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  1. Hi! You can buy as many accounts as you like using one card. We do not block for this. We give a permanent ban in extremely rare cases. For example: an attempt to hack the game client, an attempt to hack the server (hello topicstarter), cheating, attacking other players after a certain number of warnings.
  2. Hey Lunarelf! I just found this topic. Thank you for trying. I like the design of many things. Unfortunately, this is not so. At the moment, no model meets the required quality. I wish you creative success!
  3. Hi all! >>that she was very good friends with the game administrator Lisa We communicate with players. but don't make friends. Players have no advantage over each other. >>без доказательно блокируются пользователи? Без доказательств не блокируем. >>Похоже на беспредел какой то Токсичные личности будут заблокированы, а деньги возвращены. Не поддавайтесь на провокации. >>То что вон группы хакеров игру ломают и творят безчинства! Если вы располагаете подробной информацией - пришлите пожалуйста в личку. >>то что сплошные баги в игре, это не хотят исправлять! Пришлите в личку наиболее неприемлимые для вас баги. Возможно, мы не знаем о чём-то серьёзном. >>зато банят людей просто потому что кто то дружит с вами да разработчики?? Мы общаемся с игроками в Дискорде, но не заводим дружбу. Такая у нас позиция. >>Я согласен. Тут процветает панибратсво. Не процветает. Вы нас с кем-то путаете. FunnyBadBunny, Welcome back. Don't fall for provocations! Have a nice day everyone! :)
  4. About poses and Loruna Loruna is our outsourcer and her work is paid. We spent time on her training and we do not want to lose this employee. We will gladly renew our cooperation with Loruna if she wants to get back to work.
  5. Lisa

    Build 428

    We plan to add piercings in the future. 3d objects. The clothes are modelled by artists. It takes a programmer's effort to integrate clothes into the game.
  6. Lisa

    Build 428

    3DXChat Community! Build 428 is out and available now. KICK from User Worlds (ignore function update) We've improved the ignore function so that you can protect your events from trolls and harassment. If the User World owner has added a visitor to the ignore list, then the visitor gets an immediate kick; If the player is on the ignore list of the User World owner, then the player cannot visit the Users World; If a player travels to a User World and adds the owner to the ignore list, then the player gets an immediate kick; If the User World owner is on the player's ignore list, then the player cannot visit the User World; After you have added someone to the ignore list, you must wait 1 hour before you can remove them from the ignore list. Have a nice party! FIXES Fixed a bug that caused the ignore function to not work in some cases; The radio continues to play when the owner of the world is offline (Requires testing by User World owners); Fixed Connection refused after Select Character screen. NEW CONTENT Nipples (f): - Intensity, Shine, Scale options; - New types of nipples. Pubes (m,f); - New types of pubic styles (you can send us pubic styles that you would like to see in the game); - Choosing the color of the pubic style. Poses; Hairstyles; Tattoo; Face shapes. Frequently asked question Q: Will you add piercings to the game? A: Piercing design is complicated by the fact that there are multiple face types in the game. When we come up with the best idea for a piercing, we will do it as best we can. Q: "Stop the stockings addition to the game, better to make the server more stable and fix bugs first" A: Drawing stockings has nothing to do with developing server solutions or fixing bugs. Server software is created by programmers, media content is created by artists and animators. Q: Why do developers only make certain types of content. When will we see the new clothes? A: Until recently, our programmers have been busy developing all kinds of solutions that protect the project from DDoS attacks. We survived and will continue to fight. Q: I saw people flying around the location. Are they hackers? Did they hack my account? A: Your account is safe. Set a strong password and don't share it with anyone. Please record videos and report these teleports to support. Cheaters will be banned. Q: I was offered to buy a program that provides additional functions for 3DXChat. Is it safe? A: We do not recommend nor condone installing such programs on your computer. Together with the program, you can get a virus, keylogger, miner on your computer, your data can be stolen, including your login and password from the 3DXChat, and from other services, your personal information and/or card data. Also, the use of such programs is prohibited by the rules of the 3DXChat. Thank you for being with us!
  7. Sorry if I misunderstood your question. You are already playing on the new server. There are many more bugs in there, but we are working on fixing them. For now this is due to the implementation of several algorithms and services that protect against DDoS attacks. From time to time, we have to reboot the server for the fix to take effect.
  8. We have not experienced any visitor-related server crashes since the release of the new server. We have yet to find out what the new server is capable of. As far as I know, it is optimized for a large number of visitors
  9. Hello! Contact support please. https://3dxchat.com/support/#contact They will help you recover your password or change your mail. I advise you to use Gmail.
  10. Hey! All you need to do is download the client from the link (this is described in the first post): https://mega.nz/file/wBJUya7R#C8hSXdVMpVZJXg48wNJ1PxToMQZEFPo7qKE_75Tn9ms Unpack into a separate folder. This is a complete client, not a patch. I will correct the title of the topic so as not to mislead people.
  11. Solution: A patch will be available soon!
  12. Ty for testing. Please make sure vpn is off.
  13. Try to download complete build please: https://mega.nz/file/wBJUya7R#C8hSXdVMpVZJXg48wNJ1PxToMQZEFPo7qKE_75Tn9ms
  14. Lisa


    3DXChat Community! Now other players can financially support the development of your worlds. How to start accepting donations: 1. Register on Patreon; 2. Enter your Patreon link in the input field. World Editor/Settings: 3. Share your world 4. All world visitors will see a button that allows donating to the creator of the world: By posting your link to Patreon in 3DXChat you agree to the following rules: 1. Follow Patreon's terms of use; 2. It is forbidden to announce fundraising anywhere (In the name of the World, World Chat, Local Chat, Private Chat, Profile, Forum, etc); 3. It is forbidden to advertise donating to your User Worlds in World Chat, Private Chat, Local Chat. Excluding Local Chat from your own world. 4. It is forbidden to use links to other games. If you're found violating the rules, we reserve the right to disable monetization for the user or block the account for a certain period. We wish you a pleasant game!
  15. Fixed: Game-Time codes Buy Game-Time code: http://xgoldmine.com/cards.php See how to Activate game-time code: https://3dxchat.com/support/#gametime
  16. Fixed: Game-Time codes Buy Game-Time code: http://xgoldmine.com/cards.php See how to Activate game-time code: https://3dxchat.com/support/#gametime
  17. - 5,000 XGold has been credited as compensation! - 15 days of play time has been credited as compensation!
  18. - 5,000 XGold has been credited as compensation! - 15 days of play time has been credited as compensation!
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