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  1. Wondering if we can eventually get a foot massage animation? Like a women sits on couch, and male can rub her feet.

    1. SusanLouisa


      OR other way around. Make it one of those poses where either one can give comfort to the other.  

  2. futamom is hate harassing me in local chat for unfriending  and entering her room and placing her on ignore liss


  3. Dear Lisa, I can't connect to the game after the 421th plugin, but my friends say they are connecting and playing. Please help or an answer please.
    Will come in a new add-on?  Should i wait for next patch ?

    1. zigzag


      try this julian hun we miss you 


      You can download and install the latest version of the client (Build 421) via this link:

    2. Juliainferno


      Thank you, but i did again no connect game still

    3. zigzag


      sorry hun hope you get back soon 


  4. anisa

    push up bra and strapless bra and sports bra for women is another good update for the bra rBVaI1lKER2AHCYkAADWyCrWd1c091.jpg 

  5. hello my friend delete her avi she did not save back up now she tells me she needs 10000 gold make new one is there a way for her to get her old avi back with out paying her character LissySBA

  6. A total of 15 days of play time has been credited as compensation.
  7. New players can join the game: https://3dxchat.com/join.html
  8. Fixed: - Uploading worlds and photos does not work;
  9. I canceled  my monthly subscription last month, stop charging  me  for  the month of  july and  give credit  for  $9.99 as soon as posible.I  have  an annual subscription  that  has not  expired  yet, tks

  10. my I please ask where can I find the page where the current already known  bugs are visible? 


    1. zigzag


      here they are jenny 


    2. Jenny Lakeland

      Jenny Lakeland

      Tyvm for helping me 🙂 

  11. i contuine to be threaten by warning and the offgang group 

    are you going to do anything about them?


  12. Aude

    Hello Lisa,
    Just to say thank you, for re-establishing the game, and for working to make it playable again, I think it has a lot of customers who criticize when it doesn't work, but few thank you for your work. have returned to service despite the attacks :)

  13. When I logg in the game after the last 421. patch, it opens until the character appears. but the connection is broken within 1 second. I deleted the game 2 times and loaded it again, but the same problem continues

  14. Trying to download the game to my computer and when i go to the members page I put in my email and password click to login it tells me Service is temporarily unavailable. Can't login at all 

  15. Known Issues: - The referral system currently does not work. Referral links will not work; - https://3dxchat.com/members/ is unavailable; - Buying XGold currently does not work; - Profiles issue (double click "My Profile" to fix it); - In rare cases, the login window may block you for 15 minutes; - Not all users who receive compensation have the opportunity to enter the game; - The ignore function does not work; - Incorrect display of colors in the chat; - Radio.
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