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  1. Hi ๐Ÿ˜›


    1. Tyrah



  2. My old background is missing. nooooooooooooo

  3. Voted yes because it would be fun to be a working girl! Would be a nice way to hire Dj's for parties and maybe even builders for their designs. . I don't think the world would get over run with greedy prostitutes really. Maybe the first few days but then it would die down.
  4. Add some PIGTAILS. Letting sub die this year for the first time in 4 years. You know what to do to get me back... Games without pigtails suck! The cosmetics in this game are terrible and I hate looking like a clone. I would much rather play free games like VRchat, Where I can design my own character with Pigtails. Create my own worlds far easier and better with Unity and other 3rd party programs. Have voice chat and working Tv's and reliable easy to set up audio streams. Have proper Oculus rift support with customised controls and Oculus touch integration. There is no reason anymore for your slack assery Gizmo. 3dxchat is old and everything about it is outdated. From the Grafics to the customization to the optimization. It is time to open up the game and give us free reign to mod everything. Create our own unique avatars , Create our own sex poses and create our own building materials with third party programs.. If you are to lazy to do it yourself then let us do it for you. Guide us in the right direction and open up your game. 3dxchat will flourish beyond all belief if you do. Until then, catch ya later alligators. Won't get my money anymore until some basic 4 year old demands are met.
  5. Gizmo forgot to pay server bill again. feelsbadman
  6. Started to Binge watch The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and this came on first episode. Think will watch to the end. xD
  7. As we get closer to Halloween the glitches become spooky every year On a side note , I hope the devs remember to add in pumpkins and skeletons next month... We have to remind em.
  8. That sucks. Hopefully they wipe all names again next update and keep em coming fast. Quite a few bugs so they probably will. :/
  9. I think they may have tried it already in 3dxchat's early early stages. Not sure? But from what I remember about some posts was it didn't work and people got mad. Lasted only around half a day before the chaos and outrage ensued. Was really long time ago though. Back when the game had mods and only a few locations. Not sure the exact details but i seem to remember reading about it. Maybe is some threads buried away to dig up info on the subject if you search hard enough. I think the major complaint was that New players don't want to buy membership then have to buy more xgold just to pay for sex. It would become a game within the game to have prostitutes. Since there is really nothing to do, everyone would be a ho! It is a bit different now with world editor and more locations and stuff. I guess you could be a hooker, Be a pimp, Or be a real estate agent and sell new worlds. Buy slaves and sell em. Would be kinda funny.
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