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  1. My girlfriend pay 10000 gold for married today but we cant see it in 3dxchat profile? what is that problem?

  2. Bonjour j'ai une question j'ai un projet musical à usage commercial ! Je souhaite créer une pochette en utilisant les images de 3dxchat ! Comme par exemple une photo de mon avatar ou qu'elle que décor ! Je voudrais savoir sur un point de vue commercial si j'aurai l'autorisation de faire ça ! Bonne journée merci beaucoup de votre réponse 

  3. should at sports bra for women, transparent top and maybe earings. 

  4. Hi! You can buy as many accounts as you like using one card. We do not block for this. We give a permanent ban in extremely rare cases. For example: an attempt to hack the game client, an attempt to hack the server (hello topicstarter), cheating, attacking other players after a certain number of warnings.
  5. Hey Lunarelf! I just found this topic. Thank you for trying. I like the design of many things. Unfortunately, this is not so. At the moment, no model meets the required quality. I wish you creative success!
  6. hi lisa

    you know why people from Brasil cant connect in game?

  7. anisa

    why am i block the 3dxforum. please unblock me i didnt do anything wrong 

  8. Hi all! >>that she was very good friends with the game administrator Lisa We communicate with players. but don't make friends. Players have no advantage over each other. >>без доказательно блокируются пользователи? Без доказательств не блокируем. >>Похоже на беспредел какой то Токсичные личности будут заблокированы, а деньги возвращены. Не поддавайтесь на провокации. >>То что вон группы хакеров игру ломают и творят безчинства! Если вы располагаете подробной информацией - пришлите пожалуйста в личку. >>то что сплошные баги в игре, это не хотят исправлять! Пришлите в личку наиболее неприемлимые для вас баги. Возможно, мы не знаем о чём-то серьёзном. >>зато банят людей просто потому что кто то дружит с вами да разработчики?? Мы общаемся с игроками в Дискорде, но не заводим дружбу. Такая у нас позиция. >>Я согласен. Тут процветает панибратсво. Не процветает. Вы нас с кем-то путаете. FunnyBadBunny, Welcome back. Don't fall for provocations! Have a nice day everyone! :)
  9. Hello,
    I've been here since February 2020, I took a 1 month and then a 1 year subscription, so my subscription ended in March 2021, but we have had a lot of server connection problems for a year with promises of free days and when i ask tech support how many more days i have told me zeros ... is this a scam? I would like more precise and exact information I won a 1 month subscription having invited a friend (bonus) either nothing ... no time code anymore every patch days for a year either ... no time code with all 5 days free... nothing work

  10. Nixxx

    hi Lisa....dance 35 seems to be different on girls and guys, I get out of sync with girls on it...Ive tried it a few times and its the same...just letting you know ^^

  11. About poses and Loruna Loruna is our outsourcer and her work is paid. We spent time on her training and we do not want to lose this employee. We will gladly renew our cooperation with Loruna if she wants to get back to work.
  12. Q: I saw people flying around the location. Are they hackers? Did they hack my account?
    A: Your account is safe. Set a strong password and don't share it with anyone. Please record videos and report these teleports to support. Cheaters will be banned.

    thats a bug whit partners that ppl are using   and lentency problems so geting a bann for hawing a slow internet conection resorting in ping of 300 or sofing like that will make the player look like teleporting insted walking

  13. well done by the administration, now we hope that 3DXChat can evolve as it always did and deserves!

  14. it was good and quick to place URGENT trained moderators in the game

    IamTrouble confirms that o 3DXChat da suporte aso hackers too!

    téléchargement (14).png

    téléchargement (12).png

    téléchargement (15).png

  15.  IamTrouble: you are part of this party now... and if you got evidences that they have attacked the game servers, you can send them to me. And do not forget we are allowed to use an official room of 3DX for having a party. So I guess 3DX supports hackers as

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