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  1. Please either cancel my membership to this forum or explain to me what the holdup is. I am getting pissed off this account is still not deleted and I am still getting notifications to my inbox.

  2. Pubes bug will be fixed next patch, TY!
  3. We did not remove pube options! 😯
  4. Please describe this bug in more detail. Sorry for this. You can fix your face using the character editor settings.
  5. New face shape option 😘
  6. Hello, at the start screen of the chat my mouse pointer does not move, which keys do I have to press

  7. Hi all! This fix will be included in the next update. But first, volunteers are required for the test. If you are not interested, then just wait for the update. Thanks!
  8. Variation of previous animation
  9. + Colored opaque stockings
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