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  1. Not all DJs are producers, and that's ok Not all producers are DJs, and that's ok Not all DJs mix music, and that's ok Not all DJs have a huge ego, some just like to have fun What's wrong with people having fun and enjoying entertainment in whatever way they see fit? All of this just seems silly.
  2. Awesome party. Even tho there was no pizza.
  3. What a fantastic event! Thanks all who helped make this such a success.
  4. JessicaX

    Chloe's Blog

    I just want to say thank you to Chloe for always being a super awesome friend who is always there for me and for always having my back.
  5. Good work Torax and the others who are involved.
  6. It's funny how a single screenshot can put it all into perspective.
  7. This is perfect example of what I mean by "know what you are talking about before jumping to conclusions"
  8. Your thoughts and feelings on overlapping is also very hypocritical. Do you need screenshots to be reminded of the threats you send to people if they choose to go to an event different than yours?
  9. Just 1 person that was abusing the system and this person had MANY Explanations about what BunnyBot is and how it was meant to be used and also MANY warnings how to use the system in a fair and proper way. You always have these silly assumptions about how the world is against you. You have created all of your enemies. You have shunned many many people who at one time helped you and supported you. I have helped you, supported you, and defended you for a very long time, only to later be made to look like an idiot. I am exhausted with it and I am done with it. My advice to you would be to know what you are talking about before coming to a conclusion and spreading lies and slander against someone else..
  10. You say this but then get upset at certain people if they choose to go to a different event than yours.
  11. It appears account wide ignore was put in place of Feb 2014. http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/69-advise-and-tutorials/?p=4006
  12. I believe there is. I joined in May 2015 and there was account wide ignore and from what I have been told, there was account wide ignore for a long time before that. They made a change to the ignore system for a very short time, just a few days, then they reverted back and instituted the 10k charge.
  13. I merely made a post stating that someone is using my name on the test server so people wold not think its me. I didn't make a big deal about it. You did.. and implicated yourself in the process ... sam, jimmy, bree, etc
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