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  1. I have restarted 4 times and I have the same thing happen.
  2. Lots of bald naked people, no gold, no profiles
  3. Totally agree Patrick, their communication skills is what really lets them down.
  4. And here we go again lol
  5. Okay, I'm back in again
  6. Don't rush, it's gone again lol
  7. Hamster died, RIP. Devs currently sourcing new hamster lol
  8. When the imagination is bigger than their dick .....lol
  9. It's the back end server that is down https://3dxchat-status.com/
  10. I don't need anything from you, other than for you to disappear. *Puts the troll on iggy*
  11. Sadly there isn't a yawn emoji.
  12. -SNIP- How dare you post something as vile as this! Reported!
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