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  1. Hello 3DXChat Community! 3DXChat 2.7 Build 392 - 64 bit client is available now Important: - It is highly recommended to make a backup of your worlds, saving them into the previous game version file format; - Build 392 runs on the main server (but you cannot see players from older versions); - Your worlds and characters will be transferred from 390/391 to 392, but backward compatibility is not guaranteed! Download: Make sure that you install 392 in a separate folder from version 390/391, if this is important to you. Download 3DXChat 2.7 (64 bit) Build 392 Bug Tracker: Report errors here Build 392 ✅ Game moved to Unity Engine 2018.4; ✅ 64 bit client (the old 32 bit client will no longer be updated); ✅ OGG music streaming support; ✅ Increased performance for 8 thread CPU; ✅ Native file browser window. Character Editor: ✅ Skin color picker; ✅ Save and Load character data from file. Color Picker: ✅ RGB input field; ✅ HEX #color input field; ✅ 108 color save slots (36 in the old picker). Free Cam: ✅ [shift] - SpeedUp1, [Alt] - SpeedUp2, [space] - SlowDown; ✅ Movement, Rotate, Pan, Zoom Step, SpeedUp1, SpeedUp2, SlowDown settings. User Interface: ✅ Player Names: on hover mode; ✅ Gifts/Messages/UserWorlds/Friends scrolling speedup; ✅ Increased the number of messages in chat history (100); ✅ Extended sex speed limits; ✅ Independent sound volume control; Optimization for low performance systems: ✅ Global "Shadows off" setting; ✅ Low Quality Water setting. Bugfixes: ✅ Fixed smoke and fire particles transforms; ✅ Fixed terrain textures tiling; ✅ Fixed FPS stutters on the Beach; ✅ Fixed input field bug; ✅ Other minor bug fixes. Media: ✅ 4 new skies; ✅ New 25 gifts; ✅ New poses:
  2. Best way to testing performance: User World with 70+ players / lots of objects. Beach laggy on all PC configurations. Beach does not need testing.
  3. Hey! Most of laptops with Discrete Graphics running 3DXChat on Integrated Graphics by default Try this thing: Also you can see FPS (before/after) with this tool: https://fpsmon.com
  4. Known issues: - Player action animations can be displayed on different props in general locations (user worlds are OK)
  5. Hey! Give pics please. The game is not tested for Parallels Desktop or PlayOnMac. Use Bootcamp please.
  6. User Worlds do not provide a mirror with realtime planar reflections. Please use "New Glossy Plastic" material instead a "Mirror". This is renaming.
  7. Lisa

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  8. Textures are returned to their original state (build 389)
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