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  1. Join us on Dec.10th 3pm Est/9pm Cet celebrating the Christmas Holiday! Live music by some of the hottest DJs on 3DXChat! Lots of fun and prize giveaway to one lucky winner!
  2. I dont know @Partywiggles but that's how many act in this game you can see that daily with thee amount of rooms opening by the hour. Its all about who can be the best and most popular. Not so much fun in opening anymore. Thats why I switched to my late night hours its more relaxed then the day time.
  3. This goes pass host wars. I know what I have seen and remains as such. What we are allowed to do in-game should remain that way. Others shouldn't be able to come and do whatever they want just cause they have the skills to do so.
  4. @NalleyThere is a difference between making a clone and using hack software to enter any room you want even if you're iggy. He was in my room and I couldn't see him cause I had him on iggy what about that dont you understand? I had friends telling me Warning is in your room and sending me pics but I couldn't see him cause he was on iggy! Stop making excuses he have even posted videos on YouTube of what be can do and all knows he's a hacker he dont hide that fact so yes he can do things in game that others cant. All this madness started when he started opening that fuck room using Alyssa avatar
  5. If that is the case @Nalley how did WARNING get into my room when I had him on iggy? People was telling me they saw him in my room and sent me pic of him there how is that possible if he's not hacking. I have even been warned by members of this group themselves do not iggy him it will be bad for you. Also why are there videos on youtube by OFF GANG showing the hacks they have done in the game?
  6. DomMac

    Safe Haven

    Difference is Jade I'm not competing with anyone here. I open as enjoyment and for others to enjoy good rooms. You are way to competitive with a God complex this is what have turned many away. Dome was a room many enjoyed but you got overly cocky with it. Its way time for you to move on and stop bringing it up already. Also Jade I passed that I was opening different rooms daily for months and topped daily without using other djs.
  7. DomMac

    Safe Haven

    She is nothing but a one hit wonder still trying to hold on to the days of Pimp Dome. She lives in denial and has no one but herself to blame for the downfall of that room. She cocky arrogance is what turned people off eventually. Get over yourself Jade and stop blaming people for what you need yourself! No one cares of if that dead server of yours hold that much people cause they aren't their to support you when you so open. There I said it. Stop with the bs already! You are no Goddess in this game and stop acting like others haven't surpassed Pimp Dome cause its been done already. I shou
  8. Yea all that would be nice if I was able to stay connected to the damn game. Its disconnect after disconnect.
  9. Its so annoying can't even stay logged in
  10. After I patched in all I keep getting dced can't see rooms or profiles.
  11. Come out and celebrate Sept. 14th starting 3pm est/9pm cet. Music by Live DJs mixed genres.
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