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  1. Oh I do both. My curiosity used to get the best of me and I would still read the posts by these people but I don't anymore. I have also learned that its always best to just not reply to them. Trolls love to trigger people and the best way to get to them is to show them zero attention. They HATE that. 😂
  2. I would highly suggest to just block people who are toxic. Its amazing how much better the forums become when you do this and don't have to see their posts. The only bummer is that they still see your posts and still try to attack you. But... use that ignore feature. That what it's there for and it's amazing. Ive not seen a post from RobT in about 3 years and it's very refreshing. I suggest everyone give it a shot!
  3. I only pointed out that her memory of history is wrong. I'm looking for the parts where I told her that her parties suck. Go ahead and find them for me. I will wait.
  4. I have never tried to break anything or anyone up, so this just adds on to the many lies and assumptions you spew. I don't even know you. You seem to act like you know me but you do not. I don't go to any of your events. I don't even know who is part of your "group". All I did was point out an instance where you are passing some huge bits of misinformation. Then you came at me like a spoiled 12 year old who just got their phone taken away. The only positive thing about all of this garbage is that your behavior is on display for all to see.
  5. None of this has anything to do with smaller rooms and bigger rooms. I'm not even sure how you were able to come up with that. Jade is the ONLY one that ever mentions rooms numbers like it's a trophy of sorts, which is baffling to say the least. If you actually take a step back and READ these posts, you will see MANY people asking her to stop the drama and stop lying. Instead of owning up to it, she goes on a barrage of personal attacks so here we are. Rest assured, eventually you too will get in her way for one reason or another. Then you can always fall back to these threads and refl
  6. This sounds exactly like Trump when he speaks to the news. Make no mistake. I am not trying to bring politics into the mix, but my initial statement is 100% correct. This is Trump tactics 101. Just keep repeating the lies and BS over and over and yell and scream really loud and maybe people will believe it!
  7. I'm confused as to what any part of this has anything to do with your false statements about other DJ groups and how and when they were formed. I don't know you and you don't know me. I'm not too sure why you feel so aggressive towards me. I have never done anything to you. All I did was point out that the story that you posted to your discord is not true. And again, anyone that was here before you knows the truth.
  8. SoS was established YEARS before you were here. You can throw all the personal attacks you wish but what you said is not true. Everyone that was here before you knows this.
  9. It's sad that we live in a world where someone can flat out lie and be dishonest and people will ignore the issue at hand and attack the people who point these things out. BTW you just completely strengthened my claim that people resort to childish personal attacks when they have no leg to stand on and it shows what kind of person you are. I didn't attack anyone, and I didn't say a word to you. I merely pointed out a massive lie that she is telling hundreds of people,. But go ahead and attack me because I pointed that out. 👍
  10. I saw this another post. From this, it appears that you are trying to tell people in your discord that a small group of people left SH to form SoS? This is not even remotely true. SoS was established way before you even stepped foot into 3DX and those mentioned were also SoS members before you came to 3DX. I know you will not have a good reply to this because it's completely false. You will likely resort to personal attacks, which is usually what people do when they know they have been exposed. Also, the reason this thread has so many views is because the cringe factor is epic.
  11. I'm much more educated than he is. It also doesn't matter if he reads this and replies to it. I'm never going to see it, as I have had him blocked on here for a few years now. The overall atmosphere of these forums changes dramatically when you block certain people. I highly suggest that people take advantage of this feature.
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