be really happy with tails. Now if we could just get a set of fangs and some real whiskers , we would be all set. I hope we can change the colors like the new hair. They look cute! I can't wait to see a Fox tail dance crew assemble. Haha its about freaking time considering how many Fox and Neko's we got in 3dx. They will go nuts.
  4. Ahhhh its all messed up
  5. A Half a dozen different voice/sound effects packs would go a long way. I am all for new sound effects. Bring it on.
  6. I am All for account wide iggy as long as its done right. We used to be able to identify people alts using ignore. Way before Pandora. I always thought maybe this was one reason they made it per avatar. Got rid of pandora and killed two birds with one stone. On one hand players need the ability to create alts and keep them secret. On the other hand these alts can be used for drama. Its a tough scenario. I am all for account wide ignore as long as its done right and does not cause some loopholes that create more drama then it is supposed to detour.
  7. The weekend has arrived! Yay!

    /me does a freaking barrel rollΒ 

    Have a great one 3dx. TGIF

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