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  1. In short, the simple answer to the OP is... NO
  2. Now most people probably cannot get into 3dx and there's no new client available for direct download. It's almost to the point where all you can do is laugh. Oh and while all this is going on... people are still being charged for the subs.
  3. Well you can iggy someone and they can just simply make a new avi and harass you more. So yes.. it IS broken.
  4. Don't hold your breath. We were told "a few weeks" over a month ago.
  5. Its come to a point where saying "we are working on it" no longer means anything. A month is a long time to make your paying customers deal with horrible server stability. I really hope there are plans to provide additional time to make up for all these problems, like at least 1 month of time... or more depending how much longer this is going to continue. I don't know how the devs can not be embarrassed by this. Its a very very amateur way to run a company and provide service to paying customers. I have tried to be patient and understanding as long as I can but it has simply reached a point of pure absurdity.
  6. This is fantastic Drake! I can't wait to see more. Thank you and keep up the great work.
  7. I was present when this happened. There was only mention of a competitor site that offers other adult games. There was NO mention of a different version of 3dx. So everyone be warned... Simply mentioning a competitor will now get you permanently banned from 3dx. Watch what you say.
  8. In my 6 years of being in 3dx one of the things I regret most, is all of the wasted time I have spent helping you learn to mix. Your ego has gotten the best of you. Anyone who is truly talented in a non-competitive art, has no need or desire to prove anything to others.
  9. Well it's usually better to read what people type before replying. The issue is not that they added the feature. The issue is that you use the LEFT mouse button for every profile view... but in the friends list.. it's RIGHT mouse button. That is very backwards and makes no sense. That was my only point. Other than that, I enjoy the feature.
  10. Well the issue is that its still LMB for everything else except FL. That makes no sense.
  11. We have used LMB to view profiles since the beginning of 3dx. Why would you suddenly change it to use RMB? It should be: LMB = Profile RMB = PM
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