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  1. Hi all! By the way KingArt is not guilty.
  2. Hello,
    I've been here since February 2020, I took a 1 month and then a 1 year subscription, so my subscription ended in March 2021, but we have had a lot of server connection problems for a year with promises of free days and when i ask tech support how many more days i have told me zeros ... is this a scam? I would like more precise and exact information I won a 1 month subscription having invited a friend (bonus) either nothing ... no time code anymore every patch days for a year either ... no time code with all 5 days free... nothing work

  3. Nixxx

    hi Lisa....dance 35 seems to be different on girls and guys, I get out of sync with girls on it...Ive tried it a few times and its the same...just letting you know ^^

  4. About poses and Loruna Loruna is our outsourcer and her work is paid. We spent time on her training and we do not want to lose this employee. We will gladly renew our cooperation with Loruna if she wants to get back to work.
  5. Q: I saw people flying around the location. Are they hackers? Did they hack my account?
    A: Your account is safe. Set a strong password and don't share it with anyone. Please record videos and report these teleports to support. Cheaters will be banned.

    thats a bug whit partners that ppl are using   and lentency problems so geting a bann for hawing a slow internet conection resorting in ping of 300 or sofing like that will make the player look like teleporting insted walking

  6. well done by the administration, now we hope that 3DXChat can evolve as it always did and deserves!

  7. it was good and quick to place URGENT trained moderators in the game

    IamTrouble confirms that o 3DXChat da suporte aso hackers too!

    téléchargement (14).png

    téléchargement (12).png

    téléchargement (15).png

  8.  IamTrouble: you are part of this party now... and if you got evidences that they have attacked the game servers, you can send them to me. And do not forget we are allowed to use an official room of 3DX for having a party. So I guess 3DX supports hackers as

  9. Lisa

    Build 428

    We plan to add piercings in the future. 3d objects. The clothes are modelled by artists. It takes a programmer's effort to integrate clothes into the game.
  10. Lisa

    Build 428

    3DXChat Community! Build 428 is out and available now. KICK from User Worlds (ignore function update) We've improved the ignore function so that you can protect your events from trolls and harassment. ✅ If the User World owner has added a visitor to the ignore list, then the visitor gets an immediate kick; ✅ If the player is on the ignore list of the User World owner, then the player cannot visit the Users World; ✅ If a player travels to a User World and adds the owner to the ignore list, then the player gets an immediate kick; ✅ If the User World owner is on th
  11. Sorry if I misunderstood your question. You are already playing on the new server. There are many more bugs in there, but we are working on fixing them. For now this is due to the implementation of several algorithms and services that protect against DDoS attacks. From time to time, we have to reboot the server for the fix to take effect.
  12. We have not experienced any visitor-related server crashes since the release of the new server. We have yet to find out what the new server is capable of. As far as I know, it is optimized for a large number of visitors
  13. Hello! Contact support please. https://3dxchat.com/support/#contact They will help you recover your password or change your mail. I advise you to use Gmail.
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