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  1. hello it's been a few days since I can no longer enter the game at the time of my conection there is marked: unable to connect the server I do not know where the problem comes from when everything was working before. can you help me ? I reinstalled the game but the problem remains the same thank you for your answer
  2. I need help with setting up my 3DXChat on my new MacBook Pro. I just recently bought a new MacBook Pro and I'm setting it up as we speak, and I downloaded Parallels to get Windows. I believe that I have Windows 11, but I need help with playing the game since the game files get corrupted every time I do it. I am currently looking up the details of my laptop, but I'd like some help with the process

  3. Still missing in the current Beta and overdue is an Cumshot Option for Groupsex (MMF/MFF)

    and some variations of the Cumshot Animation

    + while hitting the Icon including the SexSpeed Meter (like Very Slow=Big Load, Medium=Two Shots on Chest/Face; Fast= Many Shots on Face)

    + Cumshot Option with the Penis outside Vaginal/Anal for each Sex Position and then returning in the usual Position Animation

    + VoiceChat in GroupChat

    +Each Clothing Type with an Extra Option to be lrft on Character while having Sex like Jeans open (Penis), Panties to the Side (Vagina/Anal), Bra/Shirt opened up (revealing Chest/Breasts)

    +Soundboard Gallery to record Quotes by each Player that can be listened to by a Button Push each 30 Seconds (at least in GroupChat)

    +Gangbang Option (4-6 Players) in PartnerMode to swich Partner (MF/MMF/MFF/MM/MMM/FF/FFF) that is already included in the Beta underneath the Change Sewx Position Option with all attending Player Names

    +Gamepad Support with Virtual Keyboard to Chat

  4. until when are you going to tolerate people who use forbidden software to modify files of the game itself and who also uses certain bugs

    2022-07-14 04-28-57_1807580.png

    2022-07-14 04-32-45_1824750.png

    2022-07-14 04-32-58_1825692.png

  5. Hey Lisa hun .. You have always been responsible to all of us .. I want you to answer me what is the reason for banning from discord, from the game, Allalona .. I want to know the reason not only me and him also all of us from the group want to know what is the reason. .Firstly he is one of the finalists for the party room from Lovensa Rev party ..Can I ask you to just give us an answer what is the reason for the ban on Allalon

  6. The installer is running super slow and it does not seem to actually be installing the game.  It says, "Downloading additional files...", but never goes beyond that.  Please help.  I cannot play the game since the installer is not actually doing anything.

    1. PussyPet


      Nevermind. The Mega worked.

  7. Hi) After the latest updates, the stairs do not work, the bottle of beer is very badly worn on the arm, some poses do not work correctly. It would be very cool if we could fix it all. Thanks and good luck)

  8. Hi can you help me unlock my account? I recently paid and i have my confirmation number


  9. Hi all! To resolve this issue, please contact support Discord: Eva_Support#4730 Mail: 3dxhelp.eva@gmail.com
  10. Hola como puedo bajar una construccion (casa) a mi cuenta

  11. Hi! A support employee will contact you shortly.
  12. My girlfriend pay 10000 gold for married today but we cant see it in 3dxchat profile? what is that problem?

  13. Bonjour j'ai une question j'ai un projet musical à usage commercial ! Je souhaite créer une pochette en utilisant les images de 3dxchat ! Comme par exemple une photo de mon avatar ou qu'elle que décor ! Je voudrais savoir sur un point de vue commercial si j'aurai l'autorisation de faire ça ! Bonne journée merci beaucoup de votre réponse 

  14. should at sports bra for women, transparent top and maybe earings. 

  15. Hi! You can buy as many accounts as you like using one card. We do not block for this. We give a permanent ban in extremely rare cases. For example: an attempt to hack the game client, an attempt to hack the server (hello topicstarter), cheating, attacking other players after a certain number of warnings.
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