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  1. Hey! All you need to do is download the client from the link (this is described in the first post): https://mega.nz/file/wBJUya7R#C8hSXdVMpVZJXg48wNJ1PxToMQZEFPo7qKE_75Tn9ms Unpack into a separate folder. This is a complete client, not a patch. I will correct the title of the topic so as not to mislead people.
  2. Solution: A patch will be available soon! 😳
  3. Ty for testing. Please make sure vpn is off.
  4. Try to download complete build please: https://mega.nz/file/wBJUya7R#C8hSXdVMpVZJXg48wNJ1PxToMQZEFPo7qKE_75Tn9ms
  5. there should be a refund for all the down time the server is having. I didn't pay for 6 months of play time to only have a week of play time. this is so unreal.

  6. Hi Lisa, just wanted to express an opinion of a new guy. After finding very few rooms with an excellent reputation and proving to be so popular. It is hard for me to stand by and watch this all being being destroyed by the use commercial buy gold / top up which does not reflect the room or the hard work of the creators. Not only their hard work to create but commitment they give to continually improve , it must be soul destroying to them. I also have no doubt that if this top up practice continues it will impact on rooms and the reputation of 3DX, so, I  also want to show my full support to ZigZag's comments    

  7. So to sign up for these forums I to answer a question what is the world's best game ?  Only answer I was allowed to give was 3DXChat.   Well this is a lie outright Dayum lie .3DXChat is a the best game for sex but thats it .  unless you wanna screw 24/7  this game is pretty sad. I played RLC a long time thot the editor there was tough to learn, but, 3DX  world editor has it beat for user unfriendliness hands down.  I am not sure how some of you make the amazin items you but bless you cuz I don have the patience.  A game based 100% on sex just ain't enough to hold peop e interest over the long run.  Now this  last update #22 just out right screwed the room list n made it for sale to the group with more gold  , instead of popularity of the owners mattering.  I don think I be renewin my script in a few weeks.  Sex alone just ain't worth it.

  8. Wheres all the top rooms at? I see them scattered but its so hard to find a good room anymore. zigzag's room is the hardest to find when I know it was the best room there was on 3dxchat

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    2. Kimi


      I am a newbie here, but the shift to this "buy your way to the top" for the room listings is really inequitable and Trumpian in the extreme. The change has removed all the incentive to make your room a better experience when someone can just spend some money and look like a the winner they never will be.

    3. MissSup


      I agree the new system which i hear is a older version on room listings is just hideous. Top clubs deserve top rating and settings now we have 100 empty rooms and it just horrible. I also see alyssa and offgang have return access and i will no way put my computer at risk with rooms that have bots i am returning to the game i came from and will no renew my subscription in a game here where they don't protect there subscribers. good luck 3dx when offgang starts there server problems with you again.

    4. tglisa


      haha the new room listing is the stupidest idea yet why wouldn't the room creativity, good music, and good hosts have the right to be top on the screen and easy to find really made a mess on this one Lisa. making Room owners and there friends buy there way to get folks in what a joke. Zig deserve to be top man on here he worked for it. so that said yea he brought me here from another site i'll be going back with him too..... 

  9. the new room list killed good rooms and not very good idea needs to be changed back


    1. zigzag


      i worked hard to build my reputation as a good club host and was always busy as well as others now you change the way clubs are listed and it's not fair that the popular rooms are not on top. the numbers showing periodic and mixed up because the lower clubs spend 300 gold and still never get anyone are now on top. And the popular clubs that refuse to buy there guest by spending gold now cant get people because our clubs are not on screen and people just don't scroll down. so now we have to spend tons of gold per day to beg people to use our clubs sorry i wont beg people with money to have fun in a game you now ruined the well deserved great club hosts from enjoying the game. Loved the new server but the last update on room listing just isn't fair to us.

    2. WickedSoulDK


      Why is the FUN room not listed above the not so fun rooms... that is really to sell out.. im dissapointed mam... 

    3. Jenny Lakeland

      Jenny Lakeland

      Well I have to agree with Zigzag, just add 2 buttons to sort on amount of visitors, or on roomname, this looks really messed up !  I like to have my favourite rooms (with most or many visitors on top), for the rest no complain and the new update is nice, except the rooms are horrible to sort out now.

      Can you please change that ? I was reading that many people dont like it ! 



  10. Lisa


    3DXChat Community! Now other players can financially support the development of your worlds. How to start accepting donations: 1. Register on Patreon; 2. Enter your Patreon link in the input field. World Editor/Settings: 3. Share your world 4. All world visitors will see a button that allows donating to the creator of the world: By posting your link to Patreon in 3DXChat you agree to the following rules: 1. Follow Patreon's terms of use; 2. It is forbidden to announce fundraising anywhere (In the name of the World, World Chat, Local Chat, Private Chat, Profile, Forum, etc); 3. It is forbidden to advertise donating to your User Worlds in World Chat, Private Chat, Local Chat. Excluding Local Chat from your own world. 4. It is forbidden to use links to other games. If you're found violating the rules, we reserve the right to disable monetization for the user or block the account for a certain period. We wish you a pleasant game!
  11. Dear @Lisa
    Thank you for coming to my assistance. I have been a customer since April 2018 on your platform. This morning I used the game correctly. And this afternoon I have a surprising message. My account has been blocked. Could you tell me why? I have a very frequented sim at times and I am thinking of participating in 3dxchat's economic model. Maybe I was wrong to advertise my room last night on the world chat. I beg your pardon. I won't do it again. only in private chat. Could you reactivate my account please to find my friends. Thank you. Thank you for the quality of the game

    Beautiful Olesya travels to the #3DXChat locations, watch for her journey
    Desert island
  13. Добрый вечер... Хотелось бы узнать, как удалить свой аватар? Если найдется время, ответьте, пожалуйста... Буду очень благодарна. Заранее спасибо...

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