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  1. I’ve only been on 3dx a month and a half to two months. Is the only thing you can interact with in the environment beers? I feel that this simulation should be able to manipulate the surrounding environment by picking up and using “things”. Like sex toys to use on other players or be able to push buttons to ride an elevator or,idk, accomplish some kindd/type of goal/objective besides sex and dancing. Vehicles, weapons, water pistols. More of some kind of games. Baseball, golf, track Saw volleyball on the preview/commercial but have yet to find it or see it or even hear about it. I find the world builder not user friendly and tedious. I give major props to the people that create the shared worlds/environments. Such detail they put in them. As of sex positions or activity o would like to see nipple sucking or do we already have that and I just haven’t the seen them. Using different toys or”tools” on other players when having s ex.deepersfisting. A vbigget variety of moans. Nthevwokans mound thshsbr tonimyrygngjbhMore clothing options especially for men. Suits, ties, hankerchief,do rags,backwards baseball cap ownoyhats and more logos and prints for shirts pants and hats jjob progressive pncarpenter said lduer firemantoggesioms More clothing for women. Idk, more dresses and jewelry unisex clothes for shared volunteer work for that already shared kindnesse. Dr
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